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April 19, 2022

Virginia Beach Apartment Tour: Gallery Wall

     Saved the last part of my Virginia Beach apartment tour for last... the massive gallery wall that I hung between the kitchen and living room! I love gallery walls and I've always wanted to do one that's this big. This apartment seemed like the time to finally go for it!


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      I've loved the look of gallery walls for many years now. I had this mini one over the TV in my dorm room senior year of college, this small one in the dining room of my first apartment post-grad, and also a small one in the hallway of my previous apartment in Charlottesville (that I don't think I ever shared on the blog). This is definitely the biggest one that I've ever put together though! My friend Michelle helped me with it last summer, shortly after I moved into this apartment. 

     I am the worst with hanging art in that I don't take the time to make careful measurements when hanging. I just kind of eyeball things and go for it! 😂 I know that isn't the best but most of the time it works just fine for me. Since this gallery wall had so many parts to it, it did take multiple attempts to place some of the art. But it all came together! I laid out most of the art pieces on the floor beforehand to get a general idea of what I liked for placement, and then Michelle and I tried to duplicate what we had on the floor on the wall itself. 

     A lot of the art prints on my gallery wall are several years old at this point, and many of the specific prints are not for sale anymore. And some of the prints that I've framed aren't even technically art at all- I like saving cute postcards and mailers from my favorite brands and framing them! But I'll link the various retailers and artists that some of these are from below. Most of the frames I use are from Hobby Lobby and At Home.

Gallery Wall Artists + Retailers:

     I hope that you've enjoyed seeing my Virginia Beach apartment!! I have loved making this place a home over the past 9 months, and I look forward to all that's to come while living here. If you've missed past posts- see my kitchen + bathroom, living room, bedroom and Christmas decor from my first holiday season in this apartment in these posts!

     God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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