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November 14, 2018

Midweek Ramblings.

{Most of Virginia's foliage is gone now, so I'm glad I was able to snap a picture last week of these colorful leaves! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}


  • My COUCH is here: I shared this enthusiastically on my Instagram stories, personal FB page, and just about every other social media that I use- haha! I am still way too excited. I bought my first couch this weekend- something well overdue and much needed for my apartment! (Previously in my apartments I just had these chairs- I still have them but thankfully I have a comfier option now.) I bought my couch used and it's a crazy story how it all went down- if y'all are interested I will do a full blog post about it (and my experiences thus far with used furniture). 
  • Christmas tree: Last Friday night after work, I finally decorated my Christmas tree! It's been my tradition since college to physically set up the tree on November 1, but this year taking it out of the box was the only thing that got done. As the days went by I added the lights, tree skirt, and topper, and then it was finally decorated! Three of my girlfriends came over to help, and it was so much fun to do it with them there!! I am loving having it all done up in  my apartment. Here's a weird fact about me: even though I'm very pro "set up the tree early," I'm not a big fan of most Christmas music.
  • Praying for California: Everything that the state of California has gone through this week has been so heavy on my heart. To have such a tragic mass shooting followed by devastating fires less than a week later- I can't even imagine! The other night I was in a really bad mood over nothing at all (you know those moods?), but after going on Twitter and seeing more and more news stories about the fire damage, I felt so guilty for being in a bad mood when others across the country are suffering so much!! Please join me in continuing to pray for those affected, and there are many great organizations to give to if you feel lead. 
  • Instagram Giveaway! A fun giveaway is happening on my Instagram through tomorrow. Enter via this post

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Getting my couch was the most exciting part about my weekend! Some friends from church generously took time out of their Sunday afternoons to help me move it. I also went to a baby shower on Saturday morning, and then I had two back-to-back work events for the rest of Saturday. 
  • This weekend: On Saturday I'll be attending a really fun holiday event at Diamonds Direct in Short Pump (Richmond VA). If you're also in Virginia, I hope to see you there. Details can be found here. On Sunday I am teaching Sunday School at church, and my mom arrives that afternoon for a visit! 

  • Repurchased one of my essential drugstore beauty items! A friend told me they were on sale at Ulta. By the time I got there, the sale had ended. But I still bought them anyways! 😉
  • I also bought a few more Christmas gifts this week- as for any more personal shopping I'm waiting for Black Friday!

  • So I kind of want to get my first pair of Lululemon leggings on Black Friday this year. I am a total newbie to the brand (I typically buy cheap workout clothing) so if you have any tips for me on which style I should get (or if I should get something else form there that's not leggings) please let me know!
  • The best of both worlds- this is a turtleneck and poncho in one!
  • This has been dubbed "THE blogger dress" as so many bloggers own it in all of the colors that it comes in! (I have a dupe version of the original). Anyways- it was just re-released in metallic hues for the holidays!
  • I first discovered the brand Mango when I went to Italy a couple years ago. I still love browsing their website- isn't this winter coat stunning? 
  • I have two pairs of OTK boots, but they both have heels so I find I don't wear them often. I love this flatter pair

Recipe of the week: Foolproof Spaghetti Carbonara from America's Test Kitchen. Weird fact about me- I actually don't like spaghetti at all! I used fettuccini for this recipe instead, and it still turned out well. I really don't like eggs- so I was proud of myself that I enjoyed an egg based pasta dish! 

Song of the week: Habibi by Faydee. I love listening to international pop music! Faydee is a very talented artist that I found either through Pandora or Spotify radio. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. I'm not a Lulu fan but I love Athleta's leggings. Also, I love watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS and will have to check out that dish.

  2. I have to hear (well read) the story about the couch, so yes write a blog post on it. I haven't had OTK boots in years, but the OTK seems to go with everything it seems - leggings, jeans, skirts.

  3. Congrats on getting your first couch!!! When my partner and I had to move out it was very sudden and we were completely strapped for cash and went super long without a couch. The only reason we have one now is because a friend gave us their old one, but man it's so nice to not watch TV on the ground now 😂

  4. Love your drugstore beauty buy! I'm horrible at putting falsies on haha.

  5. The couch is amazing! I love it! Awesome buy girl!

  6. Congrats on getting a new couch. Hope it is comfy!


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