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September 17, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Work From Home Outfit.

     Let's chat about bright and cozy outfits for working from home! Before getting too far into today's post, let me say I'm fully aware that I'm a weird exception in that I haven't worked at home for my day job at all this year.  (Yes- even in the height of shutdowns back in March and April, I was still going to the radio station M-F!)  But despite the fact that I haven't actually worked at home, I have spent a ton more time at home this year! And I now do all of my blog work from home (since coffee shops and the library still aren't an option again), so I guess I am 100% WFH for the blog. 😊I'm excited to team up with some of my blogger friends today as we all share Lilly Pulitzer inspired casual work from home outfits!

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     You might associate Lilly Pulitzer mainly with their bright and classic dresses, but there are so many other different Lilly things that I love just as much as my dresses (or even more!). Luxletic leggings from Lilly's activewear line are definitely a longtime favorite for me. I have several pairs and can't rave about them enough! Not only do they feature my favorite Lilly prints, but they're extremely comfortable, and they hold up very well after multiple wears and washes. They're comfortable to wear for both working out and being cozy at home. They are a bit pricier when purchased at full price, but I think they're worth it. And of course, you can also be patient and try to score a pair on-sale in the After Party Sales too!

    Lately I find myself reaching for a pair of Luxletic leggings when I get home from the radio station in the afternoon- with spending the rest of my day at home it's nice to be cozy. I paired this pair of leggings with a bright t-shirt from Crown & Ivy- their price points are a bit cheaper than Lilly, and many of their items match and coordinate with Lilly perfectly. 

    A few of my Lilly loving friends are also sharing Lilly inspired work from home outfits today!! Check out their blog posts:

Luxletic Picks:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Pretty sure i now NEED some Luxletic in my life... too bad I missed out in the sale! These leggings are so cute!

  2. LOVE this look. You totally look put together.

  3. So cute! Loving the print on these leggings, I have it in a Sophie dress!

    Amy |

  4. Love this work from home look. Luxletic is the best. You look adorable.


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