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November 20, 2017

Fancy Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration.

      I love any excuse to get dressed up, so bring on fancy holiday parties and occasions! Thanksgiving actually isn't one of my favorite holidays, but I feel like if I had a fancy dinner to attend that I'd love it a lot more! I've never attended a formal Thanksgiving celebration before, but that might be on my bucket list now. If your holiday celebration plans entail something a bit on the dressy side, today's outfit is for you! This outfit would also work great for a classy holiday office party. 

Fancy Thanksgiving Outfit

Formal Holiday Style

Fancy Winter Coat

Classic Preppy Holiday Style

Chic Plaid Winter Coat Holiday Style

Photography by Amanda Rose Photography

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     I love a beautiful statement coat, especially during the holiday season! As soon as I saw this plaid one, I knew that I needed it. I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather (clearly Vermont is the wrong state for me!), but if I have to tolerate it, I'd rather do so in a beautiful and elegant coat, rather than an big and bulky parka! Since this coat has such a vibrant plaid pattern, I decided to make my outfit simple and chic around it. An elegant and fitted red dress, classic pearls and nude pumps were the perfect compliments around the coat. I've actually had this red dress from when I used to work in retail in Charlotte last year (it's from the store that I worked at), but I've found a similar one here! Anyways, I don't have any Thanksgiving plans that warrant an outfit like this coming up this year (nor have I in years past), but I do hope someday to be able to host or attend a fancy Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving! Why not right?

      I have a fun blog post in the works for Thanksgiving day, to share a bit about what I will be doing this year and what I've done in years past when I lived in North Carolina. I've only gone home for Thanksgiving once in the years since I left Maine in 2012, and quite honestly I don't ever see myself going home for it again! I associate family time and my home in Maine with religious holidays (Christmas obviously, and also Easter), and not so much Thanksgiving, especially since it falls so close to Christmas. I've had the chance to do some interesting things for Thanksgivings past, so I'm looking forward to sharing more about that with y'all on Thursday!

     What's this week looking like for you? Is it a normal work week, or do you have time off? Being in radio, there aren't ever "holidays" from the media, but at my company we do take Thanksgiving day off and record our shows!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. Oh my gosh LOVE this peacoat girl! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    xx Caroline

  2. This outfit is so cute, Annaliese! My family is more on the casual side for holidays (like a cute dress and riding boots) but this is very Gossip Girl Thanksgiving haha!


  3. love this coat! Excited to read your thanksgiving post! we aren't doing anything and I'm thinking about taking the rest of the week off the blog actually!

  4. Ooo I really love this look. Super classy and chic! I especially love your coat and the color combo! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  5. Such a cute outfit! I'll probably be wearing a cute sweater, leggings, and booties depending on the weather here.

  6. What a classy outfit! And your hair is just gorgeous. Thanksgiving this year is just my dad, my husband, and me, so we're going to a restaurant for the first time. I'm already in town visiting my dad; my husband arrives Wednesday. I packed a few simple dresses and skirts, plus some sparkly tights that can dress up those looks!

  7. That coat is adorable! Looks great on you!!

  8. You look incredible!! I love dressing up, so this outfit is right up my alley. And your hair is the best!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  9. Your coat is so cute! And love the color of your dress!

  10. This is such a gorgeous look on you! Our Thanksgivings are always such casual but I would love to have an excuse to dress up one year!

  11. That coat is amazing! It would definitely brighten up winter outfits.

  12. My Thanksgivings are so casual! I wish I had an excuse to wear this outfit to a Thanksgiving dinner. That coat is absolutely fabulous. I'm excited to see what your Thanksgiving post is all about!

  13. I LOVE that coat! What a beautiful color combo!!

  14. We dress super casual for Thanksgiving but I love that coat. So beautiful!!

    xoxo, Paige


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