October 31, 2017

VERMONT TRAVEL GUIDE: Best Trails Near Burlington.

     One thing that often surprises people about me is that as much as I am a fashion-loving girly-girl, I also love the outdoors. Hiking, visiting botanical gardens, going on scenic drives, water activities in lakes, enjoying sunshine... all things that I love doing!! I wouldn't say that I'm a huge outdoorsy person.... I have my limits, and those limits end at camping. I am NOT a fan of camping- I had some bad experiences with that growing up with scarred me for life! But if outdoor activities are happening in daylight and guarantee I'll be back in my home by that night, I'm all about it! 

Best Hiking Trails Vermont

North Carolina had a lot of hiking opportunities in the western part of the state. I did get to visit some cool trails and mountains while I lived there, although not as many as I would have liked. I made it a personal goal to get outdoors more frequently living in Vermont, at least during the warmer months. I think that I did well with that this summer!! My favorite trail, which you'll read about in this post, I visited bi-weekly (sometimes even more) for most of the summer either before or after work, and it was such a great way to build in outdoor time during my weeks. If you're coming to visit the Burlington area anytime soon and looking for a way to get outside, these walking and hiking trails are my favorites!! The two mountain trails I'm sharing in this post are both smaller mountains, and they're perfect hikes for day hikers like myself- anyone who enjoy hiking as an occasional hobby, but might not be up for a steep all-day hike! 

Shelburne Bay Vermont

     1. Shelburne Bay Park Trail, Shelburne: I found this trail kind of on a whim, and it was such a delightful spot to find! Since moving to Burlington, I'd heard a lot about a natural area called Shelburne Farms. I'd been wanting to visit there, until I saw on their website that since Shelburne Farms is privately owned, they charge daily admission prices. I definitely prefer free outdoor experiences, so I was really excited to come across the Shelburne Bay Park Trail, which is owned by the town of Shelburne and completely free to enjoy and explore! This beautiful trail follows the lake and then ends up into the woods, and it was a perfect walk for a weekend. I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of the lake views from the trail!

Colchester Causeway Vermont

     2. Colchester Causeway, Colchester: If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you should recognize this spot, as I come here pretty frequently! After my radio studio, it is hands down my favorite place in Vermont!! This trail is unlike any that I've ever been to before. The Causeway jets out straight out onto Lake Champlain, and when walking on it you're surrounded by 360 lake views! It's truly incredible. It's a very long path that goes almost across a portion of the lake and out to one of the Champlain Islands. It doesn't quite connect the mainland to the island (boats still have to be able to pass through the lake, but in the summer there is a ferry in the daytime for bikes! If you walk out far enough, you can see the sign pictured above, where the county line changes in the middle of the lake. I work in Colchester, so the Causeway isn't too far of a drive for me to make before work, or after work back in the summer when it was light out. It's such a beautiful place that I love to visit, and if you're near Burlington for travel, I can't stress enough how special this trail is! 

Mount Philo Vermont

     3. Mount Philo, Charlotte (pronounced Shar-LOT): A group of my coworkers took me to hike Mount Philo the weekend after I moved to Vermont, and it's one of my favorite memories from my first weeks here! Mount Philo is a small mountain, and it can easily be hiked in about an hour. The summit is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic and take in the beautiful views, as there's lot of picnic tables and Adirondack chairs at the top. If hiking just isn't your thing, but you still want to take in the views, you're in luck as Mount Philo actually has a paved road that goes all the way to the top in addition to the trail! So you can hike it or drive it. Mount Philo is one of Vermont's state parks, so during the warmer months there is a slight admission charge, but during the colder months it's free to access this hike!

Snake Mountain Vermont

     4. Snake Mountain, Addison: This mountain is a bit of a steeper hike than Mount Philo, but it is still easy to complete within a couple hours. My coworkers and I also did this one when I was still new to Vermont- and the day that we did it the weather was in the 40s, and it actually hailed a little bit when we reached the summit. Brrr!! I'm sure it would be much more enjoyable in beautiful weather, but I still loved the views anyways, despite the cold! Since Snake Mountain is taller than Philo, you have a wider and more impressive view of Lake Champlain and the surrounding farm towns.

      And there you have it- four of my favorite hikes and trails that I've discovered here in Vermont! If you missed my first Vermont Travel Guide post all about my favorite local restaurants in Burlington, you can check that out here.

     Please let me know of any Vermont Travel Guide blog post requests that you have! I want to make these as helpful as possible for anyone thinking of visiting the area! 😊

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


  1. You're making me want to travel more! These photos are awesome!

  2. These seem so fun, looks like i'll have to go back to VT for more hiking!!

  3. I also love hiking (but not camping), I just feel so happy and energized when I can enjoy time outside. It seems like Burlington has really great hikes nearby. One of the things I love about Seattle (where i live) is all of the pretty mountainous hikes in close driving distance.

  4. I love your Vermont travel guides! Getting outside is such a great way to explore your new state. I'd love to visit Colchester Causeway!

  5. Wow, these hiking places look awesome! I am also not into camping haha. too much for me.

  6. I had no idea about any of these places and I live in North Carolina! I definitely need to check out these trails.

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  7. So cool! I want to check out Mount Philo!

  8. These trails look amazing, but I'm definitely with you on camping! Haha :)

    -Carine | www.rinnyandbean.com

  9. So cool how you're exploring more of Vermont! These look like great trails!

  10. You can walk into Shelburne Farms for free! Kyle & I do it all the time for after dinner walks!

  11. Vermont looks so pretty! I've never been to New England (planning a trip for next summer). Might just have to add a stop in Vermont to our list. The trails look awesome!

  12. Shelburne Bay Park Trail looks so amazing! Love the views it has.

  13. So many great trails! That was one good thing about my hometown as all the hiking and nature trails. I kinda miss it sometimes!

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