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September 29, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2020: Try-On + Sizing Guide!

      One of my favorite types of blog posts to share are Lilly Pulitzer sizing try-ons! Lilly is always coming out with new styles, so I like to learn my best sizing for everything so I can better shop sales when they happen. And I love sharing what I learn with all of you, since I know lots of you are also Lilly fans, and some of you don't live near any stores that sell Lilly.

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     We had a Lilly Pulitzer company owned store right here in Charlottesville that I really enjoyed shopping at, but sadly it closed this summer. The good news? Richmond, which is only an hour away, has two Lilly stores! I was delighted to get in touch with Mackenzie, the manager of the Richmond River Road Lilly Pulitzer store following the closure of the Charlottesville store. She invited me to come down to check out the store, and let me film and photograph today's try-on on their fitting rooms!

    The River Road store is gorgeous and so spacious! They are taking all COVID precauations- following the Virginia mask mandate masks are required to shop, and they are also providing hand sanitizer to patrons. When I took the photos for this try-on, I was completely by myself in their fitting rooms with no one else using them at the time. My mask was on for the rest of the time I was in the store! 😊

     I tried on a mix of Lilly styles that are more fall or even winter appropriate, as well as some of their classic resort pieces (that way you can having sizing and fit info on those for if you'd like to purchase any in the next winter After Party Sale! For sizing reference: I am just shy of 5"7, a 34C chest, and I typically wear a size 4 or 6 in clothing- just depends on the brand and fabric! 

     First off- this is my first time ever trying on a pair of Lilly jeans! I was so impressed at the quality of these- they're very thick and almost fit more like a dress pant, I think they would definitely be work appropriate. The Etta t-shirt is a great casual top- I own a popover in the same Lilly Loves DC print! This print is a must for any Virginia/Maryland girls. And finally- when your fall and winter wardrobe is getting to dark or neutral... why not brighten it up with a hot pink cardigan?! 

     Another look with these black jeans! This time paired with the cutest button down shirt. Did you know that Lilly makes lots of clothing items that aren't necessarily their classic look of hot pink and bold neon prints? Haha, but it's true! This shirt still has a really cute pattern, but it's definitely a little more muted and versatile than some other Lilly. I think it'd also be great layered under a cable knit sweater in the winter! 

     This little dress way exceed my expectations! I've never worn the Jazzy dress before (I think it's a new-ish style?) but it's a little stretchy and the small fit me perfectly. This was a lot more flattering on then I thought it would be. And for my Charlottesville/UVA friends- how perfect would this be for you in this color?!

     The Ophelia dress is one of Lilly's most comfortable and forgiving casual dress styles! Despite the fact I have several other similar casual Lilly dress in my closet, I surprisingly don't own any Ophelias yet. That needs to change soon! This fun print, La Zebra, would be great for fall. I'm picturing this dress with riding boots or booties! I'm wearing it here with a pair of Lilly sneakers- they fit TTS and would be great with a dress like this for a casual weekend look. 

     Hello fall occasion dress of my dreams! I loved the Autumn dress way more than I thought. It doesn't have any stretch to it, so I'm wearing the size 6 and it fit perfectly. I know semi-formal occasions might be few and far between this season thanks to COVID, but if you do have a reason to dress up, you need this dress! (I will note that it is a bit lower cut than I normally wear- I would be okay with this cut for a special occasion, but it's a bit too much cleavage for what I'd wear everyday.)

     *Halee Top in Navy - size S
     Of course I had to share a Luxletic look since I love Lilly's activewear! The Aila skort is so comfortable! I actually just got my first one a few weeks ago in the recent After Party Sale, and I already think I need another one. Lilly's activewear pieces are always top quality and I love being able to wear the fun prints when I work out! 
     The Margot is my favorite casual summer Lilly style! I already own this dress in a couple prints and I had to use self-restraint not to take this one home with me that I tried on. How gorgeous is the Sunshine City print?! This dress is very stretchy and forgiving and is easily machine washable! It also runs big, I wear an XS in the Margot. 

     I really loved the Adrienne top! This is what I'd call a "grown-up going out top" - something that's a little more conservative then some of the skimpy tops that are popular with high school and college girls, but that's still flirty and makes a bold statement for your weekend or evening style. This is something I'd look for in a future After Party Sale!
     I was so excited to try the Colette skort- I've seen this style before and almost purchased it, but had never tried it on. You know that I'm always truthful here on the blog so it's time for some brutal honesty- I hated this skort on! It ran so small, the size 6 was honestly a little too small for me so the sizing seemed really inconsistent with other Lilly bottoms. It is also made of a very stiff material and didn't feel good at all. If you're ever considering buying this skort, I'd definitely try it on first before getting it final sale in an APS. 

     How cute is this dress?! I have nowhere to wear this in the fall/winter months, but I could definitely see myself buying this style for next spring or summer. I will say I found the name a little misleading since I didn't this dress had much stretch at all. Since I have broad shoulders for my frame I'm glad I went with a size 6 instead of a 4! 

     This dress with this gorgeous Private Island print = LILLY PERFECTION!! I hadn't tried a Gellar shift dress before, but I love this style! It has the same flattering look at other classic shift styles, but with a bit of stretch and a little twist to it. Love! I will definitely be looking for this one in a future APS.

     Ending this try-on on a high note with the stunning Maxine dress! This would be gorgeous for all types of summer functions- or scoop it up now if you live somewhere very warm and will still be wearing resort styles for awhile. Similar to the Autumn dress earlier in the try-on- this one did show a bit more of my chest than I'd feel comfortable with for everyday, but I think it's a great occasion dress! 

     Did you have a favorite style from today's try on? Thanks again to store manager Mackenzie and her great team at Lilly Pulitzer River Road in Richmond- I loved visiting and getting to spend a couple hours surrounded by all the Lilly!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. You look amazing in that coral-y orange dress!!

  2. you look so cute in literally every new arrival!! I'm loving all the new prints and patterns!


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