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January 18, 2018

Italy Travel Vlog + My Travel Destinations Bucket List!

     Well part one of today's blog post is about nine months overdue! I'm finally sharing my first vlog from my trip to Italy with my mom in March 2017, right before I moved to Vermont! In the spirt of wanderlust (and a little bit of winter cabin fever that's starting to hit), I'm also sharing my travel bucket lists!

     Despite the fact that I've taken a good few video editing classes between my major in undergrad and broadcasting school last year, video editing still isn't something that comes naturally to me. In broadcasting school especially, I had to work doubly hard on any video or TV assignments then I did on radio ones. That's honestly the main reason why I don't do more to grow my Youtube channel or incorporate more video stuff onto the blog! It's just something that really doesn't come naturally to me (unlike writing and photography). But it's always good to push yourself out of your creative comfort zone, so I'm hoping to challenge myself and make a few more videos for the blog in 2018. Youtube will never be a weekly (or maybe even monthly) component to Southern Belle in Training, but I'm hoping you'll be seeing more video content in the future! Anyways, I did decide last year though that I wanted to vlog the Italy trip, and I made the commitment to myself that I WOULD finish the vlogs- no matter how long it took! I wasn't quite expecting it to take nine months... but here we are, lol! Anyways, I loved the end product of this vlog and I think I would like to make more travel vlogs in the future for more "big trips" that I go on. Today's vlog is actually part one, and it covers Rome and Florence. Venice was my favorite part of the trip- and this winter I'll be working on a second vlog for that. (Hopefully it won't take me nine months! 😉)

     Check out my first Italy vlog below, and follow my Youtube channel here!

     Now let's talk travel bucket lists! Travel is one of the things that I'm most passionate about in life. There is so much to gain from visiting new places and exposing yourself to different cultures, both domestically with different states, and of course internationally with various countries and continents! I feel very thankful that I grew up with two parents who also love to travel and made it a priority during the years I was younger. They also supported my decision to study abroad for a summer in college, and although that actually didn't end up being the most positive experience, it definitely put me outside of my comfort zone and I'm still glad I did it!

     I've been blessed with the opportunity to go on some amazing trips during the last five years, last year's Italy trip being just one of them! Since I'm on my own in the working world now, I'm currently focused on paying off all of my school debts in the next couple years before going on any "big" trips. But I'm always dreaming about places around the globe that I'd like to visit, and my wanderlust list keeps growing and growing! I know that after I've finished paying off school it will be SO HARD for me to decide where to take my next international trip to. And who knows, it might also be a big domestic trip!

     *US Travel Bucket List:

  • Every single state, and especially all 48 continental states. Seriously!! Want to see all 50! It's actually on my bucket list to do a cross-country road trip someday, and integrate it into both my blog and whatever radio show I'm working on at the time. I literally want to see every major US city, re-visit all the places I visited with my parents when I was little now that I'm an adult, and also see many of the national parks. That would be way too long to list all of my US bucket list destinations out, so let's jump into the international ones:

     *International Travel Bucket List:

  • Panama (There's just something about the country of Panama, it's been on my bucket list for a few years now! It's fairly affordable to visit, there's minimal jet lag, Panama City has an incredible skyline, and I'd love to see the Panama Canal!)
  • Saint Lucia (It looks like one of the Caribbean's most incredible islands, I'd love to see it for myself!)
  • Mexico (I'd love to finally visit Cancun or Cabo, these destinations look like they'd be perfect to visit with a group of friends for a besties trip.) 
  • Paris, France (Yes... I studied abroad in France for a whole month and never made it to Paris, outside of layovers in the airport!!) 
  • Thailand (I think it would be so romantic to honeymoon here someday on a resort on one of Thailand's amazing beaches!)
  • Singapore (One of Asia's cultural gems!)
  • Japan (Such amazing culture and so many cool things to do! I also had a Japanese exchange student friend in high school so it would be fun to reunite as adults.) 
  • India (I have been long obsessed with Bollywood movies and Indian food, and I would love to finally see this amazing country for myself. One of my favorite Bollywood movies is set in the beach state of Goa, so visiting there would be especially high on the bucket list!)
  • Spain (My mom and I had a layover there en route to Italy, and it made me sad I wasn't able to explore this beautiful country too!)
  • Greece (Some of the most gorgeous architecture and islands on earth- enough said!)
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia (This city in Eastern Canada is another one that's been on my travel bucket list for years. It just seems like such a charming place to visit!)

     These countries are just my top travel bucket list destinations, but I'm not joking when I say that there are so many more places that I'd love to visit! My wanderlust is so real. 

     Do we share any of the same travel destinations on our bucket lists? Are your travel goals more international or domestically focused? (Or both, like mine?)

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese



  1. Although I would absolutely LOVE to visit a lot of international places, I'm pretty conservative with my travel goals-haha! With my job and our family, it's just so hard to get to leave for extended periods of time & I feel that for example, a trip to Europe would need at least a week to fully take everything in! So a lot of my U.S. travel bucket list items are New Orleans, anywhere in Montana/Wyoming, and somewhere in Texas or New Mexico-I still haven't narrowed those quite down yet!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  2. OMG I can't believe you never made it to paris while studying abroad!! I hope you get to go asap! It's SO beautiful and romantic! I want to go to St. Lucia too!

  3. I studied abroad too and I absolutely loved it. There’s a lot of similarities in our travel bucket lists!

  4. I cant believe you never made it to pairs!!! you will have to go back

  5. I also want to travel to all 50 states! I've done a few, but have barely made it to any in the middle of the country! And Greece is at the top of my international travel list!

    The Classic Brunette

  6. I would love to go to Paris when I turned 30 (like 7 years from now) and St. Lucia next summer! Such great destinations to have your eye on :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. Way to go on accomplishing your goal of completing and uploading your Italy vlog! I am bookmarking it and saving to watch. We've got a lot of similar destinations on our bucket lists. I'm really hoping my next trip to Europe will be a visit to Greece. Greece is definitely at the top of my list. Well here's to going after our dreams of more travel and crossing off more places on our lists!


  8. japan and england are tied for me, and greece is #2 xD seriously my dreams would all be coming true if I could do all 3 before my 30s xD

  9. I'd love to go to France one day. It would be so much fun to be an exchange student there.

  10. This post is so wonderful and so useful,thank uh so much for sharing...

  11. OMG I loved this video so much! Great job! I can't wait for our honeymoon in France, I'm so excited!

  12. This makes me want to travel so bad!! I also want to go to Greece- it looks so beautiful!

  13. HOW did you travel abroad in France for a month and never make it to Paris? I've been twice and would go back in a heartbeat; it's absolutely beautiful and will never become boring to me.

  14. Ahhh I want to visit all 50 states too!! My biggest travel goal is that I want to experience all of the major U.S. national parks (before they're gone, that is...) because I just really love nature and they're so beautiful.

    Logan @ Signed, Logan

  15. I loved the video! Thailand and Greece are on my travel bucket list too!

  16. Love seeing your bucket list! I definitely want to visit every star in the US too, but especially all the national parks!


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