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January 10, 2019

2019: Resolutions + Word of the Year.

     Time to dive into all things 2019!! I wanted to get this blog post up last week, but then the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale happened, so this is getting published a little later. 😊I'm so excited to share my 2019 resolutions and word of the year with you! I think this is the first time ever that I've picked a word of the year, but I'm really happy about the one I chose. I'll also recap my 2018 resolutions and let you know which I completed, and which didn't work out. 

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2018 Resolutions Recap:

     Last January, I shared my 2018 resolutions in this blog post. I had three for the year that I wrote about in that post, and one more that didn't make the blog. Here's how I did with everything:

  • Complete 52 Week Savings Plan again (previously completed as 2016 resolution): Yes and no for this one? I did a specific savings plan in 2016 to grow my savings account, and at the beginning of 2018 I tried to follow it again. Once I began my job in Virginia in March, I just started having a certain sum out of every paycheck taken out automatically for savings... which added up to be more than the plan I was following at the beginning of the year. So I'm going to say YES for this one?
  • Do a minimum of two workouts a week, with goal of running a 5k in 2018: A big fat NO on this one for the running part- I actually had a revelation in 2018 that I hate running and shouldn't keep forcing myself year after year to stick it out on the treadmill and become a runner. It's just not something I enjoy and I stopped being motivated to do it! I did however join a gym this fall in Charlottesville, and I was able to find workout classes that I do love and finally get into a solid fitness routine.
  • 3. Spend quiet time each weekday morning in uninterrupted prayer: Sadly this one ended up being a NO. I was great about this while I lived in Vermont, but after moving I didn't stick with morning prayer time. Now I think I'm awake too early in the AM to do this before work, but it would be nice to set aside a time for this each day in the afternoon or evenings now.
  • 4. Read 30 books: YES! So proud of this one. I read 48! My goal is 52 (a book a week) for 2019.
  • Pay off broadcasting school: YES! The majority of my education debt was from this, so since I paid that off in 2018 the rest of my debt from undergrad feels very small in comparison.

2019 Resolutions:

     Here are my goals for this year!! A couple self-improvement/serious ones, and a couple fun ones:

  • Pay off my remaining student loan: I want to get DEBT FREE this year!! And I am so close! I am very thankful that my parents paid a good bit of my college tuition, and I also had a generous merit scholarship as well. I did have to take out one loan to cover the rest, and this year I want to finish paying that off. Once I'm done my student loan debt, I plan to start saving for a car and a trip abroad! 
  • Get baptized: I feel ready to take this next step in my Christian faith journey! I accepted Christ in middle school, but all through high school/college I always felt like I wanted to wait until I was a young adult to be baptized. I feel very at peace in my faith here in Charlottesville and I feel like this would be a great year to do it.
  • Read 52 books: A slightly bigger reading goal than last year, but I love to read and utilize the library so I feel like this will happen! 
  • Go to the gym / workout 3x per week, no expections: I'm done making excuses for fitness and I want to work out at minimum 3x week this year! While I hope most of that is at the gym (since I pay for that membership!), things like hikes or playing tennis totally count as well of course. The goal is just to make being active a few times a week a must! 
  • Gossip less: This one will be harder to monitor, but I really want to hold myself accountable to watching my words this year. Less talking badly about other people, more words of affirmation! I really hope to honor Christ with the way that I talk about others.
  • Cook dinner at home two nights a week: I got very out of my cooking schedule in 2018- part of that was due to my work schedule shifting a few times, and also having more of a social life here in Charlottesville. I've finally figured out that I really want Sunday/Monday night and Thursday nights to be my cooking nights at home! The leftovers from those meals will help with lunches and other dinners, and then I can still go out to eat with friends once a week as well.

2019 Word of the Year:

     I am pretty sure this is my first time ever jumping on the word of the year train, but I'm really excited about it! My word for 2019 is "rooted." I picked this word because this is the first year in many that I don't (foresee) moving to a new city and state. I'm excited to spend all of 2019 here in Charlottesville! 2018 was a year of discovery- learning all about Central Virginia, making friends, and starting to feel acclimated in my new home. Now that I am fully settled in, I want to build on that. I want to deepen the friendships that I made last year, celebrate my one year working for my company and continue to educate myself in the radio industry,  continue to explore Charlottesville and Virginia as a whole (and start re-visiting my favorite places), and feel more confident handling the "adulting" responsibilities of adulthood. Another big part of my word of the year is continuing to become more involved at my church! Starting later this month, I'll be hosting social gatherings for the 20s/30s somethings at my church, and I can't wait to bring more of my love for hospitality into my church community.

     I did a resolutions check-in post midway through 2018 (which helped me stay accountable!), so I'll plan to do another one of those sometime this summer! I'm looking forward to wrapping up my 2018 recap posts soon, and next week I'll be sharing my favorite purchases from the year.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese



  1. I can not believe you read that many books!!! Holy cow - I don't think I even read a few haha! I'm proud of you for making the commitment to hit the gym more and cook at home! Congrats on being debt free by the end of the year - that is HUGE!

  2. Annaliese, I love that you are setting goals and it is impressive to see how much you accomplished of your goals from last year! The plan to gossip less is something I think we could all work on, it can be so easy to fall into that habit. It sounds like your 2019 has big things in store!

  3. i just adore you. i hope you have so much fun with all of that reading and exercise and enjoy 2019! Clare Kennedy @ Oh These Are The Good Old Days

  4. Those sound like some great goals. I heard about the word of the year thing last year. It seems like it's catching on! Good luck on sticking to your resolutions!

  5. I love your word of the year- I think "rooted" is perfect for you! I can't wait to see how it shapes your year!

  6. Thanks for sharing your resolutions and "word" with us! "Rooted" is a beautiful word choice for 2019. I'm a big fan of choosing a word for each year too. Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

  7. I love your word (and it's one I haven't heard of - so I think that's fantastic!) It's been fun to follow your journey and I'm excited to see what 2019 holds for you!

    xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  8. I love all this... to goals... the word everything! My word is re-build. I hope in a few years I can steal your word because it just sounds so refreshing and beautiful!

  9. These are all great goals. I wish I had more time to read. I read a ton online but I only read 5 or 6 books a year. I'd like it to be more.

  10. Congrats on the goals you DID accomplish last year. It does help to reflect on goals achieved, learn from those we didn't achieve, and move forward with motivation and purpose in the new year.

    Like you, I do regularly endeavor to have my quiet time every morning. I also need to start exercising regularly again, and get more sleep. We are working on paying off hubby's and my student loans, but mine will take a LONG time, since it's for my graduate studies (master and doctorate) and it's over $100K!


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