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February 24, 2020

Winter Q&A.

     Happy Monday friends! I'm halfway through a two week whirlwind period- I took Friday off work and was gone for a quick trip home to Maine, and then I have this Friday off as well and will be out of town again! I love to travel, but don't typically like to be gone back-to-back weekends, especially when the weekdays in between are extra busy. But I'm trying to stay positive and thankful to have had the opportunity to take some trips this month, and I'm really excited for what's on the agenda for this weekend! Last week I was only able to publish two blog posts with all the craziness, and this week might be the same. Going to try my best to get three up, but if it's only two again that's okay too. 😊

     Anyways- I like to do Q&A posts a couple times a year on the blog, so I thought today would be a great time to share an updated one! Y'all asked some really fun questions over on Instagram Stories- some of them I answered there as well and some I just wanted to save to answer in this blog post. 

Winter 2020 Q&A:

     *What is your all-time favorite Lilly Pulitzer print? Let's Cha Cha! I've had a few items in it over the years but never a dress- I'd love to eventually get my hands on a shift in it from a Lilly re-sale group. My favorite newer print is Sink or Swim- the colors do remind me of Let's Cha Cha!

     *Do you have any tips for going to bed early? My day job as a morning radio host kinda makes me an expert in this I suppose! 😉But anyways- yes I do! I've shared them before on the blog in this post- hope it's of help to anyone who wants to go to bed earlier and maximize their mornings! 

     *Give us an online dating update? After using apps pretty heavily for most of 2019 (and being ghosted around the holidays from someone I met on one), I decided to take a break from them to start off 2020. I deleted both the ones I was using on New Year's Day, and no regrets so far.

     *When are you visiting Norfolk, VA again? Oh- I would love to go back to Norfolk! I got to visit there for a press trip last May, and I absolutely fell in love with this cool coastal Virginia city. I have a lot of other travel plans coming up in the next few months so another weekend in Norfolk sadly isn't on the agenda for too soon, but I'd love to go back sometime later in 2020. I still haven't been to Virginia Beach either, so hopefully I could hit both!

     *How did you decide to start coloring your hair? I first colored my hair on my 25th birthday back in September! I answer why I wanted to start in this blog post, and then I shared a more recent hair color update and why I started doing balyage instead of highlights in this blog post.

     *What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I'm actually not a huge hard serve ice cream person- crazy I know! I definitely prefer soft serve, and I like both chocolate and vanilla for that (depends on my mood of which I'll order). I suppose when I do get hard serve I like any cookie related flavors like cookie dough or Oreo.

     *What's your favorite dessert? S'mores Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory- hands down! If this was a more aesthetically pleasing cake and not so brown in color, I would 100% serve this as my wedding cake haha. The homemade marshmallow is just insanely good on it!

     *Do you have a Netflix guilty pleasure to re-watch? That 70s Show! One of my all-time favorite TV shows- and still just as funny to me as the first time I saw it.

     *Why do you spell your name differently on the radio? Oooh- great question! And I don't think I've ever answered this specifically in my Radio 101 blog post series. Radio names are pretty common in the industry, similarly to how they are in the music world. Some people use them for a "wow factor" if their real name isn't super unique or exciting, and some people use them more for the privacy benefit. When I worked at my first job in Vermont, I used a radio name that was very different from my real name (something I was encouraged to do by my bosses there). I found though that for me personally, I much preferred using the sound of my actual name on-air. It felt more authentic and real! When I had my job interview in Virginia a couple years ago, I told me soon-to-be bosses that I wanted to use something that sounded just like Annaliese on-air, but spelled differently so I'd still get the privacy benefits of a radio name. So at work my name is spelled Anna Lise (pronounced the same), and in real life and on the blog I'm Annaliese! 😊

     *Pepsi or Coke? Neither! I don't drink soda.

     *What movie always makes you cry? Hmmm... I don't know if I have an answer to this! I rarely cry at movies or TV shows- I think the last time I cried watching something was an episode of Jane the Virgin a few years ago where a major character died. I honestly can't think of a movie right now off the top of my head.

     *What is your favorite grape varietal? Oooh a fitting question for the frequent winery visitor that I am! I'm definitely more of a white wine girl, and since falling in love with Virginia wineries I've developed a special fondness for Viognier, which is a French grape that is one of the top varietals in Virginia! Generally speaking I tend to really enjoy the Viognier at most local wineries.

     I also received several blogging and social media related questions! I've decided to wait on answering those today and instead to do a separate blog post on them, which I'm guessing I'll have ready in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone though who submitted these- Q&A posts are always fun!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I have always wondered about radio names! That is so interesting!

  2. This was such a fun read! I need to take your advice on getting to bed earlier.

  3. I enjoyed this post. More Q&A please. Enjoy your trips.

  4. What great and interesting questions! I was really fascinated by the radio name question. That's something I had no idea about!


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