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December 9, 2019

Purse Review: Why I Love My Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote!

    If you follow other bloggers (especially other preppy bloggers), chances are you have seen others style and share about Barrington Gifts totes before. I found out about Barrington Gifts from other bloggers years ago! I was immediately captivated by how classic their tote styles are, and I loved the fact that they could be so customized. I've now been using my first Barrington Gifts St. Anne tote for about a month, and I'm excited to share a full review of this bag with y'all today!

Photography by Kate Greer and myself

This post contains affiliate links. My St. Anne tote is c/o Barrington Gifts. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Southern Belle in Training!

     Barrington Gifts is a Texas based accessories company that was founded 25 years ago, although they have really gained popularity in the last few years (probably in part thanks to bloggers! 😉). They make everything from travel accessories to writing utensils to tech accessories, but are probably best known for their stylish and classic totes. The St. Anne tote is their iconic style! It used to only be available as an open tote bag without a zipper, but they recently started making a zipped version as well (which is the one I have). Barrington makes a variety of different fabric patterns and monogram styles for their totes- I love anything customizable and always thought designing one of these totes for myself would be so fun!

     I'd been thinking about getting a Barrington Gifts tote for years, and then at NYFW last winter my friend Gentry brought one of her favorite Barrington bags. After trying hers out to compare to the bag I had brought for NYFW, I was shocked at how lightweight it was! These bags don't just look cute, they're also durable and comfortable to carry.

     I've shared on the blog how my mom and I were supposed to be in Spain for Thanksgiving week this year for a fun trip! I thought that a St. Anne tote would be the perfect option for a carry-on for an international flight. I especially loved knowing that this bag style was now available in a zippered option (definitely smart for safety on a big trip!). Sadly as y'all know, our trip ended up getting cancelled due to an injury that my mom has. But I still had my gorgeous new St. Anne tote ready to be worn, so I ended up using it instead as a carry-on for a brief trip home to Maine for Thanksgiving!

     When I read review blog post on other blogs, I always love seeing more candid photos of bloggers using the product they're reviewing, instead of just styled photos specifically for their blog. I snapped iPhone photos using my St. Anne tote for traveling home to Maine, Black Friday shopping, and taking it out downtown for my hometown tree lighting ceremony that I went to! This bag was perfect for all three of these scenarios. The St. Anne tote that I have is in the Navy Geometric fabric print- which is just one of the many color choices they have!

    After using my new St. Anne tote over the past few weeks both for travel and out and about around Charlottesville, I can definitely say that I love this bag!! Barrington Gifts totes aren't the cheapest (my bag retails for $180), but I think this is a worthwhile investment to make. Their designs are 100% customizable and gorgeous- there are pretty much endless options to tailoring it exactly how you want it! I've loved using this as a travel bag, and it would also make an excellent work bag. My laptop fits in here comfortably, and I still have tons of additional room.

     I'm already thinking about getting a second St. Anne tote in more summery colors for the upcoming seasons, or trying out some of the other fun products that Barrington Gifts makes! If you also have a crush on these bags like I did (and might be undecided whether to splurge or not), I hope this review helps you! The last date to order items to arrive in time for Christmas is December 16th, 2019. Here are a few other fun Barrington Gifts items:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I have been wanting this tote for so long as well!

  2. Such a cute design, looks like the perfect size!

    Anika |

  3. I am SOOOOOOOO glad you love your Barrington! I am 1000% obsessed with both of mine and think they are worth every penny!

  4. Ahhh I love your Barrington tote. I have this same bag, but with a light pink stripe and circle monogram. I love their totes so much. I also have a white one for summer. I am planning on getting one of their baby bags. They hold up so well and are adorable.


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