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December 12, 2016

My Christmas List!

     With the holidays just a couple weeks away, I thought that it was due time to share my Christmas list for this year here on the blog. A disclaimer that I share when I post each year's list: I certainly do not expect to receive everything on here! With each year, I am most thankful every Christmas for things such as my health, my parents and my friends, the fact that I am able to afford to continually pursue my education, and many other blessings God has given me. Non-monetary gifts also have started becoming more precious to me as I've gotten older- some of the best gifts that I've ever received include special letters and handmade presents. 

      But with all of that said- there are still a few things on my list for this year, and today I'm sharing them with y'all! Some are more dream wish list items, and some are smaller gifts.

1. Electric Blanket Throw: I've had a weird obsession with electric blankets in the colder months for several years now. As a dedicated winter hater, my trusty electric blanket was one of the few things that got me through my last few years of living in Maine when back when I was in high school! While NC doesn't have any sort of winters like my home state does, it still does get cold here in the winter, especially at night. I currently have a tiny electric blanket throw here in my apartment that I keep in the living room, but I would love to get another larger one for my bed, something like this one. 

2. T3 Micro Whirl Interchangeable Styling Wand: I've been hearing so many bloggers rave about this curling wand for such a long time now, but most notably of course Caitlin from Southern Curls and Pearls (who let's be honest is #hairgoals for everyone!). I had wanted to wait until my hair really grew out again to invest in a nice curling wand. I cut it pretty short around the time that I transferred colleges a few years ago, and just now it's finally at a long length that I love again! So I'm thinking now is the time to finally take the plunge and get a super nice wand. 

3. Sonix Rabbit iPhone Case: If you're a newer reader of my blog, then let me share with you one basic fun fact about me. I am obsessed with rabbits. I had a pet rabbit in middle and high school, and I'm literally dying to get another one as soon as I get a full-time job next year. I think they are the cutest and most precious animals! I'm in dire need of a new iPhone case, and this one is just adorable. 

4. Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat: Tory Burch flats are such a preppy outfit staple, and I would love to finally add these to my shoe collection!

5. Blush Statement Coat: Dress coats have been my jam over the last couple winter seasons. Last year I received a beautiful coral J. Crew dress coat from my parents for Christmas (recently worn in this blog post!), but I have always dreamed of having a beautiful pale pink coat. This one is pretty much everything that I've always wanted!

6. Gem Pinata Tassel Drop Earrings: Tassels are a trend that have been all the rage this year, and out of all the tassel earrings that I've seen, I think these pink pretties are definitely my favorite!

7. Striped Ruffle Top: This list item isn't so much me wishing for this top specifically, but I would love to continue to build the section of my closet that is work-to-weekend appropriate tops! The one that I have featured here from J. Crew is super cute and I know that I'd be able to work it into many different outfits. At this stage of my life the most practical things fashion-wise for me to be investing in are pieces that I can dress up or down, so anything along the lines of this top would be great!

9. 50 mm Lense: Two years ago at Christmas I received my beloved DSLR camera for Christmas! I absolutely adore photography, and it's a hobby that I hope to have the time to develop more once I finish school for good after this spring. I still however do not own a fixed 50 mm lense! This type of lense is pretty much the standard for fashion blogger photography, so I would love to have one for my own camera.

10. Tweed Dress: Along the lines of wanting more work-to-weekend tops for my closet, I also want more conservative and feminine (but still cute) work dresses! This one from Cece, which is one of my favorite brands, is just darling, and exactly along the lines of the types of dresses that I'm looking to buy more of.

     ....And a few additional Christmas list items which I wasn't able to put into my collage:

11. Hulu: I have both regular Netflix and also their DVD service (which many people, including myself, forget still exists!), but I would love to also have a Hulu subscription so I could watch my other favorite shows that Netflix doesn't have. Because who doesn't need to spend more time streaming TV... am I right?! ;-)

12. Restaurant gift cards: My main source of spending is from eating out and groceries. Seriously though- FOOD is such a budget problem, haha! With the crazy schedule that I've had this year, as much as I love to cook meals from scratch in my apartment, it isn't always feasible each day of the week with my work and school schedule. And most of the social activities that I do with friends involve going out to eat. So I would be a happy camper just to get some restaurant gift cards for Christmas!

13. Belated Christmas gifts in the form of furniture for my next apartment: I will be moving when my lease is up this spring- I'm just not sure yet if it will be a move here locally in Charlotte, or a move to a new city to begin my career elsewhere! We will see as that time gets closer. But either way, a move means that I will be needing more home related things again later on in 2017, like furniture and kitchen items. In my current apartment, my roommate brought the couch and dining room set, so those are two big things already which I don't own!

     Now that I have shared my Christmas list with you, share some of your wish list items with me in the comments! Also- I can hardly believe that I head to Maine for Christmas in only a week and a half. I've spent only two days (!!) visiting home in 2016, so this trip will be much overdue.

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. Love the Tory flats! I have and love them.

  2. Electric blankets!! YASSS! Seriously, during the colder months I love those! also love them just for that time of the month since you can wrap them around your lower back and abdomen so easily!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  3. Every year I ask for a coat to build my winter wardrobe! Love your choice!

  4. That ruffle top is absolutely darling and adorable!! Love it!

  5. I love that pink coat! So pretty!
    -Anna |

  6. I've been wanting a curling want with interchangeable heads for awhile now. I hope you have a great Christmas!

    Caitlyn |

  7. I would love an electric blanket and I asked for a tan peacoat similar to the pink coat you picked!

  8. That tweed dress is adorable!! i love the little bow. So cute and you could even wear it to work!

  9. Great round up!!! That curling wand is also on my list!

  10. That dress is way to cute! This is such a great guide. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Those flats are amazing! Also I'm in need of those tassel earrings!

  13. Falling in love with that pink pea coat! I'm loving this Christmas list for sure!

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  15. Girl, you need to get Hulu! I have Netflix & love it, but Hulu is my answer to not being able to sit down and watch new shows as soon as they come on tv. I can curl up that following day (or the next weekend) and watch several new episodes at once...I highly recommend it!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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