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March 22, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

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  • Headed home! I'm writing today's post en route from the airport in Venice! 😊 My mom and I have had a most amazing two weeks traveling throughout Italy, and before that we spent a few days in my new city in Vermont doing some apartment hunting. I was also home in Maine for a couple days, so all in all I've been away from Charlotte for almost three weeks! Since I'm moving very soon, I'm definitely ready to get back and begin my last few weeks there. It's bittersweet for sure.
  • Italy on the blog: I have SO much to share with y'all from our trip!! I shot one outfit post in each city that we visited, and am also planning to share a travel guide or recap post from each city. I'm also going to attempt my hand at making short vlogs for Rome and Venice, and lastly I also wanted to share a blog post about what it's like traveling internationally with a tour group! This was the second tour that my mom and I have done (both my parents and I did a tour through a different company to the UK in December 2013), and we are honestly big fans of them. Whew! Is that too many posts? What do you guys think?! 
  • Spotify Top Charts: This is random and some of you probably know this I'm sure, but one thing that I really enjoyed on this trip was something that I recently rediscovered on Spotify! Under their "Charts" section on either the app or your computer version, you can find Top 50 song charts not only for the US, but also for many other countries in the world! I really enjoyed listening to the Italy and France charts while we were here, and some of the Asian and Latin American countries' charts as well. It can be so fun to discover new music, especially while traveling! 
  • Funny Church Video: This video gave me the best laugh this week!! Back story: some of you know that I attended a Christian college during my freshman year. As apart of orientation week festivities, one afternoon's events included a "church fair," where local churches set up booths to advertise to students and try and get them to come to services. It was an interesting concept, but I actually found the church that I attended that year through this fair (and loved going there!). Anyways- this funny video is a parody that takes the concept of finding a church and compares it to HGTV. I got the biggest kick out of it and it reminded me of my freshman year experience!

  • First and foremost- I discovered a new favorite store in Italy!! This brand is absolutely the cutest, and I literally wanted to buy EVERYTHING. The good news: they have stores in tons of countries all over the world, and have four stores in the US! They also ship to the US! 
  • At my new favorite store I picked up so many goodies! My favorite purchases of all was this! It will be a staple piece in my closet for years to come. 
  • They also sold the most beautiful statement earrings. I picked up a couple pairs and these were my absolute favorites! 

  • How cute is this little top for springtime? The ruffle details add such a fun and feminine touch!
  • These adorable shoes were on a Midweek Ramblings post a few weeks ago.... but I'm still totally crushing on them! Does that mean I should pull the trigger and get them? 
  • I'm starting to plan out my apartment decor and furniture for my new place in Vermont which is probably the most exciting part about the move! The not-exciting and realistic part is that new furniture of course is very expensive, and I will be on a very tight budget for the first year of my career. But that isn't stopping me from furniture browsing, and I've fallen in love online with this pretty thing
  • I wrote earlier in this post about my new favorite clothing brand, which I discovered this past week in Italy! While shopping, I tried on the most darling blouse. I didn't end up buying it, but am seriously regretting it now! How cute is it?! 

     My question for y'all: what purchases have you made for spring so far? Thanks so much for reading as always. I can't wait to be back to blogging on my regular schedule now!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I can't wait to see your outfit posts from Italy, I know they're going to be amazing! Don't you hate how expensive furniture is? I'm currently looking to add a few pieces to my apartment (like a dining room table) and I swear furniture is outrageously priced. I guess you're supposed to keep it for awhile though...Happy Wednesday lovely!

  2. Italy is my favorite place to vacation in March! The weather is perfect!

  3. I am so excited to see your content from italy!!! my family is from there!

  4. Sooo jealous of your trip to Italy! Can't wait to see all the pictures.

    Alix |

  5. I can't wait to see everything about Italy! And I love all of the videos by the guy who did the Church Hunter video - he is so funny!
    -Anna |

  6. You should do all of those travel posts for sure! I'd especially love to hear about your thoughts on tour groups.

  7. I'm so glad that you had an awesome time in Italy! I can't wait to see the pictures from your trip!

  8. Oh, excited to see your travel in Italy!

  9. I seriously can't wait to hear about Italy! SHARE SHARE SHARE! I don't think it's to much at all! I want to know tips, tricks, what to visit, etc. :)

  10. I definitely don't think you have too many posts planned-the more the better! I'm so looking forward to reading each and every one of them!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  11. I actually did a nice haul at old navy, I love shopping there because their clothes fit my body properly, I am really tall and can sometimes find it hard to find things that fit perfectly I also loved their spring and summer prints!

  12. I haven't really made any purchases yet! But when I do, it will probably be Disney essentials 😬

  13. Cannot wait to read more about your trip to Italy- it looked amazing!


  14. I'm so excited to read all of your Italy posts! It seems like you had the best time :)

    Furniture is crazy expensive... Don't feel like you need to furnish an entire apartment at one time! I did mine a little by little, and it was awesome because I was really able to feel out the space.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  15. I love those Lula block heels for Spring!

  16. It's really fun doing shopping but when it is about buying things like furniture then we need to think twice before purchasing. I saw your wishlist and the idea of buying furniture is really cool. Here is the site ( low income furniture grants ) for low income families to buy some good furniture at an affordable price.


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