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September 22, 2020

Travel Diary: Maine's Prettiest Views at Quill Hill.

     This summer, I found what I'm pretty certain is the most stunning mountain view in my home state of Maine. I'm going to go so far as to even say this might be the prettiest view in the whole state- mountains or not! And that's coming from someone who is in love with the gorgeous beaches and ocean coastline in Maine. Please allow me to introduce you to the heaven on earth that is Quill Hill! 

     Quill Hill is located in Franklin County, in rural Western Maine. (This is about three and a half hours from where I'm from in coastal Southern Maine!) Northern Franklin County is super remote and filled with wilderness. The most prominent town in this area is Rangeley, a quiet vacation destination that's home to Rangeley Lake and a few nearby ski mountains. Quill Hill is about a 15 minute drive from the center of Rangeley, and it's specifically found in the tiny town of Dallas, Maine, right off Route 16 between Rangeley and Stratton. 

     Its elevation is just shy of 3,000 feet, so it's definitely more of a mountain and not a "hill." It's privately owned and maintained so there isn't an official entrance fee, but there are donation boxes and it's suggested to leave $5 per car and person. It is completely driveable to visit Quill Hill! That's right- no hiking necessary. You can drive your car straight up on a well maintained four mile road to the top to enjoy some of the most incredible Maine views. It's open 24/7 as well, so you can visit at whatever time of day you choose! (I personally wouldn't want to be on the long dirt road in the middle of the night, but I'm sure the stargazing is amazing if you do that!)

     You can just drive to the top of Quill Hill and enjoy the views from outside your car. The views are 100% panoramic- there is beauty in every direction! There's also picnic tables by the parking lot, so you can enjoy the view that way as well. Or you can hike a little bit if you like! There is a one and a half mile roundtrip trail that goes from the top parking lot to a lower scenic view. It's a super easy trail, and my family and I enjoyed the walk and the extra sights. 

     Adrian Brochu is the man who opened Quill Hill and made it into the destination that it is today. He sadly passed away last year, but he lived to see his dream project of a drivable mountain with a panoramic views get to open. Here is his obituary- I'd never heard of him before visiting Quill Hill but wow, he was quite a guy!  

    Just look at these views! You can see everything from ski mountains to wind power projects to Rangeley Lake and other bodies of freshwater. These pictures honestly don't do it full justice. While Rangeley and Franklin County are more quieter parts of Maine that aren't necessarily must-sees, they become must-sees for me since Quill Hill is 100% worth the drive to experience. 

    Here's the official Quill Hill website with more info for visitors! Side note: my parents loved Quill Hill so much they came back to Rangeley for a few days in mid-September and also visited here again too. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. What a gorgeous place! I'd love to visit there some day. :)


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