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October 21, 2017

Snapshots of Vermont's Fall.

     Ever since I moved to Vermont, people (both from here and away!) have been telling me how much I would "fall" for fall here! I've always been more of a spring person, so I didn't know how much that would be true. Well, everyone was right!! Vermont had a late start to fall this year due to a heatwave in September, but October has been a glorious month full of fall beauty, and it really is something!! The mountains are covered in vibrant colors, and all of the local farms, orchards and farm stores seem decked out to the nines with pumpkins and festive rustic decor. It really is quite a season to be in Vermont for.


     Last weekend, my blogging friend Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet came to visit me for the day, and we road tripped to Southern Vermont, to visit the famous Vermont Country Store. We had so much fun!! I did shoot an outfit for the blog while we were there (which will be posted in a couple of weeks!), but I wanted to share a few extra photos from our day as well in today's post.

     I also went out driving in some smaller towns outside of Burlington one morning before work this past week, and saw the most incredible foliage, so I wanted to share a few photos from that in today's post as well! I've been getting a lot of questions about what Vermont looks like in the fall closer to where I live (Stowe and some of the more famous scenic parts of Vermont area little bit of a drive from Burlington), so I'm happy to share some pictures today!

     The story of how Rebecca and I found the Cornish-Windsor bridge is so fun! We took a detour off the highway for a bathroom break on our drive, and on the way back to the highway I saw a sign for a covered bridge. Vermont and New Hampshire are both famous for their iconic little covered bridges- a lot of them are quite small and designed for pedestrians. We started driving and following the sign expecting to find a parking area and tiny bridge... instead we found what's apparently the world's largest covered bridge!! We ended up driving over it twice, and of course had to stop for a couple of pictures. Sometimes the best road trip discoveries are off the beaten path!

     The Vermont Country Store also had their own version of a covered bridge!! I didn't give or receive any kisses there on this visit... guess I'll have to go back! 😉

Vermont Country Store

Fall in Vermont

Visiting the Vermont Country Store

     I've been hearing a lot about the famous Vermont Country Store since I moved here! It's located in the little town of Rockingham, in southeastern Vermont (not too far from Brattleboro). I think that my parents and I may have visited there on one of our family trips to Vermont when I was growing up, but if we did I don't have strong memories from it.

     The Vermont Country Store is like a really large version of the store part of Cracker Barrel. They sell lots of local products, and just about every odd and end that you can think of!! We got a very big kick out of the sleepwear section of the store... they sell some very traditional old fashioned women's nightgowns, about the least-sexy pajamas that I've ever seen! They also had a huge section for local Vermont foods, and I of course had to sample all of the cheeses! I ended up purchasing some locally made bath salts from the beauty section of the store, and Rebecca bought some cheese (good choice!). The Vermont Country Store is about two hours from Burlington- I thought the drive was well worth it in the fall months, since we saw so much foliage on the way there and back!

     Next I wanted to share a few foliage photos from here in Chittenden County, closer to where I live in Burlington! I went out driving before work earlier this week, armed solely with my DSLR and a chai latte. I got to a couple hours of photographing the beauty that is Vermont fall, and that was such a nice way to start my day! I don't think my amateur photography skills come anything close to capturing how truly beautiful this season is, but hopefully they can give you a little idea into what Northern Vermont looks like during peak foliage.

Vermont Foliage

Fall Vermont

     True story... I actually teared up when I saw the view above! This photo does no justice!! It was so beautiful. 

     I hope you enjoyed this little look into Vermont's fall!! The leaves are still going strong here this weekend, so and the weather will be nice again, so I'm hoping to get out and still enjoy the foliage while it's here.

     Have a wonderful Saturday! I hope that you're enjoying fall wherever you are!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. Seriously this makes me so excited for Vermont this weekend! It looks so gorgeous, and I love fall in the country!

  2. We have a friend who just got engaged to a girl from Vermont and I am dying to go visit them in the future! The fall colors are so gorgeous! I've never seen a covered bridge in person. It looks like you had a great weekend with your friend!

  3. I was in Brattleboro two years ago during fall and it was the PRETTIEST! The fall air was crisp, the leaves were colorful, and it just felt like you were almost living in a painting. I came back and told my family that they had to visit during fall because no amount of pictures can do it justice. Thanks for bringing back such a great memory for me!

  4. So beautiful!! Those colors are unbelievable!! I've always wanted to visit Vermont

  5. One thing I do love about the east coast is the fall colors! It's so pretty in NY right now too! These are awesome!

  6. Those colors are so gorgeous! I loooove fall! It just feels so cozy to me.

  7. Gorg! I wish we had a true Fall like this in the south.

  8. Vermont does look like it has a gorgeous fall. Today was such a beautiful fall day in Seattle it made me pause and realize how much I do enjoy watching the seasons change even though I sometimes wish I lived somewhere with year round summer weather. The Vermont Country store sounds fun to browse through, I have to pick up some of those pajamas, haha!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful place to be in the fall! I need to plan a trip!

  10. These photos are so pretty! I would totally "fall" for fall there!

  11. Gosh I wish it would look like that in Texas for fall!

  12. Vermont looks so pretty in the Fall!! I live in PA and I love this time of the year, all the leaves changing colors is just so beautiful :)

    Kristen |

  13. So many beautiful photos! I need to check out The Vermont Country store!

  14. Vermont look beautiful! I'd love to visit someday!


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