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March 1, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

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  • Taking a girls' weekend: I had the most wonderful girls' weekend with one of my classmates from broadcasting school, and it was so needed! My classmate Jana is moving in March to Florida for a job opportunity (yay Jana!), and before she leaves she invited me to spend a weekend with her family. They attend a local Police Ball in her home city every year, and she invited me to be her +1. I almost ended up canceling out on the weekend, as I'm feeling about 110% overwhelmed with the things going behind-the-scenes in my life right now. (I do hope to share what all is happening with that soon! Promise!!) Anyways, I ended up convincing myself to go despite the craziness of my life right now, and my goodness, what a fun weekend it was! I had a lovely time with Jana and her family at the Police Ball, and I realized that getting all dolled up for a night out and dancing in the company of new and old friends is the perfect cure to stress. Jana and I also had a blast doing pictures the next day (she needed some headshots done, so she booked a session with my photographer Deeana as well!), and all in all it was a perfect weekend. Y'all- make time for girls' weekends! They're important! 
  • Amazing Ross deals: I'll link some similar pieces in the Recent Purchases section of this post, but I scored some amazing deals at Ross this weekend! This store is normally very hit or or miss for me, and in the past I've had trouble finding clothes that I like there. But I wound up there this weekend, and was amazed by how many cute items they had! There were so many off the shoulder and lace-up tops and dresses, and many other fun trendy pieces as well. I ended up purchasing six things for under $70! I can't wait to wear my new finds on my upcoming vacation. If you have a Ross near you- give it a visit soon!
  • Finishing my last internship: This is my last week at my internship with a local morning radio show! I began right after New Years, and have been with them for about eight weeks. It was one of the shorter internships that I've ever had, but I still had the chance to learn a lot about radio production from it. I hope to be starting some career-related blog posts in the next month or two, and I'll definitely share more about this experience. I still can't believe that out of many years of various internship opportunities, I've finished the last one! Hello, adulthood- you're so very close!

  • As I mentioned above, I scored very well at Ross this weekend! One thing that I snatched up was the cutest striped dress with shoulder cut-outs. The colors (and price!) are similar to this one!
  • I have been in desperate need of some new sneakers for a long time, and I finally got the ones that I've been craving for such a long time! I am just loving my new sneakers
  • Another Ross score was a striped tunic top, and this one is very similar!
  • I ordered this top in the Nordstrom Winter Sale which ended last weekend. Who is already excited for the big NSale?!

  • I'm still in desperate need of a new iPhone case (what else is new- haha!)... how cute is this one for spring! 
  • The prettiest pops of color can be found in this pencil skirt.
  • I'm basically always craving the newest arrivals, like this dress, from this favorite brand of mine.

      My question for y'all this week: have you had a fun girls' weekend recently? What all did you do?

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I love the sneakers.

  2. Ross is definitely a good place to find some good deals for sure!!

  3. I really need some new runners! I really want to do Nike ID and get custom ones

  4. It sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend! So fun!
    -Anna |

  5. Oh I like that pencil skirt too! great pics!

  6. So many cute items! Loving those Nikes.

  7. SO jealous! A getaway with the girls is so needed!
    Puma sneaks would have to be #1 on my wish list!!

  8. I'm a sucker for cute iPhone cases and this one is adorable!

    Alix |

  9. Congrats on wrapping up your internship! I think working in radio would be so cool! I originally went to college wanting to major in broadcasting, but I switched to Journalism/PR/Social Media during my second semester of my freshman year. Best wishes for a bright future in radio!
    Katie |

  10. 6 things for under 70 bucks is steal! So glad you had a winning weekend!

  11. I just geeked out at nordstrom rack this weekend over all the new phone cases! haha Enjoy your last week of your internship!!!

  12. So glad that you had an awesome girls weekend and congrats on finishing your internship!

  13. Sometimes when real life starts to get overwhelming, the best thing you can do for yourself (and others) is take a few days off. Glad you had a good time in FL.

  14. Oh my gosh I've been wanting to go on a girls trip BADLY! It sounds like you had a good time!

  15. That internship sounds fantastic, and such a good opportunity!


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