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March 9, 2018

Lilly Pulitzer Casual Workwear Looks with Pink Colony.

     Earlier this week on the blog I announced my upcoming move and new job in Virginia! A new job means the perfect chance to update the workwear section of my closet. I've touched on this a little bit in my Radio 101 blog posts, but my industry is a bit unique in terms of attire for the office in that it's very casual. At my former station in Vermont, I wore jeans to work all winter long (ripped jeans are allowed too!), and shorts were allowed for both male and female staff members for work in the summer- both for events and in-studio. I never want to show up for work looking like I just rolled out of bed- I always try to do my hair and makeup for work. But at the same time, I don't work in an industry where wearing a suit and heels is appropriate... that would be way overdressed! I honestly dress for work very similarly now to how I did for college classes.

     It's a known fact here on the blog that my love fore Lilly Pulitzer runs deep! While the Lilly brand is often associated with their classic bright shift dresses, their clothing line carries tons of pieces- many that are work appropriate for both business casual work environments and more casual workplaces like a radio station! I had the chance to partner again Vermont's largest specialty Lilly boutique, Pink Colony, on a couple of fun posts for this month. Today's post is all about styling Lilly Pulitzer for a radio station work environment, or other types of casual office jobs. I worked with Pink Colony back in January for the most recent Lilly After Party Sale, so I was so excited to do another fun collaboration!

Photography by Amanda Rose Photography

Today's post is in collaboration with Pink Colony. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Southern Belle in Training!

     *Look #1: Navy Skort + Leslie Silk Top

     As I mentioned above, my workplace in Vermont allowed employees to wear shorts to work in the summer months. I tried not to wear them too often (usually just for outdoor events), but had I owned this cute Lilly Pulitzer Madison Skort this summer I definitely would have worn it to work! Since it's a skort there are built in shorts which gives it an extra modesty factor, which would make me feel comfortable wearing it in the casual radio work environment. I love it paired with the Leslie Silk Top! The Leslie is similar to Lilly's classic Elsa,  but has fun details on the back (which you can see pictured), and a slight v-neck in the front. I would probably wear this outfit with flats or sandals for work instead of pumps, but I thought it looked cute with pumps too!

     *Look #2: Cowl Neck Pullover + Black Pants

Belinda Pullover // Kelly Pant // KEP Designs Large Pom Earrings // Ski VT Clutch // Shoes {similar} 

     This outfit is literally the perfect example of something I'd wear to my job as a radio personality in the fall or spring months! This Belinda Pullover from Lilly Pulitzer is both casual yet put together, and I love how you can wear it regularly, or off-the-shoulder. I styled this look with these fun KEP Designs Large Pom Earrings- I ended up loving them so much that I took them home with me! A big fun pair of gold studs are very versatile and I know I'll be wearing these earrings a lot both for work and play. 

     *Look #3: Florin Reversible Tank for Work

Florin Tank // Luanna Cardigan // Alessia Dinner Pant // Earrings c/o // Purse {similar} // Shoes {similar} 

     I love the new Lilly Pulitzer Florin tank!! I had seen this on the Lilly website prior to my visit to Pink Colony, and it was great to try it on in person. This is such a versatile piece, and I adore the fact that it's reversible! The plain navy side would be ideal to wear to the office, for both casual and more formal workplaces. I loved pairing it here with the Bridget Cardigan. Hot pink and fuchsia are hues that Lilly does very well- and this cardigan is no exception!! 

  *Look #4: Florin Reversible Tank for Happy Hour: 

Florin Tank // Alessia Dinner Pant // Caught Up Necklace // Earrings c/o // Pumps //

     How fun and convenient is this?! The same tank that was office appropriate in the last set of photos can be turned inside out and is suddenly perfect for Happy Hour or a dinner date after work! I am loving this fun Via Amor print- while I didn't take home the Florin Tank I did end up taking home something else in the print. Just can't get enough of those cute hot pink flamingos! I also had fun styling the Caught Up Necklace for this look. I feel like this necklace is very different for Lilly's typical jewelry style- but I liked it! Side note: I wasn't too crazy about the fit of the Alessia pant, I personally prefer the Lilly Pulitzer Kelly pant. But that's the great thing about getting to try Lilly on in person, you can really see which fits you like the best! 🙂

     *Look #5: Classy Navy Dress

     Is this classy number not the quintessential winter or early spring dress? It's a bit different in style and color from traditional Lilly dresses, but it's still very ladylike and gorgeous on! I love the bell sleeve detail. This dress would be great for anything ranging from a dressier workplace, a business meeting or job interview (I wish I'd had this for my interview trip to Virginia!), church, or occasions that fall in the winter months like bridal or baby showers. 


     Thank you so much for reading today's workwear style guide with Pink Colony!! Please stay tuned next week on the blog for a second spring collaboration with the store featuring some classic spring Lilly dresses AND a giveaway on my Instagram! 🙂If you liked any of the Lilly items in today's post, you can shop in-store at Pink Colony if you're in Vermont, or via phone or the Pink Colony website if you're out of state. Jessica and her staff would love to help you find some new Lilly for spring wherever you are!

     Have a great weekend! My weekend plans are continuing with packing and saying more goodbyes to some of the friends I've made here in Vermont.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I love my Lilly Kelly pant and Travel Legging for the office. Also, Lilly scarves are perfect to brighten a work dress. I often pair a murfee with a plain black dress for the office.

  2. What great looks! I actually had no idea that LP had so many office looks + plain colored things. I thought everything had prints!

  3. Love this! That navy dress is absolutely gorgeous and fits you so well!

    Felicity |

  4. The first top is the cutest! love the color and the details.

  5. Ohh I love the reversible tops and the navy dress!

  6. These are all so cute! I love that pink cardigan, it's so perfect for spring!

  7. ohhhh soooo many pretty clothes!! i do love that tank too, i think it's perfect enough for the work place! so many gorgeous bright looks <3

  8. While Lilly Pulitzer isn't personally my style, I LOVE how the colors and designs look on you! All fabulous outfits - that navy dress is my favorite!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. stahhpp it with this cuteness! this brand was made for you!

  10. I love ALL of these outfits! So cute and professional, too! I love those mules you are wearing in some of the middle pictures. *heart eyes*

  11. Lilly is my favorite way to style! So I’m all about these looks!

  12. That is so awesome that you are allowed to wear shorts in the summer! I loooveeeeee Lilly!

  13. I love all things Lilly as well and when I was teaching I always tried to incorporate it into my wardrobe as much as possible. Surprisingly enough, one of my favorite Lilly staples is a plain navy dress-the craftsmanship is just impeccable and I love the cut of it, Lilly doesn't just do prints well-they do it all well, am I right?!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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