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February 17, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2020: Try-On + Sizing Info!

     One of my 2020 goals for the blog is to bring y'all more Lilly Pulitzer style content throughout the whole year. I do cover the twice a year After Party Sales pretty heavily on the blog, which y'all seem to respond really well to (at least according to my blog's analytics!). While the After Party Sales are so much fun and a great time to get the most bang for your buck with Lilly, there's lots happening with Lilly Pulitzer throughout the rest of the year too. 

    I had the chance last week to go into the local Lilly Pulitzer store right here in Charlottesville to shoot a try-on session for y'all with their new Valentine's and Spring collections! This stuff is good y'all! I loved just about everything I tried on. Even if you're not in the market for new Lilly right now, it's a good idea to start making a mental note of styles you like so you'll be prepared in a few months for the next After Party Sale!

    We are so lucky here in Charlottesville to have a company owned Lilly Pulitzer store! It's located conveniently in Barracks Road Shopping Center, and the store staff is all super sweet and ready to help you find whatever Lilly items your heart desires. Another fun perk of shopping at a company-owned Lilly store is that each store has at least one dressing room that pays homage to the city that the store is in! I had the privilege of using the Charlottesville themed dressing room for this try-on- you can spot some iconic Charlottesville landmarks like the University of Virginia, Monticello, and more on the walls behind me!

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     *Pamala Top in High Tide Navy Hey Hey Bouquet - size S
     *Kelly Pant in Resort White - size 6
     How darling is the Pamala Top? It's a little bit thicker/more durable than Lilly's classic Elsa tops- but similarly to an Elsa it can be dressed up or down. Size S was a perfect fit for me. I think the vibrant colors of the Hey Hey Bouquet print popped perfectly against white pants. This outfit could be a cute alternative to a dress for spring occasions like Easter, graduations, showers and more! The Kelly Pant is very flattering on but they don't typically have a ton of stretch with them- I sized up here to a 6.

     Hello hot pink sweater of my dreams!! The Brigitte Sweater is made of the most comfortable cashmere, and I love the bright hues of both shades of pink in it. We've been having a weirdly mild winter overall in Virginia this year (I haven't even had a chance to wear a lot of favorite sweaters already in my closet yet), but I really did love the look of this so it's something I might be on the hunt for in the APS this coming summer! The S fit TTS on me. 

     I don't actually own any Ophelia dresses for myself yet, but I love some of Lilly's similar casual styles like the Marlowe and Sophie! I think 2020 is the year I need to finally have an Ophelia of my own- such a flattering style for all body types! The one I'm wearing here is a little more casual, and I wear a dressier version of this style later on in this try-on. Small fits me perfectly in the Ophelia. I'm also wearing a pair of Lilly sandals here with this dress! 

     This is the most casual outfit of the try-on and I'm feeling total Spring Break vibes!! The Bowen Top had an interesting fit to it- I wore the S and it was a bit looser up top and tighter around the stomach. Not my favorite fit (to be honest!), but it still looked cute on, and it might be more comfortable on someone differently sized/proportioned. And of course Lilly shorts are a must for warm weather! 

     Ah the Mila dress- such a classic Lilly style! If I had to pick the most on-brand outfit for myself... it would probably be a brightly colored and classic Lilly shift like this. How pretty is it in this print? FYI I personally don't find the Mila dresses have a ton of stretch, so I always get a 6 instead of my usual size 4! 

     This dress is from Lilly's Valentine's capsule collection! I loved the Kayla Dress way more than I expected to- talk about a cute date night dress right?! I'm wearing a 4 and it was a perfect fit, I found it did have a little stretch to it. I love the colors of this print and the sleeves are darling! 

     Typically with my own Lilly purchases I go for more of the bright colors and prints, but this dress is making me think I need to start adding more darker Lilly into my closet. How classy is this dress? Wearing it kind of made me sad that my day job does have a casual dress code- if I worked in a more formal office I think this would look amazing with a blazer and pumps! The 4 fit me perfectly TTS, it does have some stretch to it. 

     This dress in this color literally made me feel like a human Tiffany & Co. box and I'm here for it!! ๐Ÿ˜The color Blue Ibiza is the most stunning shade, and the Adalee Dress is a darling style as well. The size 4 fit TTS. I don't have any occasions coming up too soon sadly that I'd need this for, but I'm definitely going to be looking for it in the next APS. 

     If you have a white dress occasion this year, look no further than Lilly! They always release several gorgeous white dress options each spring/summer. One of the ones for spring is the Valli Shift Dress! Wouldn't this be cute for a bride-to-be or a graduation? Like most classic Lilly shifts, it didn't have a ton of stretch so I sized up to a 6. This one was also a little tighter in the stomach on me than other styles I tried on- FYI!

     The most unexpected favorite outfit I tried on last week! I wasn't sure how the Daise Dress would look on, but I LOVED it. So incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear!! I'm wearing the 6 but it did have a little more stretch to it than other shifts I tried on- I potentially could've fit comfortably in the 4 as well. 

     Here's the dressier version of the Ophelia! Just like the more casual version (that I tried on earlier in this post), the nicer lace version is still super flattering and comfortable. I think this would look amazing with nude pumps and pearls! And that pink color? *swoon* Size S fit me perfectly. 

     And finally- one more white dress option! The Adalee Dress also comes in white right now. Another darling option for brides-to-be or for graduations. I worried this dress in white might be see-through, but it's well lined and not see-through at all! 

    And there you go- all of my favorite styles from the Lilly Pulitzer Spring and Valentine's collections! Thank you again to Lilly Pulitzer Charlottesville for letting me hang out and try everything. ๐Ÿ˜ŠIf you're local or visiting Cville- be sure to check out our wonderful Lilly store, located in Barracks Road Shopping Center! The staff truly is the best, and they'll help you find all these looks and more.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. So many beautiful pieces! You look gorgeous in those long dresses, hard to pick a favorite but loving how the long one looks on you!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  2. I'm obsessed with the Adalee in turquoise on you! I have the navy one and love it so I highly recommend it :) Love the new Lilly content!

  3. OMG this is all gorgeous! I especially love the fist turquoise dress. Baby girl got her second little Lilly outfit this weekend. One of my goals is to wear more Lilly and include it on my blog. I need the matching dress for me now.

  4. I love that maxi dress and super bright pink dress! I love allll the Lilly Pulitzer content girl!

    Juliana Grace |


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