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October 27, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Fun painting pumpkins this weekend at fellow blogger Kelly-Anne's fall party! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • You Season 3 Anti-Vaccine Storyline: I have been so busy that I still haven't had time to finish You Season 3 yet! I'm about halfway through. Something that I've found interesting (and a bit uncomfortable) is the anti-vaccine storyline. What's very surprising is that according to this article, that storyline was already in place for this season before the pandemic even began. If you've seen the new season of You, what did you think of this part of the plot?
  • Virginia's iconic restaurant tree: This is such a cool local story from right out of Virginia Beach! There is an iconic tree that has made its home inside of an Italian restaurant for the past 36 years. Incredible right?! I actually have plans to check out this restaurant soon and I'm looking forward to seeing the tree in person.

Weekend recaps:

  • Last weekend:  Another fun and busy one! On Saturday, I volunteered for a mural painting project with Junior League at a local elementary school. Some of my friends in my New Member class were on the same shift that I was, which made it really fun. On Saturday night, my friend Bea came over and we decorated sugar cookies for Halloween. On Sunday, after church my friend Katie and I headed to a fall party at our fellow Junior League friend Kelly-Anne's farm, which was a lot of fun! That evening, I went to the second meeting of the new dinner club that I'm in (I'll share more about that soon- here's an old blog post about the Charlottesville dinner club that I was in!)
  • This weekend: I am volunteering at a Halloween work event for charity on Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon my friend Amanda and I are planning to check out a local brewery. I'm also hoping to have some fun Halloween plans Saturday night- stay tuned!


  • I purchased these fun faux leather pants for an upcoming trip! A bit edgier than my normal style, but I thought they were fun. Unfortunately I can't decide if I'm going to return them or not... they fit my legs perfectly but are a little tight in the stomach area. 
  • I already owned this floral blouse in a different color (seen in this post!), so when it went on sale in the darker print I had to scoop it up again.
  • These pajamas are definitely a splurge for sleepwear, but I do love treating myself to nice pajamas every now and then, and the design of these is SO cute. I'm saving them for my upcoming trip!


  • I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about the Shacket trend. Do y'all think I could pull one off? This one is at a reasonable price and I like the dark pink color option it comes in.
  • This hair tool for scalp massaging and eliminating shampoo build-up looks like it would be a great stocking stuffer this Christmas.
  • I bought a holiday gift set of eyeshadow sticks for myself last Christmas, and I've loved them. I'm almost all out of this shade, and I want to repurchase!
  • I am going to a wedding for two Charlottesville friends in a couple weeks. I am 99% sure I'm going to wear a dress that I already have, but if I wasn't, I love this classy option for a fall wedding.
  • This is definitely a splurge home item, but I'm considering adding this blue and white spoon rest to my Christmas list, as it would coordinate perfectly with my blue and white apartment kitchen.
  • This might be the most darling and preppy small desk calendar that I've ever seen! What a fun Christmas gift idea.

Currently reading: Khalil by Yasmina Khadra - Just started this novel. It's a unique perspective on the terrorist attacks in France in 2015, about a man who is supposed to be one of the terrorist bombers in the attack but ends up failing with his assignment. Definitely a dark and deep topic, but I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

Recipe of the week: Chicken Sausage Rigatoni from Hello Fresh - One of my favorite easy Hello Fresh pasta recipes! It came in my box last week and was just as good as I remember. This recipe would be very easy to do even if you don't subscribe to Hello Fresh (they share all their recipes online!). 

Song of the week: Justified by Kacey Musgraves - I am hit or miss on Kacey's music, but loving this song from her new album. More of a soft pop feel than country I feel like?

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • Come Home for Comfort - Whitney shared an insightful post about when it's okay to unfollow someone online (and how bible verses play a part in her making that discernment). 
  • Everyday Parisian - A super informative blog post about what it's actually like regarding COVID protocols to be traveling in France right now as an American!
  • Carly the Prepster - Carly is celebrating 1000 consecutive days of learning French on the Duolingo app! I've been using Duolingo for over a year now, and Carly's progress inspires me to keep going as well.

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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  1. Hi Annaliese, thank you so much for sharing my blog post! Hugs! <3 -Whitney


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