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July 15, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.

{Enjoyed a drink last Friday evening on the large patio of Kardinal Hall in Charlottesville! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Monogram giveaway: I have a fun giveaway happening on Instagram through tomorrow. Giving away a $50 store credit to Alfonso Designs, the cutest monogram shop for both apparel and accessories. Definitely check it out if you liked monogrammed items.
  • American passports in 2020: This personal opinion piece on Medium was going viral last week, and it's probably the most depressing COVID-19 related story that I've read this entire year. I was almost in tears getting to the end of it. It's a visual representation of how many countries an American passport used to allow you access to, and how that's shrunk so much with COVID-19. Man oh man. I hope things will turn around next year for travel!
  • Eurovision movie: My co-host Marc and I finally watched it last weekend! It was so cute and funny. Highly recommend (plus the songs were so catchy and better than I expected!). I loved this round-up of the best funny tweets about the movie. 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Another quiet one. (Isn't that the theme for 2020 weekends?) On Friday after work, Marc came over for lunch and we watched the Eurovision movie on Netflix- we loved it! On Saturday afternoon I went to a small birthday party for a friend, which was outdoors at a winery. Sunday was pretty much a lazy day, but I did do some cooking and baking.
  • This weekend: My staycation kicks off on Friday, so hopefully Friday and Saturday will be fun and relaxing days! On Sunday I'm leaving for another brief Airbnb trip to another new-to-me town which I'm really looking forward to- it'll be nice to have a scenery change for some of my days off.

Purchases: Nothing again! Is anyone else in a total shopping rut right now? I thought that I wanted to do an Amazon summer dress haul soon, and also get some things in the lululemon sale. I didn't end up doing either! I've felt very "meh" about shopping lately. I think because I have barely had a chance to wear all my cute summer outfits like normal because of staying home more. I have a feeling I'll be excited for fall shopping though once that season gets closer!

  • This white maxi dress is pricey but beautiful! 
  • A fun and flirty pink Lilly dress.
  • I love the look of a pair of ankle strap pumps, and this pair is one sale. 
  • If I buy anything soon, it'll probably be more athletic items for tennis! Obsessed with this cute workout dress (but wondering if it ever goes on sale- ha!)
  • This cocktail dress is a stunner and is on sale. I wish I had a dressy event coming up so I could get it!
Sale of the week: Kate Spade has a better than normal Surprise Sale happening online right now. Tons of purses under $100!

Currently reading: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas - looking forward to finishing this novel this week. It's the first of a few books that I'm trying to read in 2020 to keep educating myself about racial issues in the US. This has been a slower read for me than fiction normally is, but it's giving me a lot to think about.

Recipe of the week: Cannellini Bean Pasta with Beurre Blanc (originally from NY Times Cooking) - This delicious and easy pasta dish kind of tastes like an adult mac n cheese a little bit! The original recipe is from the New York Times cooking section, but the recipe online has a paywall so I'm linking a different version of it.

Song of the week: Double Trouble from the Eurovision Movie - What a BOP! I swear the soundtrack to this movie was just incredible haha.

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Extra Petite - Jean shared a fun Trader Joe's review of some of their newer items! I've tried a few of these and loved everything, and look forward to trying more as well.
  • Living Shae - Ebonee looks stunning in this colorblock maxi dress that she wore at the beach.
  • Covering The Bases - Krista did a full review of American Eagle jeans and shorts. I haven't shopped there in years but her post convinced me I need to change that.

On the blog this week:

    God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese


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  1. I almost wish I needed a new purse because the Kate Spade surprise sale is SO good. Like you, I was in a bit of a shopping rut (just because I haven't had the chance to wear many of my favorite summer pieces) but I broke that rut when I went on a professional clothing shopping spree. Oops! I hope we are all able to travel more safely next summer <3


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