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September 12, 2020

LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE: Fall 2020 Sale Info + This Year's Top Lilly Posts

     The wait is almost over! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is kicking off on Monday- what a great way to conclude the summer season. Today I'm sharing all the details, the items I'll be looking for in this sale, and rounding up favorite Lilly blog posts from this past year. 

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     If you've been reading here awhile, I'm sure you're no stranger to hearing about my love for Lilly Pulitzer and their twice yearly After Party Sales. 😊 Lilly is my very favorite clothing brand and they rarely have sales, so when they do the After Party Sale it's a pretty big deal! Most of the Lilly that I own is purchased during APS since it's so much more affordable to get it then

     Now if you happen to be newer to my blog and the Lilly Pulitzer brand- let me tell you that this is a sale you don't want to miss if are interested in Lilly! I don't ever like being the type of blogger who ever makes you feel pressured to have to spend money and shop a sale (*cough cough* it's a pet peeve of mine the way some bloggers cover the Nordstrom Sale). But with that said, this is definitely my favorite sale of the year and it's so much fun for me to share it with y'all! After Party Sales happen in the winter (usually a week or two after the holidays) and at the end of summer- which is the one starting Monday!. Best-selling Lilly Pulitzer apparel and accessories will be marked down for 30-70% off their original prices! There will be many items under $100, and lots under $50 as well.

     This time around, the After Party Sale is online only! Lilly wants the APS to be a safe shopping experience for all, and most Lilly company-owned stores are too small right now to accommodate social distancing with the typical crowds that the APS brings. The online-only After Party Sale opens on Lilly's website at 8am EST on Monday, September 14th and will run through 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, September 15th. (Select Lilly signature stores and boutiques will be participating with in-store sales- but these are not company owned stores!)

{Photo originally from this post}

Here's a Q&A for first-time APS shoppers of a few more important things to know:

  • What is the queue shopping system? If this is your first time shopping in an After Party Sale, you might be surprised at how popular this is! Lilly's website gets an enormous amount of traffic in the first day of the After Party Sale! If you're online and ready to shop at 8 am, you will be placed into a queue while waiting for the website to open. You might get scared if you see your shopping number say something very high like 50,000... but don't panic! Lilly uses this system to try and prevent website crashes (which have happened before). Generally speaking, the line does move quite quickly. I can only think of one APS in the past several years when I had to wait a full two hours for my number to get me into the website, and even then I was still able to purchase the item that I wanted! Most times I get into shop in less than 30 minutes. It might be a little longer of a wait this year since it's online only and not in-store, but just be patient, it's worth it. The main thing to remember is DO NOT refresh your browser! Just wait it out - it will pay off. Something you can do though is shop on multiple devices! Pull out your laptop, work computer, iPad, phone (Lilly has an iPhone app!), old iPod Touch, etc. A final tip for today- if you don't have a shopping account with Lilly Pulitzer yet, make one NOW! This will save you so much time for the day that the sale opens. 
  • Any shopping strategy tips? Something to keep in mind is that the After Party Sale is 100% FINAL SALE, so if you purchase something that does not fit, you will have to get creative in ways of reselling the items. I recommend browsing the Lilly Pulitzer website this weekend to get an idea for the types of clothing and accessories that you might want.  I have a feeling that lot of the Lilly items I styled in this try-on blog post will be included in the sale if you want some ideas!
  •  How does sizing work for Lilly Pulitzer? This is a brand where sizing does vary between different styles of clothing! I've worn everything from an XS to an M, and numeric sizes 2-6, depending on the individual piece of clothing. If you're not familiar with Lilly, if possible try and get to a store before the APS so that you can try on some pieces yourself and get an idea for what you like. I published an in-store try-on blog post back in the spring- you can read that here and find out more about which sizes I wear in which styles!

     You might be wondering what I'm looking at buying this time around. Here are a few things I'll be on the lookout for specifically this time:
  • Tops and/or sweaters: I have a few Lilly tops currently in my closet that I love, but this is something that I could definitely expand upon, since most of my Lilly is dresses! I love pairing Lilly tops with everything from skirts to denim to dress pants. I also still have yet to own any Lilly sweaters, so if there's one that catches my eye I might grab that for the winter ahead. 
  • Luxletic: I am a HUGE fan of Lilly Pulitzer's Luxletic workout leggings! I have several pairs that I wear often! Since I have several leggings I'm not looking for anymore of those, but I would definitely be interested to finally get my hands on a Luxletic skort, or a workout top or another sports bra. 
  • Accessories: The APS is wonderful time to score Lilly accessories and jewelry at phenomenal prices! I like to stock up on extras of these if possible to save for friends' Christmas gifts. 

     I've been sharing a good amount of Lilly content on the blog this year - Lilly makes me so happy, and I think we all needed a little extra happy content in 2020! Here's some of my favorite Lilly posts from earlier this year: 

     Check back here Monday to shop the sale through my blog post! As always I greatly appreciate anyone who shops the APS through the links on my blog! 😊(More about affiliate links and that process in this blog post!)

     Also - I'm doing a fun giveaway for the APS on Instagram this weekend with some lovely blogger friends- enter that here!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 

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  1. I don't love everything Lilly as for me I tend to wear less patterns but if you can score any of the cashmere sweaters . . . they are very nice and worth the money. I have two that I have worn to over and over throughout the years.


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