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July 29, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.

{A snapshot of the most beautiful apartment building in Richmond that I spotted this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Trip home update: Some of you might remember I was supposed to be home in Maine this past month, but I cancelled my trip. Well- I might be jinxing myself for writing it on the blog but I'm trying to go home in mid-August instead! My flight has officially been booked (it is refundable should I cancel again). Maine still has very strict requirements for out of state visitors, so I will have to get a COVID test within 72 hours before leaving. I am super nervous about that (everyone I know that has had one has said it was very unpleasant) but I know it'll be a small price to pay to see family and friends. My parents are worried things might get worse before they get better this fall, so they're encouraging me to come sooner rather than later. We decided flying was the better option over driving- it's about 12 hours from Cville so I'd have to take several rest stops and/or spend the night in a hotel as that's too far to drive in one day alone. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Starting this weekend, aside from work and playing tennis (very socially distanced) I'll be staying home all the time in preparation for my test.
  • Pets of wineries: For my fellow Virginia winery enthusiasts, this is such a cute round-up! It features the most well-known and loved pets of Virginia wineries. I've met a couple of these animals on my own winery adventures and of course ideally I'd like to meet them all. (Ti-Ray the Corgi from Reynard Florence is a personal favorite of mine!)

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: My last big weekend of being out and about since I'll be staying home more in early August in prep for my COVID test to Maine. Anyways, it was a great weekend! On Saturday evening I played tennis with a friend, and then my roommate invited me to come to play pickle-ball with a group she's been doing that with on Saturday nights. It was super fun, but back to back racket sports meant I was tired that night haha! On Sunday I livestreamed a church service, and then went down to Richmond to pre-shoot a bunch of blog content so I'll be good to go for the next few weeks of being home.
  • This weekend: It will be my first of two upcoming weekends at home. Aside from possibly playing tennis, I don't plan to leave my apartment. Planning to keep watching Gilmore Girls, do some cooking, and continue organizing my file box for important documents. 

Purchases: None again this week! At this point I'm ready to start thinking fall fashion and kind of over summer since this season has been such a dud with COVID, but it's too early to get fall stuff at good prices. 😊

  • This preppy tunic in blue is beautiful! It also comes in a second color too, a pretty pink.
  • Not really planning to shop the Nordstrom Sale this year, but if I do get something it might be these pajamas
  • A fun printed midi skirt that I think could also be styled for certain more casual workplaces.
  • This solid colored navy dress is a bit different for Lilly but I like it!
  • This matching workout set reminds me of the popular ones from Outdoor Voices but much cheaper

Sale of the week: Not a sale specifically but two small business shop announcements! Two of my blogging friends launched Etsy shops in the last couple weeks! Amy's shop sells really cute polymer clay earrings, and Cara's shop has beaded bracelets and earrings. Check them both out for your jewelry needs!

Currently reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama - I read fellow former First Lady Laura Bush's memoir this winter, and it became one of my favorite reads so far of 2020! I'd heard great things about Michelle's memoir, so it seemed fitting to read it this year too. I always forgot to request it at the library until someone recommended it again in my blog's Facebook group a couple weeks ago, and fortunately it came in for me quickly. I'm only a chapter or so in but enjoying it so far!

Recipe of the week: Buttermilk Biscuits from Callie's Little Hot Biscuit - Callie's was my favorite place I ate at in Charleston last fall! I got their cookbook for Christmas, and while I've made a few other recipes from it this year, I hadn't made their famous yet simple Buttermilk Biscuits yet. Spoiler: they're easy and delicious! 

Song of the week: X by The Jonas Brothers ft. Karol G - This song reminds me a lot of Joe Jonas's side project, DNCE, which I really liked! Also love the fun Latin influence with Karol G's verses. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Caralina Style - My blogger bestie Cara is celebrating the 4th anniversary of her move to the Queen City! Loved this post, and it also made me so sad that it's been almost three and a half years since I too have called Charlotte home.
  • Caitlin Houston - Caitlin had COVID-19 back in the spring, and she shared an honest post about what her recovery and lingering symptoms have been like. A great reminder that even if you beat COVID, you might not be fully out of the woods. 
  • Kevin & Amanda - This is a newer blog that I've discovered by I'm obsessed with their travel guides, especially this one for Saigon, Vietnam! As much as I had wanderlust from this post, it also made me so sad Americans can't travel many places right now. 

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese 

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