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January 6, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Let's get back to regularly scheduled content now that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is over! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • Welcome back: First Midweek Ramblings post of the year, and first in a few weeks! I took the past two weeks off from these posts during the holiday and first week of the year, but I'm happy to be back with some weekly updates. It's crazy to me how I've been writing these for years and years now, and they're still such popular blog posts at the end of each year. 😊
  • Resolutions this year:  I am generally a big New Years' Resolutions/Goals person, but this year I am struggling so much to make my list! I feel like this year is still so uncertain in so many ways, and I'm having trouble making definitive goals. The two resolutions I do have so far? 1) Learn how to French braid my hair and 2) Wear more matching pajama sets instead of the gyms shorts and college t-shirt combo that I normally wear to sleep. They're very small resolutions and definitely more superficial I know, but I think both will bring me joy at home! I will be sure to do a full blog post about them once I have some more serious and practical resolutions planned out as well. 
  • Sarah Flint Ambassador: I never got a chance to formally announce this on the blog back in December, so let me do it here and now! I am so delighted to announce that I'm a Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador for 2021. If you aren't familiar with Sarah Flint, they're a woman-owned luxury shoe company, where all shoes are handmade by artisans in Italy. I'd loved seeing their gorgeous shoes worn by my other favorite bloggers for years, so I was so excited when the opportunity came to join the program. I am now a proud owner of the Perfect Emma heels! I look forward to wearing them more this winter and writing a full review on the blog in February or March. In the meantime, you can always use my Sarah Flint ambassador code for $50 off a full priced pair of shoes- it's code SARAHFLINT-BAANNALIESELK


  • Let's start off with my new white noise machine. I'd had the same one since high school that I'd been sleeping with every night, and it finally died after many years of use! I'm a light sleeper, especially now with my early bedtime for work, so having one is kind of essential. I ordered this one- I'll keep y'all posted how it is. 
  • Now let's switch gears to Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale purchases! First up was this beautiful silk top. As soon as I saw it was in APS, I knew I needed to grab it at a great price. I wasn't able to shop right at 8am on Monday due to work, so a friend kindly logged on and got it for me!
  • Next up, sticking with the silk theme... I couldn't resist the Darlah dress!! I have absolutely no plans to wear this anywhere anytime soon (thanks COVID), but having it in my closet gives me hope for the future. 
  • And finally- I was delighted to see that the Lilly Pulitzer coffee table book from 2019 is in the sale! I have wanted this for awhile but couldn't justify paying full price. Can't wait to both read it and use it as decor. 


  • I've recently been going through my jeans drawer, and clearing out a couple pairs that have been well worn. I want to splurge sometime in the next few months on a pair of high quality distressed denim! All the distressed pairs I've had before have always been cheaper and don't last well.
  • A fun rainbow, ruffled sweater that's currently marked down quite a bit! 
  • I sense this winter will continue bringing more time at home than ever before, and I'm craving some luxury candles to brighten my every day. 

Currently reading: The Marriage Game by Sara Desai - I just finished this one! First book of 2021. It was okay... I liked the fact that it was about two Indian Americans and shared a lot about the dating culture for those that grew up around arranged marriage, but I found parts of the book slow and confusing. 

Recipe of the week: Best Sugar Cookies from Southern Curls and Pearls - Some weeks you just need a delicious homemade cookie pick-me-up! This recipe for classic sugar cookies from Caitlin at Southern Curls and Pearls is a favorite of mine. Making cut-out and decorated cookies isn't just for the holidays, you can enjoy them at any time of year! I also use the method that Caitlin links in her post to decorate them.

Song of the week: Hawai (Remix) by Maluma ft. The Weeknd - I love Latin pop, and I was so excited when it kind of made a comeback on mainstream radio a few years ago with Despacito! I love the English remix of this song featuring The Weeknd. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • What Nicole Wore - Nicole shared a helpful guide to applying renter-safe temporary wallpaper, as well as the pros and cons for doing it. I love the look of wallpaper and want to do some in my next apartment, so I'm bookmarking this post for the future!
  • Living Shae - One of my favorite After Party Sale blog posts this year was this fun round-up from Ebonee of all of her favorite APS purchases over the years! She's had so many great finds.
  • An Indigo Day -  Jessica shared a review of a new-to-me body product from the brand Vita Liberata. I've tried their face primer before and now want to try this item!

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Keep sharing favorite posts from other blogs - I love being introduced to new bloggers this way!

  2. I love reading your midweek ramblings although this is my first comment on your blog. First of all, happy New Year! Secondly, congratulations on becoming an ambassador. Well deserved! Also, I liked so many items on the LP sale but the one I wanted was sold out. :( Lastly, I just finished reading Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. I'll have to check out The Marriage Game. It sounds like a good read! I hope your week is going well so far and happy Wednesday!

    Maureen |


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