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February 24, 2013

Under the weather.

     I had planned a little post tonight showing y'all what I got when I was out shopping in the city today, but that will have to be postponed. While driving back to school in the afternoon I started feeling really lightheaded and weird. I thought it was because I was hungry but food didn't help. I finally took my temperature and realized I had a fairly high fever. My body had also started aching and I had a terrible headache. Despite the fact that I got a flu shot about a month ago I think that I may have the flu.

     This is really, really bad timing as I have a midterm and other important assignments to do this week, and in less than two weeks I leave for Italy for Spring Break! I need to kick whatever this is out of my system soon. I'm going to skip classes to sleep in tomorrow, so hopefully that will help. I've also been taking some flu medication that my (very smart) mom had sent me to school with. Any prayers for  quick recovery would be much appreciated though! I feel terribly. :-(

     xoxo Miss ALK


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