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January 8, 2019


     I'm so excited to finally be sharing my Charlottesville apartment tour with y'all! These posts will be my Tuesday series for the month of January, so today and all other Tuesdays this month I'll be sharing different rooms of my apartment. In February, I'll have a new series to post on Tuesdays!

     I've shared my apartments in Charlotte, NC and Vermont previously on the blog, so I've been really excited to finally show y'all my place here in Charlottesville! I currently live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. These photos were actually taken a few months ago back in the fall... but I'm just now getting around to sharing! Since then, I have purchased a couch, so my living room does look somewhat different! I'll share some updated photos of the room with the couch later this month. 

Photography by Meredith Sledge

{All furniture and decor pictured are older pieces or purchased from discount stores, but you can comment/email me if you're curious about where something specific is from!}

     Here's my living room / blog office in my Charlottesville apartment! The orange chairs, my blog desk, and a few other pieces of furniture came with me from my Vermont living room. My mom had the orange chairs were actually in the TV room at my home back in Maine, and she generously gave them to me to use in Vermont. I guess now they're mine! 😊 Now that I have a couch, the orange chairs are actually where the blog desk is in these photos. I've just shifted the location some stuff around in the living room to make room for the couch! 

      The gorgeous teal art piece above my television was a great At Home find! I am obsessed with the store At Home, I cannot walk in there and not buy anything. Usually I walk out of there after spending $100+, haha! Anyways, this art piece is one of my very favorite things from At Home. My mom actually picked it out for me when she visited me last spring! We went to Richmond for a day trip (where the nearest At Home is), and her great eye spotted that art piece amongst many others. I think it looks so much more unique and expensive than where it came from / what I paid for it, and I foresee having it for many years to come.

     I think that my living room decor style is bright, bold, and colorful, which is very similar to how my clothing style is! I can't wait to share some updated living room pictures soon which feature my couch- I feel like I finally have a "full" living room.

     My lease was expiring in a couple months, and I just renewed it for six more months. I am considering moving into a townhome with girlfriends in the fall when it's up (I'm sure I'll do a more detailed blog post on that if it ends up happening), but for now I'm loving my little Charlottesville solo bachelorette pad!

     Another room in my apartment will be on the blog next Tuesday!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. Girl, your space looks so nice! I always love just how well it fits your personality! Great job!

  2. What a lovely and colorful space. You're so on trend with the 2019 Pantone Color of The Year with that coral/orange! The teal is really the perfect complementary color too. I love it!

  3. I love how vibrant and colorful your living room is!

  4. Such a lovely space! I love all the colors! The space looks so vibrant!

  5. oh what a happy space you have! i have that sweet pink, fluffy run, but mine is on my chair at work. :) love this tour.

  6. What a cute space! I love the bright colors and decor you chose!

  7. Your living room is so cute! I love all the color!

  8. I love the ceiling fan! It reminds me of my childhood - everyone used to have one, except my parents, haha.

  9. You have created such a cute, comfortable space for yourself! I love all the pops of color!

  10. I love the colors! Your desk chair is my favorite! I could get a lot of work done there :)

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