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June 3, 2019

Popsicle Skirt.

     As soon as I got this skirt in the mail a couple months ago, the first thing I could think of was "This makes me feel like a human Popsicle!" A human Popsicle in a flattering way that is. 😉 While I don't eat Popsicles very often anymore, they were my favorite summer treat for years when I was growing up. Plus- they're often super colorful and just a fun symbol of the summer season. Anyways, I shared my Popsicle skirt on Instagram a few months ago, but I've been wanted to give it a blog post as well!

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Skirt c/o // Top c/o // Watch c/o // Shoes {very similar} // Purse c/o {very similar} // 

     Now that you've seen the photos- are we all in agreement there are serious Popsicle vibes here? Haha! Real talk though- I love the three colors of this skirt, and how great they all look together! My love for fun colors in my outfits definitely gets even stronger in the summer months. Midi skirts are perfect to wear in the summer, and I loved wearing this outfit on my recent trip to Norfolk. I thought that a white top would pair well with my skirt- I really wanted the skirt to shine, and not wear something that would detract from it. I thought this white cold shoulder blouse was perfect! Definitely a little bit more elegant than a basic t-shirt or tank top, but not too distracting from the skirt.

     I hope that you all had a great weekend! I've seriously been so lucky lately- each weekend has been better than the last. I have been out of town for the past few weekends though, so I'm looking forward to spending the next couple ones here in Charlottesville. In the month of May alone- I spent weekends all over the state of Virginia: I found myself everywhere from Staunton, Roanoke, Alleghany Highlands, Norfolk and Richmond! Whew- what a month! I love to travel, but I get really overwhelmed if I'm gone for several weekends in a row. Ideally- I love to travel one weekend, then be home the next, then repeat! Anyways, happy to have had so many fun Virginia road trip adventures from the last few weeks, but ready to be here in Cville for a bit coming up!

    God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. oh my gosh this culd NOT be the cutest skirt i ever did see :) i love all the colors so adding it to my cart to hopefully look as adorable as you!

  2. Looks beautiful! This skirt is so cute! I love the colors and the combo with the blouse!

  3. This skirt is SO CUTE. I love the whole outfit!!!

  4. This skirt just makes me happy- it's so darling on you!

  5. This skirt is so gorgeous! It totally does give me major popsicle vibes and I love it. The colors are so gorgeous and perfect for summer. I love that white top you styled it with, you’re right it’s more elegant than a basic tee. I’m also so glad to hear that each weekend is getting better and better. I’m loving keeping up with them.

  6. This popsicle skirt is so cute! I love all the peachy tones!

  7. What a fun skirt! The top is super cute, too.

  8. This is way too cute! I adore anything that reminds me of sweets, and the colours on this skirt are really pretty ☺️

  9. This is super cute! Definitely different but I love it! Totally digging those earrings too!

  10. I think this might be my favorite thing I’ve seen you share. The colors are perfect! You look gorgeous. 😀

  11. That skirt is sooo cute! I've actually been eye-balling it for a while lol! I love how you styled it!


  12. This is the CUTEST skirt! I'm obsessed with the colors.

  13. LOVE this skirt! It's perfect for a spring/summer event.


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