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January 29, 2018

Vermont Red Barn + Wearing White in Winter.

     What are the top three things that I associate with the state I've been calling home since the spring of 2017? Maple products, cheddar cheese, and classic red barns. I've done my fair share since moving to Vermont of consuming the first two, but the I hadn't had much exposure to that third item: the red barns! Vermont as a state has tons and tons of beautiful and classic red barns, some being used for traditional purposes as farming barns, and some restored into event venues, like the one you'll see in today's photos. The thing about finding a classic red barn is that the majority of them are in other parts of the state, either in the NEK (slang term for "Northeast Kingdom") or in Southern Vermont- both of these regions are about 2-ish hours from the Burlington area. I told one of my photographers, Melissa, that I wanted to try and find a beautiful red barn to visit within an hour radius to Burlington, and we were able to do just that!! I'm excited to share our visit to West Monitor Barn with you in today's post:

Monitor Barn Vermont

Wearing White in Winter

Preppy Winter Outfit Colorful Scarf

Vermont Classic Red Barn - Preppy Style

Pink Hunter Boots in Snow

Cute Winter White Outfit

Colorful Winter Style

Vermont Visit a Red Barn

Vermont Snow Day Outfit

Cute Preppy Winter Style

Photography by Melissa Lynn Studios. Thank you to West Monitor Barn for letting us shoot here! 

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      It was a mere six degrees outside when these photos were taken!! Hopefully I don't look too frozen here. 😊 I was so excited to finally do a photoshoot near a big red barn that I think my joy kept the freezing cold at bay at least for a little bit! I decided to style this classic white sweater and vest combo with bright pops of color in my accessories. I had fun pairing my pink Hunters and favorite blue DIFF sunglasses with this bold striped pom pom scarf. I think everything came out well for the finished product! That's the great thing about wearing "winter whites" like sweaters and vests, you can have so much fun adding color with your accessories. I've said this before on the blog, I am one of those people who follows the traditional rules about not wearing white after Labor Day. However- that applies to summer whites! Winter whites are awesome, I love my white sweaters especially. 

     The barn that Melissa and I went to is called West Monitor Barn, and it's about 45-ish minutes from the Burlington area. It's owned by the Vermont Youth Conversation Corps, but it can be rented out in the warmer months for weddings and other functions. This is literally the image I've had in my mind when I think of "classic Vermont barns," so I loved getting to visit here.

     I'm keeping today's post short and sweet, but I'm looking forward to the other posts that are coming up on Southern Belle in Training this week! I've been having a lot of fun this month with different types of lifestyle content. With the cold weather this winter, it's reduced the amount that I've been shooting fashion posts for the blog, so it's challenged me creatively in other ways to still provide the same amounts of weekly blog posts for y'all. I hope you have enjoyed what I've been putting together, and as always I love blog post suggestions!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese  




  1. This place looks soooo cute! I love it!

  2. GIRL, you are brave for going out in that 6 degree weather; I seriously would not have guessed it was so cold. Vermont is so picturesque, it's awesome that you've been able to take advantage of that!

  3. I love a white sweater in winter. So classic!

  4. I love wearing white in winter! In fact I'm wearing white now haha. I had no idea that Vermont was famous for red barns! This one is so cute.


  5. Good for you for braving the cold to get these fabulous photos! You look so cute in them and your pink Hunters are so cute!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. That scarf is sooo cute! I love the pops of color!

  7. These pics are great, but six degrees! I definitely couldn't tell you were freezing haha!


  8. Love the pom-pom scarf and the bright pink Hunters. Such a cute outfit!

    Hayden // Haute Table

  9. Oh my, that barn is dreamy and you look too cute!

  10. Such a cute outfit! The barn makes the perfect scenery too.

  11. I've lived in VT my whole life and have yet to take pictures at a red barn... I'm missing out clearly!

  12. What a cute place for photos! And love your hat!

  13. You are just the cutest with those boots and that scarf!

  14. this is too darn cute! the boots really make the scarf pop!


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