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December 4, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{I had fun going out for drinks and dinner at a new-to-me restaurant while I was home in Maine for Thanksgiving! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}

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  • US regional cultures theory: This might be the most fascinating article I've seen this week. It is written by a journalist who has a theory that North America is home to 11 distinct regional cultures. After reading the descriptions for my homeland (Yankeedom) and where I live now (Tidewater)- I think both are spot on! And as a geography nerd this all fascinated me. Does your home state or current home line up with its description?
  • Christmas decorations: The weekend before Thanksgiving, my roommate and I put up our Christmas tree and decorated our living room! There's just something so special about having all of the beautiful holiday decorations up- I feel like I'm going to be more of a homebody over the next few weeks so I can enjoy it. I also have a new fake tree this year so things look a little different than the last few! I always enjoy sharing my tree and decor each year on the blog- I'll try and snap some photos soon for a blog post!
  • Car mystery: I shared on Instagram Stories on Thanksgiving that I had quite a stressful travel day trying to fly home to Maine! I had an early flight out of Dulles airport in Washington DC, so I had to be in the car headed that way before 3:30am. I made it outside and loaded my bags on time... the only problem was my car didn't start! I had to wait to get it jumped and take a later flight to Maine. Anyways- I finally had my car looked at a couple days ago. The mechanic could find nothing wrong with it! 😂The battery is fine and everything else is apparently fine. He had no idea why it didn't start on Thanksgiving. Just weird luck I guess!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: I was at home in Maine for a quick Thanksgiving trip to see my parents! It was a pretty mellow trip and I didn't do anything too exciting, but I did get to catch up with a couple friends while I was home which was nice.
  • This weekend: We have one of our biggest charity events of the year at work on Friday, so it'll be a busy start to the weekend! Saturday is Candle Day at Bath and Body Works which I always miss year after year, but I'm planning to be at the mall bright and early to stock up on candles at their lowest prices of the year! I am so excited haha.

Purchases: Here's a recap of what I got for myself on Black Friday!

  • Obsessed with the colors in this plaid skirt
  • I'm not currently in the market for a new purse (which is why I sat out this item when it was marked down for Black Friday), but if I was I would've gotten this classy one last week!
  • Something else I was tempted to get on Black Friday but restrained from: this darling coat! I love the green color (I just don't need another new jacket right now). 
  • Speaking of coats- here's a fab leopard one for under $100!
  • Not a fashion item- but I am dying to order more of this incredible tea that I got in Charleston a couple months ago!! Nothing that I've found at my local grocery stores compares. 

Currently reading: The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand. I read The Perfect Couple, another of Elin's books, while I was home over Thanksgiving and I LOVED it. I wanted to follow it up right away with another one from her! I like The Castaways a lot so far.

Recipe of the week: Light and Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup from A Spicy Perspective. I'm on a huge winter soup kick right now, and this one is so delicious! I always add extra red pepper flakes to it to make it a little spicier.

Song of the week: My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears. In honor of the fact the radio station I work for has switched to all Christmas music, here's one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs! Sadly we don't actually play this on the station I work for, but I listen to it enough each December on Spotify to make up for it. True story: I did this song in a lip sync battle in one of my college classes a few years ago which is probably one of my funniest college memories!

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Girl Meets Bow - My friend Gentry is newly engaged, but she shared a heartfelt blog post about some of the lessons that God taught her in her single/waiting years! 
  • Vandi Fair - Lauren broke down the top myths about taking cruises- this is a helpful travel resource.
  • A Byers Guide - My friend Courtney recently announced her pregnancy, and I loved reading her first trimester recap. So happy for her and her husband!

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Thanks for the share sweet friend! I am so glad the post encouraged you!

  2. Omg I've never done Candle Day at Bath & Body Works...might need to make plans to attend!
    Hayden //

  3. Great post, had a look at the list US regional cultures, and have to agree with it as well.
    The skirt from Loft is gorgeous! Adding it to my wish list too!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  4. That US regional article is so funny! It's so true. I've always thought about how amazing America is because we have so many cultures in one country.

  5. I cannot wait to see your Christmas decor! That’s so weird about your car. I have a mysterious noise that comes from mine that no-one can figure out. Aww thanks for the sweet shout out. We are so blessed.


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