January 15, 2016

Last First Day Style.

     Today's post is sponsored by Dainty Jewell's. Thank-you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!

Dress: c/o Dainty Jewell's // Shoes: Nine West {not online, similar pair here} // Sunglasses: Le Chateau // Purse: Vintage Chanel {much cheaper and similar version here} // Earrings: Talbots {old, similar here} // Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rosewine

     Ah- the first day of school outfit. The type of look that can make or break the course of the whole semester. The pressure is even more intense to look fabulous when the semester brings your last-ever first days of school! #senioritis. 

      Luckily, the most beautiful dress from Dainty Jewell's arrived in my mailbox just in time to solve my first day wardrobe dilemmas. Dainty Jewell's is an online clothing retailer that specializes in making uniquely feminine pieces. The founder of the company is a Christian, and you can read on their website about how she desires to bring a sense of modesty and elegance back into the way that today's modern women dress! I am always a fan of supporting Christian companies, and I really like the principles behind founding Dainty Jewell's.

      The dress that I chose, the Central Park dress, is pretty much perfect. It reminds me of a twist between a Kate Spade dress, or a vintage number that a glamorous actress like Audrey Hepburn might have worn. It is a modest and ladylike dress, but not at all frumpy. I felt like a princess while wearing this dress during my first day of classes for spring semester, and I also received more compliments on my outfit then I possibly ever have in all of my college career! (Seriously- people that I've never even seen before at school were coming up to me and telling me how much they loved this dress!)

     If you're looking for a unique dress that will truly turn heads (in the most ladylike and chic way!), then look no further than Dainty Jewell's. :-) They also sell skirts, tops, and some other apparel! 

      Unrelated- but do y'all like the location that I shot these photos at? My best friend Mia, who since October has been taking the majority of photos for Southern Belle in Training, has been really encouraging us to start shooting more in spots around Greater Charlotte again, and not just on campus! I've been so busy this year that I often just shoot my outfits on campus in between my classes or school commitments, but there is truly an incredible city right at my disposal with so many places for photoshoots! 

     Happy Long Weekend! 

      xoxo Miss ALK


  1. This entire look is amazing! The glasses pair perfectly, and the heels are adorable! I seriously thought Audrey Hepburn (One of my favorite actresses)!

    Hope your first week went well!

  2. loving your dress! I so couldnt pull this off but you rock it! x, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com/

  3. This dress looks so gorgeous on you, Annaliese!


  4. This dress is fabulous! I totally agree that it's a mix between Kate Spade + Audrey Hepburn.

  5. I love the location you and Mia picked! It really compliments the dress!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  6. I am obsessed with this dress!
    It's so classic and feminine.

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. Totally thought this was something from Kate Spade! You look so glamourous! I love finding places around Charlotte to shoot photos and I would definitely take advantage of the beautiful city!

    Amy | pastelnpink.blogspot.com

  8. This is so glamorous! Great photos. I'm in love with your shoes! (insert heart eye emoji here)


  9. I absolutely love this glamorous, classy look! I love polka dots. Oh and your hair looks gorgeous.

  10. Is this at the NoDa fire station?!

    1. Haha yes it is!! You must be a Charlottean!

      xoxo Miss ALK

  11. girl, you rock this look!! I can never pull off those type of dresses... but you do fabulously lady!

  12. That dress is amazing–you're right, it's the perfect blend of Audrey Hepburn and Kate Spade! And yes, I love the location! I'm sure Charlotte has a ton of great photo locations, can't wait to see more!

    Alexandra Adams | X Height Ment

  13. That polka dot dress is way too cute! Love it!

  14. This outfit is completely darling and I totally feel the Kate Spade vibes. Perfect on you!!!

  15. Such a cute look! You should take advantage of all of the shooting locations Charlotte has to offer. I'm excited to some new content!

  16. Love the dress! Hope you are enjoying the start to your last semester! It goes by fast!


  17. Love this look! Although, how could you go wrong with polka dots, really?
    I also really love your glasses, so unique!
    A modest fashion blog:

  18. This dress is so adorable! I love the dots.

  19. I love this dress, polka dots all the way!
    xo, Syd

  20. That dress is stunning!!


  21. I love the location and the dress! You look like a stylish Cruella DeVil! But seriously, I can see Princess Kate wearing something like this :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  22. Literally perfection. The dress, the sunglasses, everything! Congratulations on making it to your last first day of school. I have no doubt you'll make it through this bout of Senioritis. #Goals


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