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March 29, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{This picture is a snap from dinner out in Charlotte last weekend - had to enjoy at least one more of my favorite milkshakes before the big move! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • Packing, packing, and (surprise) more packing: The majority of my first weekend back from Italy was filled with both unpacking my suitcase... and then a whole lot of packing! My moving date is just a week and a half away! In college, I was notorious each spring for doing a horrible job packing up my dorm room. My dad always flew down from Maine to help me load up and drive home, and I think each year he was a little more disappointed at how little I had done on my own. #MovingStressesMeOut I'm determined not to be that girl this time around, so pretty much the second that I got home I began packing. I might write a blog post next months about the order that I packed my apartment if y'all would find that helpful? Moving is never fun but I've been sticking to a room by room schedule this time and it seems to be making it a little easier.
  • Learning a foreign language: One of my minors in college was French, and I also studied abroad for part of Summer 2015 in France to continue learning the language. Despite all of that- I'm not fluent, and I haven't looked at any sort of French book in almost two years! My recent travels to Italy reminded me how useful a second language can be, and I hope that living so close to Quebec when I move to Vermont soon might motivate me to re-learn French again. This article that I found this week also got me thinking about foreign language learning!
  • Wedding Bells: Another reason that I've been on such a packing fury for the earlier part of this week is because this weekend I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding for the first time! My sorority sister Perrin is getting married here in Charlotte, and I'm so excited. Wedding festivities begin for the bridal party tomorrow! A lot of my good friends from college are attending the wedding, so I can't wait to have one last night with everyone before I move! 
  • Testing Beauty Products: I've also received some fun PR beauty packages lately, so I've been testing lots of new makeup this week! Would y'all like to see a blog post review of everything soon?

  • Another purchase from Italy was this adorable (and very affordable!) off the shoulder dress. I just shot pictures for it so it should be on the blog within the next few weeks! 
  • I also purchased a darling blush moto jacket from Zara while in Italy. This one is similar!

  • I have so many trinket trays and ring holders and REALLY don't need another one...but how cute is this one! These also make such great gift items!
  • Since I'll be starting work soon I'm on the hunt for a great work tote. To start off I'll probably use a bag I already have, but how chic is this one
  • I'm debating ordering some wall art for my new apartment to reflect my love for North Carolina. Maybe something like this print

     What are your plans for this weekend? I hope that you have something fun and exciting going on! 😊 Thanks so much as always for reading, and stay tuned on Friday for a fun beauty post.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Okay, I am OBSESSED with that outfit! I need a new pair of jeans like that!

  2. I just got some new wall art too to refresh for spring, so much fun! I love that dress you got in Italy - is it just me or is Zara SO much better in Europe?! Haha!

  3. I would love to see the goodies you got in PR! Those are my favorite kind of posts :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  4. Yay so exciting that the move is so close. Love that Tory bag! My first work tote was Tory as well.

  5. I seriously don't need any more trinkets, but that dish is ADORABLE!

    Alix |

  6. So many exciting things going on right now! Have so much fun at the wedding!
    -Anna |

  7. LOVE that sweater!!! Jojo from the bachelorette has a bunch of them and I can't get enough! but i would never have anywhere to wear it :-( too hot in FL

  8. Love the picture! :) I wish I could be packing.. it's so fun xD

  9. I love the color of your sweater! I've moved so many times in the last four years - it really is exhausting!

  10. We just got finished with moving, and while we aren't all unpacked, I'm so happy we are in our house finally!

  11. It sounds like you are having a great time! Btw love that tote!

  12. Have a great time at the wedding! I've never been a bridesmaid, just a bride!

  13. Good luck with all of your packing-I know it can be such a mess. Have fun being a bridesmaid this weekend, seriously SO exciting!

  14. I would love to see more about the moving process! Can't wait to see you this weekend!


  15. You look amazing as always! I can't believe it's almost time for you to move! I can only imagine how hard your goodbyes are gonna be this time! Hope the wedding was amazing!!


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