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July 28, 2020

How I've Been Working Out During the Pandemic.

     2018 is the year I rediscovered my passion for fitness, and working out several times a week was a main priority in my life from then until the pandemic began in March. Having my fitness studio close and workout options suddenly become very limited was definitely a challenge for me this spring, but I've been powering through. 

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     Alright- so let's talk how fitness was going for me pre-pandemic. After struggling with maintaining a good fitness routine for the first two or three years after college, I finally go into one after moving to Charlottesville. For a year between 2018 and 2019 I was a member of a local gym here in Charlottesville. They had a huge variety of fun fitness classes, and I tried to go to different ones throughout the week to mix-up my workouts. I'd also workout on my own with the main gym equipment too. I really liked it there and had no plans to look into other fitness options until Jazzercise kind of found me!

    I had the chance to try out some free Jazzercise classes last November through my day job in radio, and I fell in love with the Charlottesville Jazzercise studio. Not only were the workout classes challenging yet fun, but the community in the studio between instructors and students was strong, and so much better than my previous gym. I didn't have room in my budget for both memberships, so I quit my previous gym in late fall to become a full member at Charlottesville Jazzercise! Around this time, I also had the chance to do my first collaboration with Jazzercise On-Demand, so timing-wise my fitness studio switch was ideal. 

    Up until this March, I was doing Jazzercise classes in-studio here in Charlottesville four or five days a week and loving it. However, all of that came to a grinding halt thanks to the pandemic! My Jazzercise studio and every other gym in the state of Virginia had to close its doors for the stay-at-home order, and it felt like things had changed overnight. My new fitness routine that I'd gotten so used to was suddenly not accessible anymore. 

    I have discovered over the past couple years at my old gym and Jazzercise that I definitely work out best around people. I'm just not motivated by solo workouts (I think this is why despite several past attempts I've never been able to get into running). But obviously thanks to COVID, that couldn't happen anymore in a gym setting! As frustrated I was with these sudden changes, I knew I had to keep working out through the pandemic, both for the sake of my body and more importantly for mental health! 

    So what have I been up to the past five months in regards to fitness? A few things! 

    1) Virtual Jazzercise & Jazzercise On-Demand: First thing was first, in March I reinstated my Jazzercise On-Demand membership! This was the perfect time to really get to dig into the virtual workout program that I had gotten to try in the fall. (I even had the chance to partner with them again on Instagram!) In April, my local studio started offering live virtual classes through a private Facebook group with everyone's favorite instructors teaching. Since then, I do a mix of Jazzercise classes on FB with my local studio and Jazzercise On-Demand. I do at least three of these classes a week, and shoot for more if I can. My local Jazzercise studio remains closed for in-person classes as of now (end of July), so I am keeping on with the virtual options.
     I have to be honest with you, as much as I love Jazzercise, I don't enjoy it at home. I feel bad to admit that- but it's true! My apartment living room is about the farthest thing from a workout studio that you could get, between the lack of space from the furniture, and the carpeted floor. Dance based workouts on carpet are not fun! But with that said- I am still so thankful that I continue to push myself to do these workouts from home each week. Jazzercise is still a great workout whether I do it at home or in-studio, and I'm proud of myself for sticking with my studio and favorite local instructors during this time. But I really can't wait to be back in person for good- whenever that is!

     2) Tennis: I listed on my 2020 Summer Bucket List that I was hoping to play tennis a few times this summer! I played on my high school team for a year and took a semester of tennis in college as a gym credit, and I've always loved it! I didn't play at all last year and since it's a low-risk COVID activity, I wanted to get back into it this year. My goal was playing three times this whole summer.
     Well- I exceed that goal way back in June! I've been playing tennis at least once a week (sometimes two or three times) for almost two months now, and it's been the biggest blessing! I'm able to workout around other people like I prefer to, but in a safe manner, as tennis is a naturally socially distanced sport (and it's outdoors!). I'm planning to keep playing with the small group of friends I've been doing it with for as long as the weather allows this year- I don't mind playing in the cold as long as there is no snow! Plus tennis has been a fun excuse to update some of the pieces in my athletic wardrobe- I love this new tennis skirt I got

     3) Walks: During my year in Vermont, I became obsessed with walking on the most beautiful trail on Lake Champlain that was near where I lived (this blog post was shot there!). I didn't keep up with regular walks as much once I joined my previous gym after moving here, but the pandemic has been a great time to remember how nice it can be just to enjoy a walk outside. 
    This spring I had a couple regular walking buddies! I was doing regular walks with my friends Kelly and Emily, and sometimes with Abigail (my roommate) as well. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with walks as much in the last month or so.... it hasn't gotten out of the 90s here in Virginia and it's just a bit too hot to enjoy them right now! But I know this fall I'm planning to get right back into it, and I'm sure my friends will be down to keep walking again as well.

     So these are the three things I've been doing to stay in shape! I wish I enjoyed running because this certainly seems like the year to get into it, but sadly it's just not for me. But I'm making do with these other things! Now let me know what you've been doing this year to stay in shape! I'd especially love links to virtual workouts/Youtube videos you're loving from home.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. So inspiring! I'm with you, working out alone is just not my favorite thing. It seems like I'll have a good active week, and the then the next not so good. But, seeing your determination is motivation!
    I'd love to try jazzercise one day.

  2. I LOVE these workout pants. I feel like I do better working out with people too, I am more accountable. I need to try virtual jazzercise, I need something to do at home. Tennis also sound so fun. I played in high school and miss it. Also, walks are great. We try to do them a lot!


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