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February 22, 2021

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2021: Try-On + Sizing Guide! 💗🌴

      Hello from the Lilly Pulitzer River Road store in Richmond! This is my first in-store Lilly try-on of the year, and I was so excited to get to see and play dress-up with the new Lilly arrivals in their Spring 2021 collection. 

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   We used to have a Lilly Pulitzer store in Charlottesville, but it closed last spring. For the past six months or so, I've been driving down to Richmond to the River Road store to do my Lilly try-ons! This store is very spacious inside, and they're taking all COVID precautions to ensure that it's a safe client experience for all who visit. Store manager Mackenzie and her team are just awesome- all such kind and enthusiastic ladies who love spreading their love and knowledge of Lilly! This time while in-store I actually got to meet Richmond blogger Katie from Kat Follis, who I have followed on IG for awhile! She works at the store which is so fun. 
     As with my past Lilly try-ons, I try to style various popular pieces from the newest collection so I can report back to you on their true sizing and fit! The Spring items are even lovelier in person- these all have me dreaming of warmer days ahead! I shot this try-on in-store on Valentine's Day last weekend, and that was honestly the perfect way to spend that day for me. 

      For sizing reference on this try-on: for my height I am just shy of 5"7, I have a 34C chest, and I typically wear a size 4 or 6 in clothing from other brands- just depends on the fit and the fabric!      

     If there's one thing Lilly does really well that isn't their iconic bright prints, it's solid hot pink dresses! (I loved one I tried on so much from my February 2020 in-store try-on!) This dress is numerically sized- I'm wearing the 6 here and I found it did run a bit small- it was a bit tight in my shoulders (but I worry an 8 would be too big in the chest). This is a gorgeous dress... but where the sizing is a bit odd I'd recommend trying this one in person if you are able. 

     The Sophie dress is a classic and casual Lilly style- you've definitely seen it several times before if you've seen my past Lilly try-ons! I own this dress in a few prints from over the years. These are typically marked down pretty well in the After Party Sales. I also like how Sophie dresses are easily machine washable! This one in Patch to Match was so cute and fun for spring! I am always a size S in these dresses. 

     How cute is this? Talk about all of the spring vibes! I think Alligator Isle was my favorite new print that I saw in-store last week- these colors! River Road didn't have this dress in a S on the day I was there, so I tried on the XS. I know that with stretchy Lilly styles I can often still fit comfortably in a size XS. For this dress- I think the top part fit well and comfortably, but the bottom half was a little tight. I am worried though that the size S might have been too open and low cut for my chest for me to feel comfortable wearing it. Maybe I am truly in between sizes in this one? Kind of like the Cecelia dress that I reviewed above, I'd recommend trying this one on in person if you can. 

     Elsa tops are another staple Lilly style! They are flattering on everyone and easy to dress up or down. They're made of silk- which looks beautiful on, but does have special care requirements (such as dry cleaning only)- so that is something to keep in mind. I wear a size S in Elsa top- it fits very TTS and comfortably. I also love this print Suite Views- what a perfect pink and green combo.
     Out of everything that I tried on- these Worth jeans were probably my lease favorite. I thought they fit very tight without a lot of stretch, and just weren't very comfortable. As much as I love Lilly- not every item is a win and that's okay!

     I was so pleasantly surprised how much I loved this Kippa sweater! Comfortable and super flattering on. It comes in two other colors as well. I don't own any Lilly sweaters currently, but this would absolutely be something I'd try to score in an After Party Sale! I'm still wearing the Worth jeans with this because I thought the light pink and white would be a nice color combo.

     What a cute little off the shoulder top this is! The pink and shades of blue are SO gorgeous together. This would be so cute for a spring or summer date night. The River Road store didn't have an S the day I was there, but the XS was able to work! If I was buying this, I would probably go with the S though.

      Every season there are usually a couple pieces Lilly does that don't look like their traditional styles and colors, but are still gorgeous. I think the Olivet dress is that for this Spring! It's the prettiest pastel gingham, and this dress is so stunning and flattering on. Trying this on had me dreaming of spring and summer winery days here in Virginia! I think this dress fits TTS, and I liked how the straps are adjustable in length, 

     A casual Lilly look! I surprisingly don't own any of the casual Finn tops, and this was my first time trying one on. They are so soft and comfortable! I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this. The S fit perfectly. If you've been reading my blog awhile you know I am a huge fan of Lilly's Luxletic leggings! I have a ton of pairs. I think they're super comfortable and the quality is phenomenal. They're probably my most worn Lilly item as I wear them for fitness classes each week! 

     This dress is so pretty!! Yet another item in this Alligator Isle print that I am loving. This dress definitely runs big- I am comfortably wearing a size 4 here. One feature that I liked about this dress was the snaps in the chest area so it isn't too low cut or open. This is an ideal dress for warm spring days because of the long sleeves. I think this would be a darling option for an Easter dress.

     Surprisingly- this was by far my favorite item that I tried on!! And I had no idea it would be until I put it on. Oh my gosh- LOVE this dress! I feel like you could wear this in so many seasons from spring with sandals to fall and winter with tights and boots. It is incredibly flattering on- this would look good on all body types I think. And I love the colors in the Pineapple Paradise print. It was honestly tough to say goodbye to this one in-store that day.... still thinking about getting this. I'm wearing the S!

      Oh how cute is this little romper!! I loved this! So fun and flirty. Like the Christiana dress, it also has snaps built in on the chest which prevent it from being too low cut. This romper is so fun that it makes me sad I have no warm weather vacation plans on my agenda any time soon. 

     And finally- a little white dress! White dresses are something Lilly does well. I know that a lot of my blog readers are in seasons of life where they're having graduations with white dresses required or are engaged and needed dresses for wedding festivities, so I always like to feature white Lilly dresses for each collection. The Damina dress is really cute! Sleeve details are super trendy right now, so I liked the sleeves especially. I thought it would be perfect paired with one of Lilly's tassel necklaces!

     Thanks so much for reading today! It is truly so much fun to do these Lilly try-ons for y'all- and I love hearing when they're a great resource for your shopping. If you are local to the Richmond or Central Virginia area- be sure to stop by Lilly Pulitzer River Road soon for all of your spring shopping needs!


      God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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