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February 19, 2021

My Most Worn Kendra Scott Jewelry.

      I have a decent collection of Kendra Scott jewelry pieces that I've amassed over the years, but there are a few special pieces that I love and wear more than others. I always enjoy writing a good review post, so it seems overdue to share about my most worn Kendra Scott pieces! I have four that I wear often (one of them that I literally almost wear every single day)! 

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     I have been a huge fan of Kendra Scott jewelry for years now. I first discovered the brand in 2014 from some of my favorite bloggers (Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls was the first I'm pretty sure!), and I made my first purchase at the Charlotte Kendra Scott store in 2015. I love the brand's fun styles and colors, I think the quality holds up well on most pieces, and I think Kendra's personal story of founding her company and growing it to the size it is today is just so inspiring. Kendra Scott jewelry isn't always the cheapest, but you can sometimes find amazing deals on it at Nordstrom Rack or other retailers, and they do an amazing birthday discount for in-store purchases (50% off one item during your birthday month!).

     While I like all of my Kendra Scott jewelry, there are definitely certain pieces that I wear more than others. Some Kendra jewelry just fits my own daily personal style very well, and it likely to match most things that I wear. Here are my four most-worn Kendra pieces:

     Elton Cuff Bracelet - Without a doubt, my most-worn Kendra Scott item! I've had this since 2016, and I still wear it four or five days a week. (For a few years I used to wear it almost a full seven days a week- but I now have some other bracelets that I like to alternate it with.) The exact color stone that I have mine in has been retired, but they still make this cuff bracelet with a variety of other stone colors, and a few metal options. This cuff is effortless to dress up or down- I have worn it with athleisure on the weekends, with work outfits ranging from super casual to business casual, and dressed up for cocktail events and weddings. It goes with everything! I personally think this cuff makes a statement enough on its own that I typically don't layer it with other bracelets, but you can do that of course if you'd like. Mine is showing a few slight signs of wear and tear simply because of how much I've worn it for all these years, but overall I think it's held up beautifully. I keep meaning to buy another Elton in a different color... but I still love and wear my original so much that I haven't! 

     Tessa Stud Earrings - One of my favorite pairs of stud earrings! These also come in a whole rainbow of Kendra Scott color options, but I just adore having them in white. While I do own a classic pair of pearl stud earrings that I wear fairly often, pearls sometimes feel a little too classic to wear with certain outfits. These stud earrings add a little of creative flair that sets them apart from a pearl stud, while still being small enough to pair with so many different things! Whenever I wear a statement necklace, I usually wear stud earrings to balance out my look, and these are always a go-to. I've had these about as long as I've had my Elton cuff bracelet, and dare I saw these have held up even better! (Although I don't wear them as many days a week as I do the bracelet.) 

     Elisa Pendant Necklace - Another OG and classic Kendra Scott style, but I actually held off for awhile on getting one of these. Then in 2018 I found a few of the limited edition opal stone styles on-sale, so I decided that was the time to finally get one! I got the purple opal for myself, and an aqua opal for my college roommate Caroline, whose birthday is just two weeks before mine. I thought it would be fun for us to match to celebrate our 24th birthdays. I have been pleasantly surprised how much I've worn this over the past few years! It looks great by itself or layered with longer necklaces. Sadly the color I have was a limited edition, but this style is currently available in a ton of other colors. 

     Emmy Earrings - Not only my favorite Kendra Scott jewelry piece that I own, but these are my favorite earrings I own! Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry to buy and collect- I probably have somewhere around 70-80 pairs. (I know, I know- I need to trim it down!) But for real- these are my most beloved pair of earrings. And they were my very first Kendra Scott purchase! They opened their first Charlotte store at SouthPark Mall in 2015, right as I was in the midst of a really difficult semester in college. I was working my butt off, and decided that if I managed to get all A's and A-'s in my hard classes, I'd treat myself to my first-ever Kendra Scott purchase when the semester ended. I managed to do it- so a friend and I headed to SouthPark at the end of the semester! I designed this pair of Emmy earrings from their in-store Color Bar (which meant I got to pick out the exact color combo I wanted- love that Kendra Scott lets you do this!). 
     I've worn these earrings for so many special events in recent years! A highlight was taking them with me when I studied abroad in France a few months after purchasing them. I think the Emmy style is just so chic- I love the smaller stone on top of the larger stone! Sadly, Kendra Scott discontinued the Emmy style a few years ago. I keep hoping they will bring it back!! The good news- Poshmark and eBay have lots of them for sale in a variety of color options.

     Would love to know if we share any Kendra Scott favorite styles, or if you have a favorite that's different than mine!

     I also had a Kendra Scott Color Bar Party at the Charlottesville store for my birthday in 2019- which you can read about here. I highly recommend doing this as an activity for a birthday, bachelorette, fun girls' night out, etc!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Hello! I was wondering if the Emmy earrings are light enough to wear all day? Or are they kind of heavy? They look big! Thank you!

    1. They are a little heavy- but not as bad as some other earrings that I have! I think you'd be fine to wear them all day for a day or two if you took a break from them later in the week. :)

  2. I have so many Kendra Scott pieces, so I love this post! I actually own 3 of the items you shared haha!

  3. I don't wear much jewelry but love KS pieces. I actually buy it for my mom and I got her the Elton Cuff Bracelet a year ago. She loves it too and I bought her a matching necklace but it was a little too big for her liking so I was looking into the Elisa pendant necklace for her. I am afraid it may be too short though in terms of length.

    Maureen |


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