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November 13, 2018

Monticello Wine Trail: Pippin Hill Vineyards.

     Out of all the vineyards in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the entire Monticello Wine Trail region... the one that I kept hearing over and over again that I just HAD to visit was Pippin Hill Vineyards! A lot of people that I've met in Virginia will rave on and on about Pippin's scenic location, their wide array of wines, and just the overall atmosphere of the winery. They're also one of the top wineries in the area for weddings and events, which I've heard they do a great job at! I wanted to save visiting Pippin Hill for the first time for a special occasion.

    My friend Anna from Vermont came to visit me last month, and I thought that was the perfect occasion to finally check out Pippin. I'd also heard that this winery was a great one to bring out of town guests too, and it didn't disappoint! Pippin Hill is located about 10 miles from downtown Charlottesville, and it's conveniently located right off of US-29. You're greeted by the scenic grey barn doors (pictured above) as you walk towards the tasting room! There is also an amazing pizza restaurant called Dr. Ho's Humble Pie located less than a mile from Pippin Hill- I highly recommend doing lunch there and then following it up with wine.

     Pippin Hill offers a large variety of both red and white wines. I'd love to return to Pippin and do a tasting, but on this particular day my friends and I decided to split a bottle of Viognier. I've shared in past winery reviews that since I moved to Virginia, Viognier has become my favorite wine variety. Viognier grapes are also the state grape of Virginia, so a bottle of that seemed perfect to introduce Anna to the Virginia winery scene!

    Not only was the wine wonderful, but there is something truly special about the atmosphere at Pippin Hill. Their tasting room is stunning, and there is so much green space in front of the winery that is perfect for having a picnic! Fun fact: there are even picnic blankets available for people to borrow in the tasting room. Pippin Hill does close early on a lot of Saturdays due to the high volume of events that they host. On the day we were there, we caught a bride and groom taking their wedding photos before their evening reception!

    I already can't wait to go back to Pippin Hill- I think this will continue to be the ideal vineyard to bring out of town guests to.

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     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. You look lovely! What a lovely vineyard, and glad to know there's a pizza place nearby ! ahah

  2. Looks like such a pretty vineyard! I really need to plan a vineyard trip for my husband and I!

  3. How pretty! I love going wine tasting. I don't think I've ever tried a Viognier! It sounds right up my alley, though.

  4. looks quite incredible! i've always wanted to visit a winery but i get so buzzed from one glass hahahaa

  5. Gorgeous photos. This is such a lovely location. Wine tastings are the perfect day out activity, especially when a friend is in town!

  6. What gorgeous scenery! I'm excited to see your series. I've been wanting to do a wine tour in VA, so you're giving me major inspiration :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. How beautiful, looks like a great place to go wine

  8. Pippin Hill Vineyards looks gorgeous! What a perfect place for a wedding!!! All your wine trail posts make me miss Virginia SO bad. It's such a beautiful place!!!!!

  9. This place looks gorgeous and the perfect way to drink wine! Glad you had a great time

    Ash |

  10. This looks so fun. i wish it was still wine season where i live. It's too cold and snowy to enjoy wine outdoors anymore!

  11. This looks like a lovely vineyard to visit! We live in wine country, and always enjoy discovering new wineries and meeting the passionate people who run them.

  12. I used to live in Maryland and would try to make it to Virginia vineyards on the weekends. I never visited Pippin Hill. Judging from these gorgeous pics, I missed out!

  13. Oh this place looks absolutely gorgeous I love it!

  14. wow, its really pretty out there! I'd like to visit this if i'm in the area

  15. This looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to visit a winery. Hopefully, one day.

    xx Tatyanna


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