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November 14, 2017

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: My Christmas Wishlist!

     The holiday season brings some of my favorite annual posts to write on the blog. The end of December brings my end of the year recaps for my blog and my life outside of blogging, and this time of year gives me the chance to share my Christmas wishlist each year! I loved making a written gift wishlist each year growing up, and I think it's a heck of a lot more fun to make a visual one here on the blog. (Check out past Christmas wishlist posts from 2014 and 2016 here!) I always enjoy seeing what's on other bloggers' wishlists, and I hope y'all enjoy seeing mine too! I feel like I do write this every time that I share my Christmas wishlist, but it's still true so I say it yet again. I am so incredibly blessed, and really don't need any of these things on my list! This year, I'm thankful to have a job in the industry of my dreams, to have the greatest friends (who might live out-of-state, but are all still a huge part of my life), my health, two caring and involved parents, a cozy apartment of my very own, and so many more things! This year I think more so than years past, it's really hit me that I definitely don't *need* anything for Christmas.

      However with all of that said, of course there are still things that I would like! Here is my 2017 Christmas list. Everything that is linkable is linked below of course:


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      I am a big reader, and my mom loves to give books for the holidays! When I was growing up, she used to subscribe to a lot of discount book company catalogs and email lists, and every year for Christmas I would look forward to opening a HUGE box of brand new books. The past few years, most of the books my mom buys me are cookbooks. She collects cookbooks herself, and has now passed the tradition onto me! I have loved many of the cookbooks that my mom has bought me (and I do use several regularly), but where I'm at a point in life now where being a single girl who lives alone and doesn't entertain hardly ever... I really don't need anymore! So instead, I decided to make a book wishlist for my mom with some specific reads that I'd like to own. Since finishing school, I've become a big bookworm and I frequent my local library regularly, but that's usually just for fiction titles. The books on my Christmas list are non-fiction books about things that I'd like to educate myself on in 2018: career development, smart financial habits, and travel hacking

      My *big* wishlist item for the year is an iPhone X. I mean- can you get over the camera quality on this phone?! (This is definitely a *wishlist* item though that I'm not really expecting... my parents have already said they're not ready for me to upgrade, and I'm still enjoying full benefits of being on the family cell phone plan, so you take what you can get with that, lol! 😉)

       On the same note of cell phones though, despite whatever iPhone I have, I absolutely need a new portable charger! I lost my old one while moving earlier this year. This cute little one is supposed to be the same size as a tube of lipstick, and got excellent reviews on Amazon. Another gadget that would be really helpful to have is a portable steamer!! A lot of the clothes that I receive to style for blogging arrive to me in a wrinkled state, and unfortunately I absolutely hate ironing! This portable steamer would be so helpful for my regular clothing needs, and it's also perfect for travel, a true win-win! 

      For fashion/accessories items on my wishlist this year, I kept it that portion of the list small but specific. I received this Tory Burch bag for my birthday which I've been obsessed with ever since, and the matching wallet would look amazing paired with it. It's also no secret that I love Kendra Scott jewelry!! I was introduced to the brand around the time that they opened a store in Charlotte a few years ago, and I absolutely love the Kendra pieces that I own. I don't own too much red jewelry, but I think these earrings would be just stunning for the holiday season! And lastly- I love wearing skirts and dresses year round, but that will be hard to do this winter with Vermont's harsh cold weather. Last year, I bought a pair of "sweater tights," and I've already been wearing them so much this season, as they're so warm! The same retailer brought them back for this year, so I want another pair of identical tights!

      A couple miscellaneous items on my list: most days when I get to work, I make a to-do list for that day of emails that I need to send and social media posts that I need to schedule, both for things related to the radio station and also for my job. I always feel so productive at the end of the day when everything is crossed off! I'd love a new official to-do list notepad, wouldn't that be a fun stocking stuffer? Also- how fun is this Women in Radio hat? Women in Radio is an empowerment group for women working in all positions in the radio industry. They have an Instagram and blog, and I love following their posts and connecting with women across the country in broadcasting! Anyways, earlier this year they launched an online shop, and I love their hats!! I would love to wear their official hat to work during my weekend shifts, and it would be so cute for traveling also.

     The last thing on my list for this year: GIFT CARDS! They might not be the most personal gifts in the world, but they sure are useful!! Here are some that I'd especially love right now:

      *Burlington area nail salons for manicures/pedicures
      *Gas stations
      *Hobby Lobby
      *Lilly Pulitzer (for the January After Party Sale!!)

     So there you have it, my Christmas list for this year!! Please let me know in the comments if you've published your list in a blog post as well- I love to see other bloggers' too! 😊

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese



  1. Love the gift card ideas! Also the iPhone X camera is AMAZING! My husband has one, and took a few photos for me, and they're amazing! Definitely a great item! Also I have that portable charger, and it's amazing. Great wishlist!

  2. I love love love my steamer! Definitely a necessity!

  3. I actually have that mini steamer! I bring it with me everywhere! Its so convenient and easy to use!

  4. I feel like gift cards are underrated for Christmas but I love them.

  5. I reaaaallly want the T3 wand!!! Heres to hoping!

  6. Portable steamer is a great idea! Love your list! It's giving me some good ideas for mine :)

  7. That portable steam is awesome and I love those Kendra Scott earrings!

    xoxo, Paige

  8. Girl, I need a portable charger so bad! It has been on my list forever.

    -xo, Azanique |

  9. Yes girl, you need to get you a portable steamer! I love taking ours on vacation because it's SO easy to use. Also, I want the iPhone X too...but I guess I'll be upgrading whenever they come out with another new phone so it won't be so expensive!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  10. You will looooove having a portable steamer! They are so handy!

  11. Yes to the iPhone X! I'm due for a phone upgrade, so I hope I get that as a present this year!

  12. Love this list! I always need something practical so maybe a portable charger is my need now!

  13. This is such a great list! The Leave Your Mark book is on my Christmas list too :)

    Kristen |

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. So many goodies here! I love that Tory wallet.

  16. wow!!! This is such an incredible rundown. I cherish taking our own out of town since it's so natural to utilize. Be that as it may, I figure I'll be overhauling at whatever point they turn out with another new telephone so it won't be so costly. Do you have any idea about gifts for elderly mom?

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