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March 13, 2017

All About The New LiketoKnow.It App!

     I am a bit late to the party to announce this, but I wanted to share with y'all something exciting that happened in the fashion blogging world last week! Many bloggers already beat me in announcing this, but better late than never right?! released their very own app last week! I wanted to briefly go over it today with y'all to everyone knows what it is and how to use it, as it's a really great app and will be helping to change the blogging and social media game!

      A lot of bloggers like myself use an affiliate program called, which is a service provided by rewardStyle, to monetize our Instagram accounts. LTK lets bloggers link either the exact item or similar items that they're wearing in their Instagram photos, so that the content is easily shoppable to followers. If you're new to LTK, you might have recognized it before on Instagram photos if you've seen a blogger (myself or someone else!) post a photo with this at the end of the caption: #liketkit. The link in the middle part of the LTK caption is specific to the products linked for that individual photo! 

     Prior to now, the main way that LTK worked was that if you were interested in learning the details behind what a blogger was wearing on Instagram, you would like their photo. If you were signed up with LTK (which I should note is a free service!), you would then soon after receive an email containing outfit details and shopping links to what they were wearing in the photo. A pretty cool concept, and those of you who have been blogging for awhile or reading blogs for many years are well familiar with it! However- it had one major flaw to it: people don't like getting lots of emails. I speak from experience- I'm totally one of those people! Even though I've been registered as an LTK user for years (even before getting accepted into rewardStyle and getting to publish posts to LTK is a blogger), I have long since turned off the emails feature. As much as I liked outfit info from my favorite bloggers, it was really starting to clutter my inbox! 

    But has made a MAJOR change in the last week! They've launched their very own app! It has the coolest way to shop and find out what your favorite bloggers and influencers are wearing. Simply make sure you're registered for LiketoKnow.It (takes 5 minutes if you aren't!), download their new app, and then take a *screenshot* of any picture on Instagram or Snapchat that has the LTK logo in the bottom right corner. An example is below:

     Can you spot the LTK logo in the bottom right corner? Anytime you see a photo on Instagram or Snapchat from an influencer from now on with this logo, it means that all of you have to do is screenshot it, upload it into the LTK app, and BOOM! Ready to shop! No emails necessary. Of course- those of you who would like to receive emails with fashion content from LTK or already have been, no need to worry. This feature isn't going anywhere! Screenshots are just a new (and awesome!) feature to go along with LTK's new app. 

     Today's post has been prescheduled... if you keep up with me on social media then you know that my mom and I are currently on vacation in ITALY! 😄 I won't have much time off after I start my new job next month, so my mom wanted to treat me to a special vacation before that begins (and also to celebrate my graduation from broadcasting school!). I'll have lots to recap about Italy once I'm back, but for now keep up with me on my social media @miss_alk! 

     Below are some items that I packed for the trip:

     xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. I need to check out the app. Have a great time in Italy!


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