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April 4, 2022

Virginia Beach Apartment Tour: Bedroom.

      Moving along with my Virginia Beach apartment tour today! So far I've shared my kitchen + bathroom, and the living room. Next up is my bedroom! 

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     My upholstered bed frame and bureau and mirror set were both college graduation gifts from my parents and extended family. I've taken them with me to every city and state I've lived in since then! So if you've been reading the blog awhile and seen my past apartment tours, you've seen them before. But in each apartment bedroom, I arrange and decorate everything a little bit differently which has kept it fun. 

     If I had to pick a favorite thing about this apartment bedroom, it would be the HUGE window (not pictured) and all of the natural light. I'm such a natural light person! My least favorite thing is probably the closets. Instead of a walk-in, I have two regular closets. They definitely aren't the worst for storage (and they are better than my previous Charlottesville apartment for sure), but I'm just partial to walk-ins and hope to have one again someday. 😊 

Bedroom Details: 

     Stay tuned soon for the last part of my Virginia Beach apartment tour... the gallery wall between my kitchen and living room! 

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 

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