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January 26, 2018

Vermont Bachelorette Pad Tour: My Little Kitchen.

     Welcome to the next installment of my Vermont apartment tour series! Today I'm showing the smallest section in the apartment that I probably spend the most time in (after sleep in my bed of course). It's kitchen tour time!

     My kitchen in this apartment has a very different layout from the one in my Charlotte apartment from last year. They're both about the same size, but my previous kitchen had a bar area built in for additional seating, a pantry closet, and the laundry closet with additional storage was at the end of the kitchen. You could also see into the living area from the kitchen, so it was easy for me to watch TV while I cooked last year. You'll see in today's pictures that my current kitchen is a little "dead end" space in the apartment. The thing I dislike the most about it is that I can't see (or even really hear) my TV in the living room from the kitchen, so it's impossible to watch TV while I'm in there. Other then that, I really like this kitchen! Despite not having a pantry closet, it has a lot of storage with all the cabinets. So much so that I actually use a lot of the cabinets for things that aren't food or kitchen related! Closets and storage are lacking in the rest of my apartment, so I've used a few of the cabinets to store things like linens, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items.

     Here's the beginning of my kitchen! I decided to take all of my furniture from my NC apartment to Vermont with me, even the pieces that didn't really fit in this apartment, like the bar stools. I just have them here at the start of the kitchen- I'm hoping whatever my next place is will have a spot for me to use them again! I use one of them to house my work bag every night when I get home. The cute art piece above the stools was a going away gift for me when I moved from my blogging friend Amy from Pastel n Pink. Isn't it cute? She drew Maine, North Carolina and Vermont on it!! I love personalized gifts like that.

          Here's the view of my whole kitchen! You can see a bunch of dishes drying after being washed- I am kind of weird and prefer to hand-wash my dishes over using the dishwasher! Anyone else like that? The painting in the center of the kitchen used to be in my living room in Charlotte last year, as I said, I moved everything to this apartment to save money! I just repurposed a lot and changed locations of a lot of my decor and furniture. My big Starbucks mug collection now lines the top of my kitchen cabinets. In Charlotte I had them on display on shelving, which I hope to do again wherever I live next.

     You might recognize both of these views if you follow my Instagram stories (@miss_alk), since these are usually the two spots in the kitchen that I showcase my culinary creations from! I have more counter space in this kitchen than I did in my previous one, so I wanted to find little ways to personalize the space. These are some of the decorations that I've put out- a lot of them were housewarming or dorm room decorating gifts over the past few years!

     And this is the biggest counter space, in between the stovetop and fridge. I do a lot of cooking over here since it's convenient to the stove and oven!

     And that's the whole kitchen! Not a very exciting part of my place as far as the tour on the blog goes, but it is a special part of the apartment, as I do love cooking and baking and truly spend a lot of time in here.

     Past apartment tour posts from my Vermont Bachelorette Pad:

     More apartment tour posts to come soon!

     Thanks for reading, and have a great start to your weekend!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Looks like you're able to get a lot of function out of your little kitchen! My kitchen layout makes almost no sense, I can't wait to do some rearranging in there.

  2. Such a cute kitchen! Kitchen storage is so underrated but definitely necessary!


  3. oh it looks so efficient haha :) i love the little touches you put together <3

  4. For being so small you've really utilized the spaces perfectly. :) Can't wait to see more!

  5. I love how you're making the most of your space. My old kitchen had a pantry and I miss it dearly!

  6. Home decor is so much fun! Love the touches you've added to your kitchen!

  7. My Aunt prefers to hand wash dishes and I think she is crazy. I much prefer the dishwasher but I guess I am just lazy, haha. I think it is so great that you love to cook and you have added so many cute personal touches to your kitchen <3

  8. You have a lot of space! The kitchen is a very special place!

  9. Such a cute little kitchen!

  10. Such a cute little kitchen! I'm jealous of how much counter space you have! I love my open layout kitchen, but I would probably cook a lot more if I had all of that counter space. Haha :)

  11. Your little kitchen is lovely! I can't help but think a clock would be perfect on that back wall, though :)

    Sarah |

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