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April 17, 2015

Of blog besties, Lilly P., and a link-up.

     This post has four main categories to it: talking about blogging friendships, a certain Lilly Pulitzer dress, the fact that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection launches this Sunday (April 19th!) on and at stores nationwide, AND the fact that I'm co-hosting a link-up to celebrate this exciting launch! Let's start this post off with the Lilly P. at Target and the link-up information:

     In honor of the fact that an exclusive Lilly Pulitzer collection is coming to Target, my blogging bestie Michaela (from the Monogrammed Midwesterner) and I have decided to host a link-up in honor of this! The "Lilly for Target" link-up for fellow pink and green lovin' fashionistas will be held on Wednesday, April 29th, which is 10 days after the items launch. This will give everyone enough time to shop at their local Targets (or to order online!), and have time to style their items. The only rule for entering this link-up is that you must be wearing something from the Lilly for Target collection! Michaela and I hope that you will join us! We ask that if you do participate that you will use the hashtag #LillyForTargetLinkUp in your social media posts, and that you will include a link to both my blog and Michaela's blogs in your post (and follow both of our blogs as well!).

    Now, for the story portion of this blog post. On September 6th, 2014, I turned 20 years old! I wore this beautiful Lilly dress, which I had been saving to be my birthday dress. (There is actually a really awesome story as to the amazing bargain that I got on this dress and how I found it- but you have to read my original birthday blog post for that story!)

      Many months passed from my birthday. (And in that time a lot of blogging was done- including the re-branding of my blog!) In that time, Michaela and I started to become blog friends. We had been reading each other's blogs since she started blogging last summer, but didn't really talk a lot until this winter. She did however leave a very sweet comment on the blog post about my birthday/birthday dress. ;-)

     Fast forward to early April 2015. Michaela has now officially hit "blog bestie" status in my life. Seriously- I love this girl!! I am just so sad that she is a "Monogrammed Midwesterner" and I am a "Southern Belle in Training" (and also a New Englander in the summers still).... clearly geography isn't our friend as we haven't not been able to meet in person! But we are Facebook friends and a stream of late-night Facebook messages turned into texting each other almost daily, about both blogging and non-blogging related things!

      Michaela's 20th birthday was just a couple weeks ago, in early April. I was really excited to see what her birthday dress would look like! Especially when she told me that it would be Lilly. So imagine my delight and surprise when I logged on to Instagram on the day of her birthday and saw this dress:

      I still can't believe it- seven months apart, we both wore the same Lilly dress for our 20th birthdays! And this is after we had already been talking about hosting the Lilly for Target link-up. :-) I think Michaela styled the dress absolutely beautifully, and I can't think of anyone else that I would have rather seen in this gorgeous dress for their 20th birthday!

     I am so thankful for my friendship with sweet Michaela, and also for my friendship with everyone that I have met in the blogging community! Lately y'all have been leaving me the absolute sweetest blog post comments, and that has encouraged me so much during these rough last few weeks of the semester! I wish that I could meet every blogger that I follow in person, and I have been lucky enough to meet some of you! But until then, thank-you all for making the blogging community such a delightful and happy place. :-) 

      On that note- happy weekend friends! I have a very busy one ahead: mine is going to be filled with homework, sorority recruitment practice (to get ready for Fall recruitment my chapter starts practices in April!), shopping the Lilly P. collection launch at Target, and a really fun event at my college. My college holds an annual Student Life Awards banquet at the end of every semester which is a very fun event. Students and organizations get nominated for awards. Many of my good friends are nominated, as is my sorority for a few awards, and also the student radio club that I'm in! More exciting is that my friend Max and I were asked to host the pre-show for the Student Life Awards, which happens during the dinner before the awards presentation begins. (Graduating seniors are always the official hosts of the actual show). Still- this is a big honor for both of us, and I'm even more excited to get to host the pre-show with one of my best friends at school!! I am crossing my fingers that our school might ask Max and I to host the actual show next year. ;-)

     What are you all up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. So exciting! I definitely think I will do a post for your link up! How funny that y'all both wore the same dress for your twentieth birthdays!


  2. That is such a sweet story!! I swear meeting all sorts of great girls (like you!) has to be my favorite part of blogging. If I can get my hands on something in the collection I will definitely have to join y'all for the link up!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. What a sweet story! This link up is perfect, I'm looking for some easy post ideas for the next couple of weeks!


  4. Cute story!
    I think I will definitely be able to participate in this linkup considering I will be blowing all my money at Target come Sunday.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  5. What a sweet story! My best friend and I became besties because we had the same purse!

  6. Aww, so sweet! Y'all are adorable :)

    I am hoping to participate in the link up if I can get my hands on the Lilly! I have no idea what it will be like at my Target.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. Such a cute story! And I can't wait to see your posts from the new Lilly collection.

  8. Love this story! I've met my best of friends via blogging. It's an amazing thing!
    Lauren Ashley

  9. That is so funny that you both had the same dress! How crazy!!
    I'm so excited for the Lilly for Target launch. Hopefully I'll get my hands on a few pieces and join the link up!

  10. Go Target! Can't wait to see what will be different for Lilly for Target. I hope that they push boundaries! / Creative blog for the future obsessed.

  11. I had no idea Lilly Pulitzer was getting a line at Target. I'M SO EXCITED! Making blog friends is the best, and I absolutely LOVE this story. That's so cute and ironic that y'all wore the same dress for your 20th birthdays unknowingly!

  12. If I make it to a Target in time (and can find something left in my size!) I will try to participate, but I will definitely be stopping by to see what looks everyone comes up with!

  13. Aww what a lovely story <3 I have a very good friend of mine who became one of my closest because we both love anime <3

  14. Aw, how fun! The Lilly for Target line is so fun, can't wait to see everyone's outfits!

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