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October 18, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Fun times this weekend visiting The Vermont Country Store! Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • A fun fall Sunday: This Sunday I had just the best day!! I finally got to meet the lovely Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet. I have been reading her blog for years now, and I just loved the fact that she is from the South! I didn't realize that she lives now close enough for a day trip to the Burlington area, so she came over to my part of Vermont on Sunday and we enjoyed the most fun day together! Rebecca came to visit my church with me, we had Moe's for lunch (I am always down for Moe's), and then we spent a fun fall afternoon road tripping to see foliage and visit the legendary Vermont Country Store! I'll share more about our adventures this Friday on the blog, but check out Rebecca's blog in the meantime if you haven't read it before. She has truly the most amazing story and testimony! 
  • That weird time of year: One of my friends from Maine and her boyfriend are coming to visit Burlington for a weekend next month! I really do love having company and friends visit, especially since the move to Vermont has been a difficult and lonely one at times. The only thing is- I'm already having trouble planning what activities we will do, as they're going to be coming at kind of an odd time between the changing of seasons! By mid-November it will be too cold for most of Vermont's classic fall activities, but (I hope) there won't be snow on the ground yet and it won't be wintertime either. Vermont doesn't have big malls or fun indoor attractions like Charlotte did... so I'm already thinking I'm kind of stumped about what activities we will do, minus eating out at some good restaurants! If any of you have visited a rural part of New England at an awkwardly cold time of year, do share your suggestions please!!! Of course- this just goes to show how Type A I am! This visit isn't for another month yet I'm already stressed about the itinerary. 

  • This is such a boring purchase, and something I've put off doing since I moved, but I finally got the batteries replaced in two of my watches! I'm not a big watch person (I only own three, and two of them are cheap ones), but I have found that wearing one to work makes me feel more professional, so I figured it was due time I got them working again! This is my favorite watch and my "nice" one! 
  • There was a sale on Bath and Body Works candles this weekend, so that was worth a trip to (Burlington's very tiny and kind of depressing) mall! Although I'm not a fan of their skincare items, I don't think candles get can get better than BBW! This tends to be the season when BBW does a lot candle promotions, so keep your eyes peeled for more candle sales in weekends to come. 
  • During my trip to The Vermont Country Store with Rebecca, I picked up some locally made and deliciously smelling bath salts! I'd been looking for new bath bombs/salts lately, but since Vermont doesn't have LUSH I didn't really know where locally I could purchase those. I'm excited to try the ones I found this weekend! 

  • THIS DRESS!!!! I work with this retailer on my blog so I'm totally going to see if I can wear this in our next collaboration. 😊
  • I saw this super soft sweater at the mall this weekend, and couldn't get over how cozy it was!! I thought that it was still a bit expensive for what it is, but if it goes on sale more I think I'll get it! It comes in five colors. 
  • I also saw this hat at the mall and thought it was really cute!! Might be something else that I'll purchase if it gets marked down a little bit more. Winter hat season will be here in Vermont before I know it!
  • One fall trend that I really do love is wearing capes or ponchos. This one is just gorgeous- I love the colors! 
  • I cook a lot from Pinterest recipes on my phone, and it can be kind of a pain to prop my phone up in the kitchen some nights so I can read the recipe. This cell phone holder is so handy and it's also adorable- plus you can monogram it!! Yes please! 

On the blog this week:

     Have a happy Wednesday!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Fun outerwear (like that hat) is one of the only fun things about winter. Nothing like a cute pom pom hat to brighten your day when it's zero degrees outside!

  2. I love your wishlist!!! so many great items.

  3. Ahh keep us posted if theres another BBB candle sale!!! I need some stat!

  4. I need that cell phone holder. I have the same issue with cooking/Pinterest. I'm obsessed with all Fall candles at B&BW. I love when they are on sale. I stock up!

  5. I've heard such great things about the candles from B&BW. I need to get one!

  6. This sounds like so much fun! B&BW candles are also my jam. I need them all haha.

  7. Ooo I love that cell phone holder stand! Would definitely come in handy watching Netflix while I cook lol.

  8. Loving that dress from Chicwish as well!

  9. My friends and I were just talking about our love for fall candles. I can't wait to make my house smell like fall.

  10. Love this list, I'm taking a few of the ideas for myself :)

  11. I need more candles but my boyfriend said we have to burn the ones we have first *eye roll*

    Kayla |


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