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January 23, 2018

25 Ways You Can Beat Cabin Fever!

     During this past summer in Vermont, I spent a lot of my time outside of my job feeling lonely and bored. It's really unfortunate those were the months that I was still so new to living here and feeling very unsettled, as the couple months of summer weather that Vermont gets are definitely the nicest time of year! And yet those were the weeks that I would literally sit in my apartment before and after work and sometimes just stare at the walls out of bordeom (I wish I was joking...). But- it is what it is. It's now mid-January in Vermont, which is pretty much the height of New England's miserable winters. It's cold everyday, bitterly cold certain days, and it snows often. Not the type of weather that you want to be spending extended amounts of time outdoors in, unless you're really into winter sports (which I am not). I was already nervous this summer about not being able to tolerate winter well, and developing a bad case of cabin fever once it hit. I decided to make it one of my personal goals during this winter to do everything in my power to beat cabin fever!

Beat Cabin Fever this Winter!

     Sure- there might be lots of weekdays now where my life revolves around work and going straight home after, and there's also been weekend days this winter where I've had to cancel plans or stay in because of inclement weather conditions. But I am 100% determined not to become a hermit, and even on days when I have to be a hermit for safety reasons, I'm not going to be a bored and unproductive hermit like I was this summer. 😊 Here's a list of 25 indoor activities you can do at home when the winter weather keeps you inside!! Use these to keep cabin fever away: 

     1. Clean out your closet, and gather a bag(s) of items to donate or consign.

     2. Start a new bible study - either a book that you have lying around, or find one online/on an app. 

     3. Watch something new-to-you on Netflix. Don't pick the show that you always come back to and binge watch- try a documentary about a fascinating subject, or an international film with subtitles. 

     4. Set aside two hours and deep clean a room of your home. (Bonus: listen to episodes of a new-to-you podcast while doing it!)

     5. Re-organize how you store holiday decor or other seasonal items.

     6. Update your travel bucket list. (Bonus: plan a realistic vacation in your budget that you can actually take for the upcoming months or year.)

     7. Call or text a relative.

     8. Facetime with a friend. (Bonus points if it's someone you haven't caught up with in a year or more!)

     9. Put all of your close friends' and family members birthdays into your iPhone contacts and/or your agenda (get them from Facebook) so that you don't forget them in the upcoming year! 

    10. Take a nap... everyone loves zzzzz's.

    11. Try a new recipe.

    12. Print off or clip coupons for your next trip to the grocery store.

    13. Do a face mask.

    14. Find 10 new inspiring Instagram or Twitter accounts to follow. 

    15. Try an at-home Youtube workout video.

    16. Write a snail-mail letter to a friend.

    17. Make a DIY craft from your Pinterest boards.

    18. Update your Linkedin profile. (And if you've kept your employment description updated regularly, then keep things current by sharing a post with your network!)

    19. Make a new Spotify playlist, or subscribe to some new ones.

    20. Use to discover new-to-you local radio stations in your city or town! 

    21. Find a tutorial for a new hairstyle, and practice until you get it! 

    22. Make a vision board with craft supplies and old newspapers/magazines.

    23. Have a dance party (even better with your new Spotify playlists!). 

    24. Organize important "adult" paperwork (financial statements, medical forms, legal documents, etc). 

    25. BUNDLE UP and get outside in the cold, even if it's just a quick walk around the block! A little fresh air exposure does wonders for cabin fever.

     Those are just some of the ways that I've been trying to combat cabin fever this winter season in Vermont. Now I want to know, how do you avoid becoming "a boring and unproductive hermit" when you're forced indoors for inclement winter weather?

     Stay warm, friends!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I can totally relate to this! I am currently living in Toronto and I feel like winter here is very similar to the one you have in Vermont. I've been spending so many weekends indoor because of the cold weather and to me it is so boring! I've tried some of the things you listed and will try others that I've never even consider before.

  2. These are great tips! I always get in these moods of “new year cleaning” and go through all my old clothes and things I don’t need anymore.

  3. I also don't love being outside in the winter (though an occasional ski day is fun). I like to try and keep myself entertained with at home spa-treatments, new podcasts, and organizing my apartment. I do have to admit winter in Seattle isn't nearly as bad as in Vermont though!

  4. Haha the cold and the snow forced me to stay in and I got a bit stir crazy. I'll keep this post in mind the next time I'm forced in :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. These are great ideas! It doesn't get too cold here in Texas usually so we can still go outside and do things but lately we've been trying to save money so we've been spending a lot of time at cold. I need to keep these in mind for sure.

  6. Not only do I have "cabin fever" from having to stay in due to the cold weather, I also work from home so I NEVER have the escape of going to work. We also have a pilates machine at home and as a former pilates instructor..I workout at my home base as well. Lately, I have been doing a few of these like Facetime with a friend, trying a new recipe, and reorganizing. I have to say the little distractions does helps!

  7. Great ideas! Decluttering is my big focus in the new year!

  8. I like the ideas! When I have some time stuck at home (rare but it happens!) I always find myself cleaning out my closets and reorganizing. I like the idea of listening to a new podcast while you work-- multi-tasking!

  9. I totally spent a ton of time cleaning and decluttering during all the snow days. These are great tips!

    -xo, Azanique |

  10. I'll need all 25 of these ideas to make it through the rest of winter!!

  11. these are all such amazing suggestions that i can't even choose which one is my favorite haha so many options !!

  12. I LOVE all of these suggestions - definitely trying some of them out. And, your hair looks gorgeous!

  13. Cleaning out your closet and organizing important paperwork are both such great ideas!!


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