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March 26, 2018

Vermont Bachelorette Pad Tour: New England Chic Bedroom.

     Welcome to the last installment of my Vermont apartment tour blog post series! (Who would have guessed that I'd be finishing these posts from a new state and apartment?!) I decided to share my bedroom last. If you've been reading my blog since I had my first apartment back in Charlotte and shared my bedroom tour from there- you'll notice many similarities between the two rooms. My bedroom furniture was my graduation gift from my parents and a few other family members, so it was all brand-new when I lived in my Charlotte apartment! Obviously everything moved with me to Vermont, and the same bedroom furniture pieces are here with me in Virginia as well. Furniture is expensive and built to last- so this will all be sticking with me for awhile! Anyways, my goal was to make my Vermont bedroom have a totally different feel than my Charlotte bedroom, even though I still had the same furniture and bedding. You can check out my Charlotte bedroom tour blog post here- I think overall I did a pretty good job with my vision for similar but different!

     A lot of the items in my bedroom are from Home Goods or At Home (my FAV store that I miss so much!) or are just older items, but I'll link everything that can be linked below:

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My outfit: Top c/o // Jeans // Earrings c/o // Lipstick c/o // 

Bedroom Tour - Linked: Dresser {still available!} // Headboard {mine not online, very similar here} // Blue Electric Blanket // White Bedding Set // Shoe Rack // Always Carry Confetti Print // 

Bedroom Tour - Not Linked: Headboard Lights - DIY project // Bed Accent Pillows - HomeGoods // Bed Side Table - At Home // Bed Side Mirror - Local Discount Store // White Light {dresser} - At Home // Earring Holders - Icing // 


     So here is my bedroom!! The main way that I made my bed feel different from having it in my Charlotte apartment was to switch out the accent pillows, add a fun DIY light garland to the headboard (I can post a tutorial for that project if y'all are interested!), and I added an electric blanket for the fall and winter months, which gave me both extra warmth and also some color! I am always cold, so I loved having this cozy electric blanket to cuddle up to on very cold nights in Vermont. 

     The biggest pro of this bedroom was the large window- this room had a ton of natural light which I loved!! My childhood bedroom wasn't very bright, and the dorm rooms I lived in during my college years were crazy dark, so it's always been important to me since college to have bright and airy rooms- daylight, especially in the early mornings, is so important to get your morning started right! The biggest con of this bedroom you can probably guess from the photos.... the small closet. UGH!!! Seriously.... I had a bigger closet in a dorm room my sophomore year of college!! That's saying something. I went from having a decent sized walk-in closet, a coat closet, and a second hallway coat closet that my roommate didn't use (so three total!) back in Charlotte to ONLY having this one. As a fashion blogger and clothes enthusiast in general, that was a huge downgrade. But- I ended up making do. I'm actually planning to write a blog post next month all about my small closet tips! 

     So this is kind of funny- I had my little college dorm room TV set up in my bedroom in my Charlotte apartment, on my dresser. But pretty much from the second that I moved into that apartment, I had issues with the cable box in my bedroom almost every time I wanted to use that TV!! The lights on that cable box used to go haywire and it would never work- it was so bad that getting it to try and work used to keep me entertained at the time. I really think the Charlotte cable company gave me a faulty cable box in that apartment. Anyways- when I moved to Vermont I didn't even want to attempt putting a TV in my bedroom again, thinking it would be a repeat of that experience, so I just had one out in the living room. But I realized I really missed the idea of watching things in bed! My bedroom isn't really set up fully yet here in Virginia- but I do have my smaller TV on my dresser again. I have a different cable provider now and the bedroom cable box I have is working fine... I have so been enjoying watching TV from bed every night before I go to sleep! I feel like I waited over two years for this... it's the little things in life I'm telling you!! Haha. 

     If you'd like to check out the rest of my Vermont Bachelorette Pad Tour, see these blog posts:

     A lot of my new Virginia apartment is still covered in bubble wrap and boxes, so it'll be awhile before any sort of apartment tour posts from here- but I'll be excited to of course whenever that time arrives! 😉Today begins my first full week at my new job, last week went pretty well but was filled with lots of training and new station information. I'm hoping to feel more settled this week! 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. That closet is amazing!


  2. Your room is so cute! I love how girly and chic it is. My whole house is basically salvaged from people or from dumpsters, so I don't think I will ever post a home tour - ha! I loved following along with yours, though!

  3. Your room is the cutest! Love how bright and girly it is...perfect bachelorette pad!

  4. Looks like you had a great little setup in Vermont! Can't wait to see what you do with the new place!

  5. Love your decor style! I can't wait to see your VA apartment once it's all ready! And I completely agree with your point about natural light. I'm lucky enough that all of my dorm rooms have been equipped with really nice windows (I'm an RA so I don't get to pick where I live). One thing I realized this year is that something almost as important to me as natural light in a living space is fresh air! I have an AC unit in my window this year and, while it's great to have AC, I really miss the option of opening up the window when it's nice out.

  6. Love your room! Your jewelry storage setup is adorable!

    Hope // Miss Hope Elizabeth

  7. Aww I love your organization system! Your closet is so pretty!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. I love the garland you made for your headboard, such a cute detail!
    xo, Syd

  9. ohhhh i love what you did with it! it looks seriously so cozy, and i can't believe how organized you managed to be with such limited space!

  10. love the room! so cute and colorful!

  11. I love that the closet has purse storage; that's been my biggest struggle with my current closet. Can't wait to see your new space!

  12. Cute room! I love how organized your closet it!


  13. wow looks so colorful, cute room.

  14. Love the fairy lights on your headboard! Such a magical touch.

  15. Cute! I can't wait to see how you style your new room in Virginia. I have also lived in some dark bedrooms so now natural light is my #1 priority (beating out closet space by just a sliver).

  16. I love your apartment! I especially love the decor and your choice in colors.

  17. Loving your headboard! I have one fairly similar. Natural lighting is so important to me too. Thankfully the bedrooms in my new place have three windows and the living room has like 9 haha.

  18. Such a cute room! I love how you have lots of jewelry organizers/holders. Can't wait to see your room in Virginia!

    Katie |

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