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October 2, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{At Foxfield this past weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Advice from millionaires: Charlotte Agenda (my favorite news outlet from Charlotte NC) published a survey last month featuring data about how millionaires living in Charlotte earned their income, and how long it took them to reach millionaire status.  They just posted a follow-up article yesterday, featuring the best financial advice from millionaires. I got a lot out of reading these tips- it was definitely a reminder that I need to continue to educate myself about financial literacy!
  • Different views from your parents: I absolutely adored this personal piece published on Future Female Leaders this week. It was titled "What My Life-Long Democrat Mother Taught Her Republican Daughter" and immediately caught my eye since that title is my personal story (with both parents!). I thought this article was beautiful and heartfelt, and I related to it so much! I've actually been considering for awhile on writing a blog post about having different political views from my parents/how I was raised... but since 2019 is a very aggressive political climate I wasn't sure if I'm brave enough to share that here. (Sad to admit but true! 😬) Let me know if you think I should do it!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Saturday my only plans were going to the gym and the library, but it ended up being a perfectly mellow day! I also caught up on some blog work. On Sunday, my friends and I went to the Fall Foxfield race! Foxfield is a bi-annual horse race in Charlottesville- the Spring race has a reputation for being a bit raunchy of an event thanks to all the UVA students who can go wild, but the Fall one is organized for local families in mind and it's much tamer. We had a great time, and in addition to watching the races we tailgated in one of my coworker's tents.
  • This weekend: Headed to DC to see my friend Mercedes for a very overdue visit. She is the best tour guide and we always have so much fun whenever I go up. We have super fun plans Friday night for an incredible media event I was invited to in DC- stay tuned on Instagram to find out what. Another thing we have on the agenda is apple picking in Maryland on Saturday!

  • A big week of Amazon buys for me! First and foremost I ordered everything I needed on there for both my Halloween costumes for this year (one for work and one for a party my roommate and I are throwing). Can't wait to share what they are later this month!
  • Also ordered some new fall fashion items. I can't wait for this leopard print sweater to get here!
  • So excited about this moto jacket. I ordered it in grey, but it comes in several stylish colors for fall. 
  • And finally- these boots!! Really hoping they'll fit well and I can get lots of use out of them. 

  • Almost ordered this dress in the purple color this week- just decided to wait a little longer since I already did enough online damage!
  • So into the snakeskin skirt trend right now- I really like this one. 
  • Flannel shirts for fall and winter area a preppy necessity. I love the colors in this one. 
  • I've seen several bloggers now rave about this drugstore lip product- I might have to grab one or two on my next Walmart or Ulta trip!

Currently reading: Saints for All Occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan - about halfway done and so enthralled in it so far! 

Recipe of the week: 30 Minute Red Beans and Rice Soup from The Candid Appetite. This is one of my favorite fall/winter soups that I first discovered last year. Made it for the first time this season on Monday night and it's just as good as I remembered! I make mine extra spicy.

Song of the week: Get to Lovin' by Tiffany Houghton ft. That Girl Lay Lay. I've followed Tiffany on Instagram for awhile but hadn't ever listened to her music until a few days ago. Get to Lovin' is her newest single and it's so fun! I hope she eventually gains success with mainstream radio.

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey re-wore her wedding dress for her 4th anniversary photos with her husband- sweetest thing ever!
  • Roselyn Weaver - Roselyn and her husband have been in the process of adopting their son for a couple years- and it's finally official! So happy for them.
  • Extra Petite - My favorite outfit of the week is from Jean. Love how she styled a snakeskin skirt- I need one now!

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I am for sure going to read the first two articles you mentioned in this post! Both are very interesting topics! I do agree that lately it has been a very aggressive political climate, but in my opinion everyone has a voice and I will respect their thoughts.

  2. Hey Annalise! I think you should go and share your political views. It would be interesting to hear your story, but before you post, you may want to have a friend or two look it over.

    - Genevieve

  3. This article sounds so interesting, I am going to check it out! Have fun in DC, I am dying to visit too

  4. Don't know why but new purchases always make my day especially when shopping for a new season :)

  5. Your weekend sounds like fun! I like the striped dress you wore and I like the moto jacket you bought too :)

    Hope that your week is going well :) I've just posted a giveaway on my blog!

    Away From Blue


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