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October 26, 2021

What I Can't Stop Procrastinating On.

      I've found that I am a lot more likely to do something that I need to do if I share it publicly on Instagram or my blog to hold myself accountable. Working my way through my first 101 in 1001 bucket list has really affirmed this! For the past few weeks, I've been trying to find the motivation to do a few last post-move tasks here in Virginia Beach. I'm still looking for that motivation, so today I figured I'd share these things with y'all in hopes that it will be the kick I need to actually do this stuff. Ha! 

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      As usual, let's start with a quick outfit note. This off-the-shoulder top is a favorite Amazon Fashion find for fall! It's affordable and comfy. I liked wearing it here with jeans and sneakers, but it would also be so cute with leggings too. It's really soft and kind of feels like a pajama top! The tote bag that I'm carrying in these photos represents a very special cause. It's from New Hope Girls, which is a non-profit organization for women in needed in the Dominican Republic. New Hope Girls provides vulnerable Dominican women with safe housing and employment. This tote was handmade with love by one of the women that New Hope Girls assists! I first learned about this brand through their annual partnership with Vera Bradley. While I love the bags that they release with Vera, it's cool to now own one from their own unique line too! 

     If you're reading this post on Tuesday, 10/26 (the day it's published) stay tuned tonight for a giveaway with New Hope Girls on my Instagram!

    Now onto my to-do list. 😊 It was the whirlwind of my life to move from Charlottesville to Virginia Beach this summer with only two and a half weeks notice! I am honestly really proud of myself for getting so much done in those couple weeks leading up to the move, and also within my first month in Virginia Beach. There are so many logistics with moving, and it's a lot to handle as one person! Fortunately, I've been done with almost everything for quite awhile. There's just three tasks left that I keep putting off.

     I need to find a new primary care doctor and dentist for myself, and a vet for Delilah. I liked my dentist and our vet in Charlottesville, and really loved my doctor there, so I just haven't been motivated to find all of this again. My benefits at work also took quite awhile to begin, so I also wasn't really able to look into dentists or doctors until I knew what my coverages and plans would look like. And now that I do have insurance again, I'm not just feeling very motivated to research all of this. 

     Finding a primary care doctor will probably be the most nerve-wracking out of the three of these. I had a phenomenal PCP in Charlottesville who I absolutely adored. (Side note: if you're from Cville- happy to share the name of the doctor I had!) Going to the doctor gives me a lot more anxiety than going to the dentist, and I just feel like it'll be tough to find one that I like and am as comfortable with as my last one. I've also heard from a few new Virginia Beach friends that a lot of the best practices are always full and never accepting new patients, so I feel like it'll be quiet a search and it just seems daunting to begin. 

      My goal is to have these three things secured and appointments made at all of them before December 1st. I am have back-to-back trips coming in the first part of November, and then it'll be Thanksgiving soon after, so with all of that I'm giving myself the whole month of November to get it done. I missed my annual physical, six month dental cleaning and Delilah's annual vet appointment because of moving, so I know I really do need to get on all of this.

     Are there any tasks that you're majorly procrastinating on right now and need some motivation for? Share with me so we can hold each other accountable!

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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