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March 12, 2018

Vermont Bachelorette Pad Tour: Blog Office

     You didn't think I'd move out of Vermont before finishing my apartment tour with y'all, did you? 😉In fact, I saved the two best parts of the tour for last: my blog office area and bedroom! In today's post I'll be sharing Southern Belle in Training's first-ever office space.

Southern Belle in Training - Blog Office Tour

Pink and Gold Gallery Wall Inspo

Girly Home Office

Fashion Blogger Office Space

Fashion Blogger Desk Inspiration

Southern Belle in Training - Home Office Tour

Chic Home Office - Pink and Gold

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Blog Office Details: Desk {old, similar here} // Chair // Lamp {mine not online, very similar linked for under $20!} // Flamingo Jewelry Dish // Love Picture Holder // Polka Dot Frame // Mug // Pop Fizz Clink Wall Art {mine not online, very similar linked} // Other Wall Art // Candle // 

Outfit Details: Jumper c/o // Sweater {sold out, similar} // Necklace {old, similar} // Shoes // Lipstick c/o //

     Welcome to my blog office! Or should I properly say, the blog office portion of my living/dining room. My Vermont apartment had a very open and large living and dining room, and quite honestly I didn't know what to do with a space like that when I first moved in, as I didn't have much large furniture! My bedroom was smaller than the one that I had in Charlotte, so I knew that if I wanted to finally have a blogging desk/office space, it would go in apart of my living room. Since I didn't have a couch in this apartment (I had plush chairs instead) this ended up working spatially quite well!

     My desk was generously given to me a couple years ago by a friend who was moving in Charlotte and didn't need it anymore, and I built the rest of this little area over time around the desk. (Pro tip for getting furniture on the cheap or for free: if a friend or family member is moving, see if they're getting rid of any furniture pieces for free, especially if it was a college or first apartment! A lot of the stuff I have now is hand-me-downs from friends in Charlotte who had moved before I did.) Anyways, I wanted my blog desk area to reflect the colors of my current website/branding: which are black, gold and pink. I was so excited when I found this pink acrylic chair right before I left Charlotte last year- it's actually very comfortable to sit in too!

     Ironically- I rarely ended up doing blog work at this desk while living in my Vermont apartment! When I did blog work at home, I almost always worked at my dining table (usually while eating). I'm hoping in my new apartment in Virginia to set up this desk area again and actually start doing more work at the space I have set aside for Southern Belle in Training!

     Out of all of my desk decor, the thing I have to recommend the most is this package of gallery wall art. I've talked about this before on the blog but I have to share again! Most of my gallery wall art comes from a big book of prints from me and my BIG ideas. The book contains art prints of all sizes and colors, and you just cut out and frame the ones you want to use! I think this would make an amazing graduation or housewarming gift for someone. I received my book of wall art in a PR package years ago and clearly I'm still using a lot of the prints today! I might even buy a different book with more prints for my new apartment.

     Thanks so much for checking out my apartment blog office area! You can also check out these other posts from my Vermont apartment tour:

      I can't believe that it's only a couple days now until the move!! Stay tuned to my Instagram Stories @miss_alk for behind-the-scenes updates this week.

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


  1. So adorable! We have an entire room in our house for our office, my blogging and homework. Guess how often I use it? Never.

  2. ohhh i looove what you did with the space! it's fun yet functional and it definitely has your style in it!! thanks for sharing! i needed some inspo haha

  3. Your office area is darling and I love that acrylic pink chair! I've been seriously slacking at getting my office area put together.

  4. This space is so cute! I love that fun Eiffel tower lamp! Plus you can never go wrong with having a fun gallery wall over your desk!!

    The Classic Brunette

  5. OK I need you to come decorate my house! I love love love that lamp!

  6. I love the idea of putting your desk in the living room/living area! My desk is currently in our spare bedroom, which is nice for when I need to get work done and isolate myself, BUT I don't like to hole up in a separate room on the rare occasions when Patrick, my boyfriend, and I are home at the same time! Maybe I should move it out into the living area and rearrange some things!

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