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September 24, 2020

Family Photos 2020.

      Last month, my parents and I did something together that was very overdue. We had professional family photos taken for the first time since... wait for it...2007! We just got the final photos back this week, so sadly they weren't ready yet when I wrote my recap blog post for this trip home. But that just means they needed their own blog post, which you're getting today! 😊

     If you're wondering what I wore: this sheath dress was actually borrowed from my mom! It's so funny- in general my mom and I have very different senses of style, but sometimes we find things in each other's closets that we both love, and this classic dress of hers I really liked. I had brought a different navy dress in my suitcase but its color ended up not quite matching my parents' outfits, so I went with this one instead. My pearl necklace is from my grandmother, and the silver bracelet I'm wearing is from the store in Kennebunkport that I worked retail at every summer and winter break in college! 

     My mom had asked for updated professional photos of us for her Mother's Day gift this year! Due to COVID and some changes in my Maine travel plans, the gift happened a little later than I would've liked, but we still got it done! We booked a mini session with local Southern Maine photographer Kelly Roy, and did a mix of indoor portraits in her studio and outdoor shots right outside the studio. 

     The uncertainty of seeing my family in 2020 has really made me appreciate and miss my parents in a new way. I've lived far away from home for eight years now (I never moved home longterm after moving away to college), so I'm used to not seeing my parents too often. But with COVID I've seen my parents a lot less this year than normal- which already wasn't a lot to begin with! So I was extra delighted my mom requested this idea for her Mother's Day gift. Now we have updated photos of our family of three for my home in Maine, and I can also make prints of them to have in my apartment! Although I get photos done with photographers fairly often for blogging, as a family we haven't been the best at keeping up with professional portraits. I can't believe the last time we did this was 2007... take a look at how things have changed! 

     If you're trying to figure out a gift for family members for the holidays, I think booking a family photoshoot would be a phenomenal gift! Especially if it's been many years since you've done it, like it was for us. Hopefully next time will be sooner than thirteen years! I'd love to do a beach photoshoot to try something different the next time we do it.

     God Bless,


     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. These are great! You are so right, a photography package would be a great gift! I bet any mom would love it. I know we are definitely due for some fresh family pictures. My sister in law and nephew aren't even in the last ones!


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    Thanks for sharing

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