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January 4, 2019

Lilly Pulitzer Winter 2019 After Party Sale: ALL The Details!

     The month of January just got a lot more COLORFUL! The details about the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale are here, and I'm breaking down everything in today's blog post. I typically do my pre-Lilly sale posts in Q&A style- I'd like to think I'm a veteran After Party Sale shopper by now!

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     Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Q &A: 

  •      What is the After Party Sale? The After Party Sale is Lilly Pulitzer's best sale of the year! It is held twice a year, online and in Lilly Pulitzer official stores (some signature stores choose to participate as well), at the end-of-summer, and again right after the holidays in the winter. Lilly Pulitzer merchandise rarely goes on sale, and during the APS various fashion pieces and accessories are marked down between 30-70% off depending on the item! Shipping is also FREE (although it is always free shipping at Lilly- sale or no sale! 😉). If you're familiar at all with the Lilly brand, you know that their dresses and other apparel can be a bit expensive. I buy a lot of my Lilly pieces during the APS since those prices fit my budget much better! 

  •      When is the After Party Sale? The winter edition of the After Party Sale is held in January- it's something fun to look forward to after the holidays!  This year the January APS is running online Monday, January 7th and Tuesday, January 8th. (MARK YOUR CALENDAR!) The in-store preview sale is being held THIS WEEKEND, Saturday and Sunday January 5-6thThe online sale always opens to the public at 8 am EST. Trust me... from experience, if you can be online and waiting in the shopping queue at 8, you WANT to be!! I realize that some of you might be at work or in class during that time, or doing your morning commute then. If possible, arrange your Monday morning schedule so you'll be able to shop right when it opens! The previous APS in September 2018 was my first time shopping in-store for the weekend preview, and that was a really fun experience as well!

  •      What is the queue shopping system? If this is your first time shopping in an After Party Sale, you might be surprised at how popular this is! Lilly's website gets an enormous amount of traffic in the first day of the After Party Sale! If you're online and ready to shop at 8 am, you will be placed into a queue while waiting for the website to open. You might get scared if you see your shopping number say something very high like 50,000... but don't panic! Lilly uses this system to try and prevent website crashes (which have happened before). Generally speaking, the line does move quite quickly. I can only think of one APS when I had to wait a full two hours for my number to get me into the website, and even then I was still able to purchase the item that I wanted! Other times, I've gotten into shop in less than 20 minutes. The main thing to remember is DO NOT refresh your browser! Just wait it out - it will pay off. Something you can do though is shop on multiple devices! Pull out your laptop, work computer, iPad, phone (Lilly has an iPhone app!), old iPod Touch, etc. A final tip for today- if you don't have a shopping account with Lilly Pulitzer yet, make one NOW! This will save you so much time for the day that the sale opens. 

  •      I hate online shopping and the queue sounds stressful! Can I shop in-store instead? YES! All Lilly Pulitzer company owned stores and most signature stores participate in the APS. This is a great way to support your local Lilly store by shopping in-store instead of online! Some stores even do an in-store preview of sale merchandise the day before the sale. Find your closest Lilly store here! A lot of signature stores post their APS merchandise on their websites or Instagram, so if something you love sells out on the Lilly website, you can try shopping that way too! Two signature stores that I love supporting are The Pink Colony in Stowe, VT, and Pink Tangerine in my hometown, Kennebunk ME. 

  •      Any shopping strategy tips? Something to keep in mind is that the After Party Sale is 100% FINAL SALE, so if you purchase something that does not fit, you will have to get creative in ways of reselling the items. I recommend browsing the Lilly Pulitzer website now to get an idea for the types of clothing and accessories that you might want. These exact pieces might not be the ones featured in the sale, but chances are there will be something similar! (Like the same style dress in another print.) What I'm looking for honestly varies each time there is an After Party Sale! It would be very smart to take inventory of your current Lilly pieces or your general preppy wardrobe this weekend, so that you can know if you're looking for a certain type of Lilly item when the sale opens online!

  •      How does sizing work for Lilly Pulitzer? This is a brand where sizing does vary between different styles of clothing! I've worn everything from an XS to an M, and numeric sizes 2-6, depending on the piece of clothing. If you're not familiar with Lilly, if possible try and get to a store before the APS so that you can try on some pieces yourself and get an idea for what you like. I published an in-store try-on blog post during the last APS a few months ago- you can read that here and find out more about which sizes I wear in which styles!

     I hope that helps you familiarize yourself with the After Party Sale! I have a confession to make though for my plans to shop it... this is the first After Party Sale in years that I'll be sitting out! 😱I know that you're probably thinking "WHAT?" Especially since I just spent this entire blog post telling you why I think this sale is amazing and why you should shop it. Let me explain!

     While I was home for Christmas, the Lilly signature store in my hometown (Pink Tangerine) was having an AMAZING in-store sale. Seriously... prices on some items rivaled APS prices! I had Christmas money fresh in my pockets, and that day I just ended up buying a lot more Lilly than I counted on! I decided to sit out this APS since I just bought a lot of new Lilly items just a couple weeks ago. The good news though is that I'm 99% sure everything I purchased (or at least most of it) should be included in the After Party Sale, so hopefully on Monday I can still link to what I recently purchased! 

     I would love to hear if you're planning to shop this After Party Sale, and what items you'll be looking for! And good luck to those of you who are planning to hit Lilly stores for the in-store preview this weekend- I hope you find some amazing pieces. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. oh my gosh i am LOVING the outfit you posted and love all of Lilly Pulitzer clothing! So colorful to start the new year!

  2. I love that outfit on you, A! I haven't shopped the APS in a couple years because it always at the exact moments I commit to saving more money and limiting the amount that I shop! I do love a Lilly sale, though, and I picked up a few pieces when I was shopping in NYC last week!

  3. I've never shopped anything Lilly but I know it's such a highly raved about brand! I'll have to check it out.

  4. I've never heard of this before. Sounds like a great way to get a good sale!

  5. Thanks for letting us know about the sale! I love Lily Pulitzer

  6. You are the LP queen! I don’t own an LP clothes.

  7. I'm not planning on shopping it, but I love seeing all the pieces/prints!

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