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April 22, 2015

Finals Week Study Essentials with Ankit.

T-shirt: {Old sorority t-shirt :-)} || Yoga Pants: Victoria's Secret Pink || Jean Jacket: Forever 21 || Necklace: c/o Cardinal Monogram || Ring: HJ Greek ||  Lips: EOS Lip Balm || Headphones: c/o Ankit || Planner: Lilly Pulitzer || iPhone case: J. Crew Factory 

     Technically final exams week is actually next week at my college, but my schedule is unique this semester and four out of my five classes wrapped up this week instead! So this has been the crazy week for me. 

     Normally I actually study the best when I am dressed up. Something about being put together and putting effort into being prepared for the day helps me to focus on work. Yet with the amount of work that I've had to do in the past few days (and even early in the mornings before classes- no rest for the weary!), there have been a few days when getting dressed up to my normal standards just has not happened. So I thought I would do an outfit post to show y'all what I look like when I'm not all made up and dolled up for blog photos!! This is me wearing only mascara for make-up as well as some yoga pants that I've had since 10th grade. Au natural, y'all. ;-) 

     Since studying and writing papers is never any fun, I like to keep my school accessories as cute as possible to try and make my study place (which in the case of the day that these were taken was a spot in the basement of our school library) as cheerful as it can be! I'm a huge fan of Lilly agendas to use as my yearly planner. I have a Vera Bradley laptop sticker sleeve on my Macbook that I've had on for a couple years now- it's so cute, lasts well, and helps protect the computer from scratches! And of course I want to talk about my adorable headphones from Ankit!

     I was so excited with Ankit sent me these adorable ice cream cone ear-buds to review. I've never been big before into fancy headphones, and have always just used the ones that have come with my iPod or iPhone. Well- apparently I have been missing out! First of all- how freaking cute are these?! They ear-bud parts are little ice cream cones! Be still my heart. And they are also super comfortable in your ears! I like the way that they feel much better than my generic Apple headphones. Ankit products are sold at lots of retailers nationwide, including PacSun, Francesca's, Anthropologie, Forever 21, and many more! Their products can also be purchased on their website. In addition to headphones, Ankit sells a variety of phone cases and home goods! 

     On a different note- in these pictures you will see my current "natural" hair (since my perm two and a half years ago!). The night before these pictures were taken, I put a bunch of curl enhancing gel into my hair, but did not heat treat it or do anything else to it. So this is how much curl and wave is still naturally hiding somewhere in all of my hair! I'm thinking about doing a blog post soon to talk about the evolution of my hair since high school (when it was naturally pin straight), to when I got it permed freshman year of college, then cut it short at the end of freshman year, to now. Would any of y'all be interested in that? I'm also planning to do a couple of hair tutorial posts sometime this summer when I have more time to blog! 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. That is you with NO makeup?! =O can i just say, stunning!! You have the most gorgeous skin!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  2. Cute study supplies make everything better! Love your laptop by the way!

    I tend to need to be able to curl up in order to study, so cute yet comfy study clothes are a must!


  3. I have that same Lilly planner! Your hair looks so cute-- I have naturally curly hair, and it is so hard to deal with sometimes. Good luck with your finals, I keep procrastinating… Looking forward to having more time to blog this summer!!
    xo, claudia

  4. Cute supplies make it a little less painful... love! I just had a test this morning and decided to do pilates before to get myself ready for it and ended up wanting to fall asleep during the test! Hahaha

    Lauren Ashley

  5. I LOVE school supplies, especially cute ones like these! Makes studying a little better! I'm in the same boat with finals coming up soon, good luck!

    && your hair looks gorgeous, love the curls!

    Story of the South

  6. Love this post! Good luck on your exams and I would love to see some hair posts!


  7. Those earphones are too cute!
    Good luck with finals.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  8. You are such a natural beauty! Those earphones are absolutely adorable :) Love it!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  9. Those earphones are the cutest thing ever - hope your finals are going well so far!

    Pick Your Beau

  10. Those are seriously the most adorable headphones I've ever seen in my life. I love them!

  11. Those earbuds are too cute! For being au natural you're absolutely gorgeous. Being a senior in college, just mascara is my go to look. Especially with my 8 AM classes! I would love a hair evolution post :)
    xx. Brittany
    Life Like a Twenty Something

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