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November 6, 2017

Cute Weekend Outfit + 3 Great Podcasts For Road Trips.

     I'm finally sharing this cute fall look that I wore during my visit to The Vermont Country Store a few weeks back! The Vermont Country Store is located in Southern Vermont, and I did a day trip there with a new blogger friend, Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet, who came over to Vermont for the day. (You can read more about our visit to the store and the rest of our day exploring Vermont in this blog post!) This outfit would be like my ideal look for a weekend of fall fun, a mini road trip, and blogging adventures. Read on through the post to also find out my top three short series podcast recommendations that are perfect for road trips or upcoming fall or holiday travels! 

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Top {old, similar here} // Skirt {very similar linked} // Booties // Hat {very similar} // Purse // Necklace {similar} // Watch {similar} // Bracelets {similar} // 

      First off- a disclaimer that most of the things I'm wearing here are a bit older! I did try and link similar items for everything. In the earlier days of my blog when I was on a student budget, I used to restyle my favorite tops, bottoms, and accessories much more often. Honestly it is more realistic to re-wear favorite outfit pieces, and maybe I should try and start doing restyled outfits more regularly again! Let me know what you think? This suede skirt is something that's been on my blog several times for example (here and here are two favorite posts), and I still find new ways to wear it each season. Even though I work in a very casual office/radio setting, this outfit is still a little bit too casual for what I'd wear to work, but it's like my ideal fall weekend outfit! I knew it was the perfect choice for my day trip to The Vermont Country Store with Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet

     In the spirit of fun fall day trips as well as the approaching holiday road trip season, I thought it would be fun to share three of my favorite mini-series podcasts that are perfect to listen to on a road trip! I admit that I was a bit late to get into the podcast game. I actually didn't get into them until I was beginning to pack this spring for my move to Vermont! Now I love podcasts and almost every morning before work I listen to the latest episodes of one of my favorite ones. I think that regular series podcasts are great to listen to on a regular weekday basis, but shorter series podcasts are perfect to dive into during a road trip, and they can also be a great intro into what podcasts are! Here are three of my favorites which would be perfect for any upcoming road trips or long flights:

     1. Missing Richard Simmons: This podcast came out in early spring 2017, and is the one that turned me onto podcasts in general! I started listening when I was packing for Vermont, and actually finished it on the bus trip portions of my mom and I's Italy trip in March! There were a few days of the trip that we were on the bus for hours at a time, and this podcast made the bus time fly by. This podcast is just six episodes long, and each one is extremely interesting and captivating. It follows the mysterious disappearance from public society of fitness guru Richard Simmons. I actually had a good friend in high school who was a big Richard Simmons fan, but I hadn't realized that he had "gone missing" in recent years. I got super into this podcast, and like I said, this was the one that turned me onto podcasting in general! 

     2. S-Town: This podcast was was produced by This American Life, which is the public radio program that's also behind the smash hit podcast Serial (The first season of Serial is another one of my favorite podcasts!). S-Town is the podcast that I listened to on my solo drive when I moved from NC to Vermont. The subject matter is a bit deep and heavy- it's definitely a podcast for mature audiences, but I enjoyed listening to it on my drive. S-Town is seven episodes, and tells the true biographical story of a man from a rural town in Alabama who is extremely dissatisfied with small town Southern life, and is also convinced that someone he knows in the town is a murderer, and that the murder was covered up. The murder in question doesn't end up to be quite true, but there is a death that occurs in the podcast, and the story really explores the hidden hardships of rural Southern life. 

     3. Dirty John: Dirty John just released this fall from The Los Angeles Times, and I knew from the first episode that I was hooked! It is six episodes, and the first episode was especially compelling. Dirty John tells the tale of an accomplished and well-to-do single middle aged woman named Debra Newell, who turns to online dating to try and have another chance at love. She meets a man named John online who seems like the ideal catch, he claims to be an anesthesiologist who just returned from Iraq with Doctors With Borders. However, very quickly Debra's family is extremely vary of some of John's concerning behaviors, and the podcast then dives into the truth behind his past. You won't believe the ending! 

     If y'all enjoyed these podcast recommendations, I'm happy to do another post soon with my recommendations of my favorite recurring series ones that I listen to weekly! It has been really fun to get into listening to podcasts here in Vermont. 😊

     Have a great start to your week!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. Can you believe that the family of the "murderer" in the podcast S-Town is actually one of my family business's customers?! Yup, I was just listening along the first day that I checked it out and heard them refer to the lumber yard business Ky-Ken-Kee and about had a heart attack and had to google to see if it was true! Thankfully it wasn't, because that would've been scary!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  2. The suede skirt is super cute and I'm loving this hat on you!

  3. These all sound like interesting podcasts! And this outfit is so cute!

  4. ohh i hadn't heard of any of these podcasts before but they all sound so good! I think i want to check out s town first!

  5. I haven't listened to a good podcast in awhile, gotta keep these in mind. And you look so cute!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. I love your outfit! So true, I miss the days when mixing and matching on a budget were a thing.ill hurry over to listen to those podcasts ASAP!

    Ash |

  7. Love this outfit on you and I will have to check out those podcasts because I haven't listened to any of them before.

  8. I love seeing pieces re-styled! or showing how to wear a new piece a few different ways!

  9. I am saving those podcast recommendations. I am always looking for new podcasts. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Paige

  10. Love that skirt! I need to check out Dirty John!

  11. That hat is so cute! Checking out Dirty John now.

  12. Love the skirt! Thanks for the round up of your latest podcasts! I will have to download some of them!

    xo Courtney Drew

  13. Super cute skirt! I really love the skirt and the hat on you. I have really curly hair so hats don't usually work for me so I like to admire them on other people

    -xo, Makaela


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