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April 13, 2022

Midweek Ramblings.


{Beautiful blooms spotted in Alexandria, VA over this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Root canal recovery: Coming to you live from my second sick day from work as root canal recovery continues! I had my first-ever (and hopefully last ever?) root canal on Monday. While it wasn't as bad as having my wisdom teeth out in high school... it has definitely been a more intense recovery than I expected. Unfortunately talking loudly and laughing still hurt the most, which is why I'm home from work again today, as that's literally my job as a morning show host. Ha! I'm just really hoping this procedure will finally rid me of the tooth nerve pain I'd been dealing with since January.
  • 2022 travel: I am finally back in Virginia Beach for the next few weekends! I've spent seven of the past nine weekends out of town. 😳 Everywhere that I've been has been awesome and so much fun... but traveling for so many weekends back-to-back is tiring, especially without using much PTO (so still working full M-F weeks). Coming up later in the spring and summer I do have two bigger trips though!! My mom and I are finally hoping to do our Europe trip at the end of May- this has been postponed three times starting back in 2019. And I was just invited to travel somewhere warm and tropical with my friend Liane in July! She has a work conference at an awesome resort and needed a plus one... I just got my flight yesterday for that. Lots to look forward to on the travel front, but I'm happy to be home for now!

Weekend recaps:

  • Last weekend: My last one of my plethora of weekend trips for this spring!! I was up in Washington DC. I hadn't spent a full weekend up there since before the pandemic, so it was overdue! I stayed with my good friend Mercedes the first night- she's always the best DC tour guide. My parents arrived Saturday and stayed for a few days for a work conference for my dad. I picked them up from the airport Saturday evening and stayed with them in their hotel in National Harbor that night. On the way back to Virginia Beach, I stopped in Alexandria to have coffee with my friend Mackenzie, who is an old coworker from my college summer job! 


  • Most of my purchases from the past week were tech related! I bought a couple accessories for my new laptop, but most excitingly would be this cute MacBook cover! This is from the same Etsy shop that the cover was from for my previous laptop- I'd highly recommend their tech covers.
  • I also purchased this cover for my new Kindle! 
  • My one purchase from the Sephora Sale this week this little set of my new favorite lip products. I was also able to purchase it from my friend's account since she is a Rouge member, so it was nice to save 20% off! 


  • I've heard a lot of buzz about this face sunscreen from various influencers during the Sephora Sale- I might have to pick some up soon for summer at the beach. 
  • The most darling little floral wrap skirt.
  • These pink low heeled sandals are so cute and would match a lot of my spring outfits.
  • I want to get a few more crop tops for spring and summer. This one is under $20!
  • This pink winter coat is beautiful and currently marked down a good bit for end-of-season.

Currently reading: That Summer by Jennifer Weiner - I am loving this one!! This book is very juicy and definitely has an air of suspense. It would be the perfect summer beach read, and it's getting me excited for summer reading at the beach and pool. It's about two women who share the same first name and end up getting in touch via some accidental emails (as their email addresses are similar)... and it turns out they might share a lot more in common.

Currently watching: Honestly not much this week since I was out of town again this weekend! Still slowly making my way through Bridgerton Season 2, and I'm hoping to finish it this week.

Recipe of the week: Honestly I didn't do much cooking this week- lots of Trader Joe's meals and then I was out of town again over the weekend.

Song of the week: First Class by Jack Harlow - If you're also on TikTok, I guarantee this song has also been stuck in your head for the past few days right? It is definitely a bop, and I love how it samples Glamorous by Fergie (one of my favorite songs in middle school).

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • A Touch of Teal - Love seeing the outfits that Katie wore on her Hawaii trip! I can't believe how affordable this cute dress she wore in this post is.
  • Amy Littleson - This round-up of the best decor for bachelorette parties from Amy is so fun!! I'm bookmarking this as I will be starting soon on the early stages of planning my best friend Ciera's bachelorette next winter.
  • Summer Wind - A wonderful post from Sydney all about how to handle life's annoying disappointments with maturity and grace! A reminder we could all use sometimes.

On the blog this week:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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