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February 15, 2021

Why I Love February...

      Today kicks off the third week of February- which historically has been one of my very favorite weeks of recent years! And no- it actually has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, although I am a big Galentine's enthusiast. I'm actually quite a big fan of the whole month of February (not just the third week!), and I figured that finally deserved a blog post.

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     I am not a fan of winter at all, so it's surprising even to myself that February is truly one of my favorite months. I guess there are a few reasons? January and March always seem like such dull and long months to me, and February is a nice and short little break in the middle. Yes, February is typically a cold month even in the South, but for the past few years there have been sporadic warm days, which are a preview of spring ahead. Pink and red is a favorite color combo of mine, and I love seeing it pop up everywhere during the month in honor of Valentine's! And.... for the past five years the month of February has brought me some of my happiest moments. Many of them happening during this third week! Let's take a walk down recent February memory lane: 

     All of these moments over the past five years have been such blessings to me!! Not everything about the month of February for the past few years has always been perfect- like any other month there are hard days and some sad memories as well. But- I think the positives about this month definitely tend to be stronger than the negatives. 

     So far this month nothing too notable has happened. It certainly hasn't been a bad month, and there's always much to be thankful for!.But it has just been a lot more of a low key February so far than the past five... let's blame COVID life for that. 😉But hey- a lot of the memories listed above have happened during the third week of the month, which is this week. Safe to say I have high expectations for this second half of February 2021! 

     Do you have a favorite month of the year that's weirdly good to you?

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese



  1. I cant wait to see if anything else exciting happens to you in the month of Feb!! That 2019 trip was one for the books!! :)

  2. February sounds like your lucky charm but seriously congratulations on all that you've accomplished. Well deserved! My favorite month is December. Not because I have had good luck with it but because it's my birthday month and I always look forward to it no matter what. Happy belated Valentine's Day and I hope you had a great weekend.

    Maureen |

  3. Wonder what is going to happen to you this year!! No pressure, haha.
    I love February too!

  4. Such a big month for you traditionally! I love February too. It's my birth month and all of the hearts and pink decor make me happy. Haha.

    I'm excited to see what you will accomplish in the second half of this month and in the coming year.


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